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Wild and Blood Thirsty (first edition)

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The guitarist? Her boss and his wolf? Her roommate? Will Abby pick one of them? Or All? After moving to the city, Abby heads into a job interview that will change her life. She meets some very s*xy dominant men, will she fall for her boss, the charming handsome CEO? Or the mysterious stranger? Her gamer-roommate? Or the handsome singer? Drake Collins did not want a mate, he never had, he liked what he had and didn't want anything to change his arrangement. He had always been happy with his arrangement with his best friend, business partner and sometimes lover Owen. They would share lovers, it kept things simple and uncomplicated. Owen was great at the 'feelings' part and he could take what he wanted from the relationship, the s*x. When he meets Abby things change and he realizes that maybe having a mate isn't such a bad thing. Owen Walker knew the second he saw her that he wanted her, he didn't just want Abby to be something that he and Drake got bored with and threw away when they were done with her. He wanted to mark her, claim her, keep her with him, not just him but with them. He knew that she was made for them, in all his time walking the earth he had never met anyone that smelled the way she did and that smell had him hooked from day one. He knew in an instant that there was nothing he wouldn't do to have her, body and blood.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Abby looked in the mirror as she adjusted her black thick-framed glasses. Standing at the sink, a towel wrapped around her curvy figure, looking at her limp, wet auburn hair, unsure of how to fix it for today. She had an interview this morning, and she was nervous; she needed this job. It was one that she would probably enjoy, not just because of the ethics of the company, but she needed the money.

Living in the city was far more expensive than she would have guessed, and she had blown through her meager savings on the basics. She couldn’t remember the last time she had gone out to do something fun. It wasn’t like she had made any friends yet, besides her roommate. She really hadn’t been here long enough, and job hunting had taken up most of her time. The original job that she had moved out here for had fallen through, the company going bankrupt after just a few weeks of her moving. She was determined not to go back home, though; wanting to prove them all wrong, her parents, her sister, her so-called friends who had pretty much abandoned her, and her cheating ex-boyfriend.  

Grabbing her hairbrush off of the blue-tiled countertop and worked the knots out of her messy shoulder-length hair. It was wavy and unruly, not being able to decide if it was curly or straight. It had often been a major struggle to get it tamed. Once she had worked all the tangles out, she started the laborious task of trying to get it semi-professional looking. It wouldn’t do to show up to the interview with her hair looking wild and un-kept.

After spending what felt like forever getting her hair looking smooth, she walked into her bedroom and started going through her clothes. She pulled out a few different options and studied them, not on the skirt. It was way too short. The black dress she pulled out felt just a bit too formal and it would probably be better suited for drinks with her hopefully future colleagues. Finally, she pulled out a pair of charcoal dress pants. This would do. She slipped them on and then grabbed a dark green button-up shirt; she slipped on a charcoal-colored vest and stood back to look in the mirror that was hanging on the door.

“Hi, my name is Abby Jones and I would love to work for your company Mr. Walker.” She said, smiling at herself in the mirror, “Or will it be Mr. Collins?” Shrugging her shoulders, “It’s probably neither and just some HR hiring rep, but still best to be prepared.” She smoothed out her vest and grabbed her heels. Slipping her black bag over her shoulder, “Wallet, keys, cellphone.” She muttered to herself, making sure she had all the said items she would need for today in her purse. Pulling her door closed with a soft click, Abby padded on bare feet towards the kitchen.  

She planned to snag an apple, her heels clutched in her hand, so they wouldn’t click on the hardwood floor. Abby stopped as soon as she hit the kitchen. There stood her roommate. His blonde hair was damp from a shower as he stood at the stove, gray sweatpants hung low on his hips.

“I didn’t think you’d be up, Sam.” Abby said, as she sat her bag and her heels on the floor.

“I couldn’t let you go to your interview on an empty stomach, babe,” he replied, looking at her as he stirred the eggs. Abby walked deeper into the kitchen. ”You look good. It’s giving s*xy secretary vibes.”  

Abby’s face flushed and she looked over at the small table that sat in the middle of the kitchen. He had set the table for them, coffee already waiting in the press as he plated the eggs and brought them with a flourish to the table. Abby smiled up at him as she sat down.

“Thank you. You know you didn’t have to do this. I could have just grabbed an apple on my way out.” She said despite her mouth watering at the sight of the fluffy scrambled eggs and buttered toast. This was something that Sam had a knack for. He made the best breakfasts Abby had ever had.

“Think of it as me wishing you luck,” Sam said with a wink as he sat across from her. 

Abby bit her lip, feeling the blush spread across her cheeks and down her neck. She knew that Sam flirted like this with everyone, that it didn’t mean anything, it was just how he was. 

Moments like this, though, when it was just the two of them enjoying a meal and spending time together. It made her think she might be wrong and maybe he was flirting with her as more than just her friend and roommate.

Breakfast was quickly finished with a comfortable, easy flowing conversation. Abby stood, taking their plates to the sink. When she turned back to grab the apron, Sam was standing there already, pulling it over his bare chest. Her eyes trailed over his tattooed muscular arms and chest as he moved closer to her.

“I’ve got this babe, you go nail your interview and I’ll see you tonight to celebrate.” Sam smirked as he put his hands on Abby’s hips and spun them around so he was leaning against the counter, her body close to his.

“Sam,” Abby gasped as he brought his hand up to her chin to make her look into his hazel eyes.

“You’ll do amazing, babe.” He said, his lips twitching in a crooked smile as he tapped her nose with his finger.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Abby slipped on her heels before heading to the door. She looked back towards the kitchen, hearing the sound of running water as Sam cleaned up the breakfast dishes. She didn’t know what she had done to deserve such a good friend and roommate, but she was thankful that Sam was in her life.

She closed the door softly behind herself and pulled her keys from her bag to lock the door. Once everything was secured, she tossed her keys back into her bag. She walked down the hallway thankful that they only lived on the second story and not the third or fourth; it seemed like the elevator never worked and would never be fixed.

She had only been living here for two months and it was still taped off. Walking down the steps with a sigh, she probably could use the extra cardio but that didn’t mean she wanted to do it this morning. Soon she would work in an office answering phones all day, that was, if she got the job. She hoped that she would.

The sun was shin

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