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The Ruthless Alpha And His Slave Mate

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Alpha Damien was the youngest Alpha to ever rule the Twilight Pack and the most ruthless too. As a result of a past experience, Alpha Damien didn't want a mate nor someone to become his Luna. He believed having a mate would only cause him pain and so, he tried as much as possible to avoid it. Trouble ensues as a result of that, and he was compelled to find a mate, but what happens when his mate turned out to be a slave? Tessa Thompson is a Beta's daughter from another pack, but her father was framed, resulting in them being banished from their pack. Losing her parents to the wild, she is subjected to a cruel fate; becoming a slave in the Twilight Pack. She had the hope that finding her mate would end all her sufferings, but what happens when her mate becomes the beginning of her suffering? Life became terrible for Tessa when she got mated to the Alpha. She didn't only get rejected, she suffered more and became an instrument of pleasure for the Alpha and an object of scorn for his mistress. Will she be able to pull through and win the Alpha's heart?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Ruthless Alpha


“Kill them!” Damien ordered and everyone gasped. 

Kill them? This was definitely not what they expected from the Alpha. They had crossed their fingers, hoping he would show mercy, but they were wrong.

One, among the five elders, nodded; he had expected this kind of response from Damien. He knew quite well that whenever Damien opened his mouth to speak, fire came out. His words could cut through someone like a double-edged sword.

“But Alpha, it has not gotten to that.” Elder Blaine spoke up.

“What do you mean?” Damien asked, still wearing that emotionless expression. He was the Alpha and should be obeyed. He ordered for them to kill; his order must be carried out.

“We understand that stealing is against the rules of this pack, but they only stole to treat their sick mother, who was on the verge of dying from a chronic disease.” Elder Raphael stated.

“Yes, Alpha. It's a good thing that we've listened to their explanation, and they have promised to pay back,” Elder Gavin said.

“So, you're telling me to let them go?” Damien scoffed. “They stole from the palace treasury; they had the guts to do such a terrible thing. If I let them go, don't you know they might do more than that?” He asked.

“We understand your point, Alpha, but like they said, it was for their mother's sake. Consider it as a loan-”

“A loan?” Damien snapped and Elder Raymond, who had said that, flinched. “Have you lost it? They stole from my treasury, and you're telling me to consider it as a loan? They had the opportunity to come ask me for help, but they didn't. I kept them in charge of the royal treasury because I trusted them, but they stole from me!” He yelled.

“Calm down, Alpha. Since they're going to pay back, would you kill them? If they get killed, how would they refund the money?” Elder Blaine asked.

“I'm talking about the atrocity they committed, not refund. Don't you know my father's law anymore?” Damien asked, raising a brow.

The Elders exchanged looks and sighed. They knew how the former Alpha was. He was a man of great discipline, and he'd ordered that whoever stole from the palace treasury should be put to death, while anyone who stole from his or her neighbor would lose their hands.

The Elders had opposed this law during minor cases, but the Alpha maintained it and now, his son was following in his footsteps.

“Let's summon Iris, she'd know what to do.” Elder Dan suggested.

Iris, the pack witch appeared immediately her name was called. She looked stunning and her grey eyes glowed. Her red regalia fit her perfectly, sweeping the floor as she made her way to where Damien sat. Her silver hair fell elegantly on her back, swaying as she walked. Her beauty was so enchanting that it left male wolves breathless, but not Damien.

“Alpha,” She bowed when she got to where he sat.

“Iris.” Damien said.

“There is a lot of unnecessary tension here. The elders are right, Alpha, Damien. They took the money to treat their mother and are willing to pay back,” She said, glancing at the two male servants, who had their heads bent.

Damien scoffed. “Iris, you know my father more than I do. You served this pack even before I was born. I didn't expect you to say this.”

“You're right. I know your father more than you do, and that is why you have to believe me when I say he doesn't want this. Something similar to this happened during your father's reign, but he didn't handle it this way,” She said, and the elders nodded in agreement.

“My father's law must stand, Iris.” Damien spat.

“Maybe, it's time for a change.” Elder Blaine said.

Damien shut him a deadly glare before facing Iris again. “Letting them go will give them the opportunity to commit more treachery. I won't let them go!” He snapped.

Queen Bethany, who had been silent and observant all along, patted Damien's palm, which was resting on the throne seat. “I think you should listen to them,” She said.

“I can't do that, mother,” He answered and faced them. “Guards!” He called and they ran to bow before him. “Take them to the palace dungeon until I decide on what to do with them.” He ordered.

The guards bowed and got hold of the servants.

“Alpha!” They called as the guards took them away.

The Elders were relieved that he didn't kill them… yet. Maybe before he thought of something, they would be able to persuade him into changing his mind.

“Alpha,” The Elders bowed.

“Let's settle this. I am not letting them out of that dungeon,”

“But Alpha_”

“Except you want them dead.” With that said, he stood up and walked out of the throne room.

All the Elders averted their pleading gazes to the Queen.

“You all know he doesn't listen,” She said.

“You're his mother, your majesty. You can still do something.” Elder Raymond said.

Queen Bethany sighed and stood up. “I'm not giving you the assurance, but I'll try,” She said.

“He won't listen.” Iris muttered and disappeared.

The Elders stood up and walked out, while Queen Bethany went to the palace garden to meet Damien. She knew he always went there whenever he was upset. It had been his habit since he was little.

She tapped his shoulder when she got there, and he turned to look at her. He still had his poker face on, but it softened a little.

“Are you certain that you're doing the right thing?” She asked.

“Of course I am. It's father's law, so it's right.” He responded.

“I'm not talking about your father's law, Damien. I'm talking about you,” She said.

“Mother, if amending the law is what you're driving to, I'm not going to do that.” He looked away.

Queen Bethany took his hand in hers. “Your father made some mistakes while he was the Alpha. He told me he didn't want you to make the same mistakes and later regret it, so think about it again.” She kissed the back of his hands and left.

Damien watched her as she left, a cold smirk flashing over his face.

He would never be his father. He's much worse.

Chapter 2

“It stinks! Oh my gosh!” Tessa exclaimed, holding a panty that fell out of the clothes she was packing.

“That's Saturday for you. You have to get used to it, Tess,” Gwen chuckled.

Tessa scrunched up her face in irritation. She sighed and dropped the clothes on the floor, then went to get water from the tap. Reaching the tap, she met a long line and facepalmed. 

“We should have come earlier,” Gwen said.

Tessa sighed. If someone had told her that this was what her life would become, she wouldn't have believed it. 

While at her pack, she lived a life of pleasure, got everything she wanted because her father was a Beta to the Alpha, but everything changed when her father was framed, and they lost everything. Not only that, they were banished from the pack and went into exile, leading to the death of her parents. 

Now, she was a slave in another pack and had to put up with whatever shit they threw at her.

“Hey, I heard the Alpha is


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