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School of Supernatural

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"Mainland High school of all,How dare you mention that without respect"A student screamed at a passer-by who saw her in her uniform and insulted her. "Do you really know the repercussions of mentioning that name without a proper respect?"She snarled at the passer-by causing him to choke to death only with the look in her eyes. Mainland High school known outside the school area and with the School is a school of the Supernaturals by everyone in the school. Looking for EVIL, Mainland highschool is the best. Looking for Good it's still the best in that aspect. Mainland High School is very deadly and also not deadly, it just depends on your purpose in that school. It may scream H£LL and to some people it may not... ***Extract from the book*** "Your death is going to be in vain because an hopeless being is gone"Selina mocked " I'm still happy that I was given a respect as an hopeless being, what about you...Your corpse is going to be thrown into the dark sea and you will be a lunch for the fishes with three heads, in short words you will be a treat to the sea monsters" Autumn replied with a smile " How dare you?"Selina hollered in anger " Stop yelling or else you want your voice to sound like that of frog croaking sound,kro kro"Autumn mocked and walk away leaving her alone This angered Selina more as she raised her and to carry Autumn away with her powers but she felt her legs leaving the ground. "Who is that?" She screamed in fear and fear lunged all over her body, her whole body trembled. "Your worst nightmare…"

Chapter 1- Her death

Two days ago***

"Stop please!!!!, I will do anything you want but don't kill me" Demi cried on her knees

" I told you that you shouldn't try me but you turned deaf ear to my warnings"Maria's voice echoed angrily which send shivers into her body while fears penetrated her mind

"I'm so sorry!!!, I never meant to kill you, I wanted to scare you not knowing your legs will slip from the rooftop"Demi shakes in fear with her teary eyes

"I won't kill you by myself but be rest assured that you will die before day break" Maria laughed with her shaking voice as she vanished

"No no no!!, Don't kill me" Demi screamed as she woke up from her nightmare sweating

"What have I done?" She cried to herself as she look over to her alarm clock to see that it was still 2:00 the midnight

"Why should l be afraid, I need to get something to protect myself from her, "She thought to herself and carried the lamp as she strolled to the kitchen carefully to avoid waking up her brother.

After she got the knife she went back to her room and placed the knife beside the lampstand before laying back on the bed.

She suddenly felt her hands moving back to the knife. She struggled to keep her arm in place but she failed woefully as her hands grabbed the knife roughly making her cut herself on the palm.

"What's going on?"She thought as she remembered the last words of Maria

Her hands were raised high with the knife facing her neck directly.

"Stop" Demi screamed in her head as she can't seem to hear herself anymore like her ear went deaf all of a sudden

Her hands came down with force as the knife stabbed her neck directly, she let out a painful scream which produced hot tears coming out from her tears as she gave up a ghost without even taking her last breath.

"You shouldn't have killed her early, She can't feel any pain as she is dead, "Selina said with a smile a wicked one

"She should be cleared out of the way early for an easy victory for us"Maria replied

" Did she take you to the rooftop to scare you?"Selina blinked awaiting answers from her

"I took control of her mind in mysterious ways, Don't worry you will get to know everything," Maria said and masked her scent and Selina's own before Vanishing

Selina looked at Demi's body once more before releasing a huge smile and following Demi immediately Demi's brother Drake rushed into her room and he screamed in horror with his eyes widened.

He sensed something strange and went forward. He stood on a spot and suddenly anger built up in him as he got to know everything that occurred in the room Seven minutes ago.

"I will have my revenge" He spat in pain as he performed some magic. Their members' phones rang at the same time informing them of Demi's death and preparation for her burial, he then went forward to open the windows and he was surprised to see that it's dawn already.



"Stop being ridiculous and behave maturely" James hissed

" Stop hissing at me, I'm not the cause of your frustration, if you can't do it for me then rest and stop spitting"Grace replied

" You should get going now before I lose my temper," James said and closed his eyes

" If you like lose your temper, it's none of my business, "Grace said feeling happy in her mind that she is making progress in angering him

"I shouldn't lose my temper because I know it's a disaster," James thought before pushing Grace out and locking the door

"What the hell!!, I f*ck*d *p today also, I need to know the type of power he has to know where I can get him from through his weakness, "Grace thought pacing about before deciding to go home and look for another way


"Hey girlie, What's up" Grace skipped her steps till she reached where Selina was standing

"What are you doing here?" Selina said surprised to see her in her early in the morning dressed

"I spent the night with James so I'm just going home," Grace said

The name James opened the jealousy and envies pot in Selina's head as her face turned into a frown island

"Oh, it's fine you should get going, Mom is already on her way"Selina forced a smile

" Did you not notice I was not at home last night? "Grace questioned with a non believing look

"You told me that I should stop monitoring you so I never put my mind on your movement "Selina replied and faced the road as she walked towards a corner.

She looked back to check whether Grace was still standing but was disappointed as she saw no sign of Grace again

"As she discovered her powers already" Selina questioned herself before waving it off her mind and entering the corner

"I've been standing here since were you doing?"Maria questioned

" You know people must not see me coming here"Selina answered looking around the prohibited sign placed on the entrance

"How is the plan going? Have you gotten James" Maria questioned ignoring her answers

"It's like Grace is aware of our plans already..... Selina was still saying when Maria interrupted her with a scream

"What is with the sudden scream? Are you okay?" Selina queried surprised by the creepy scream

"I feel some presence here so I'm doing a check whether he/she is a human and it shows that it's a supernatural being like us" Maria explained

A sudden force pushed Selina hitting her back on the wall and shocking Maria as she gets ready for an attack

A scratch appeared on Selina's neck as blood streamed from the open wound the scratch

Immediately the blood drops on the ground, and a loop of holes was appearing on the ground with smoke coming out of the holes suffocating Selina and Maria

"Who are you?" Maria hollered with her too voice as she held her neck in suffocation

"I am your worst nightmare!!".

Chapter 2- Threats

"I am your worst nightmare" Drake uttered as he let out a creepy laugh and pushed the both of them with a mighty force

"Who are you?" Maria struggled to ask so was her head dripping wet with blood

"I'm someone you don't want to know" Drake replied and threw a very hot wind at Selina which made her scream painfully

"I will find you by all means and deal with you if I make it alive" Selina threatened with her teary eyes

"I wasn't even planning to take the life of you both early"Drake mocked and strangled Maria invisibly as she struggled to release herself but she doesn't even see the hands strangling

They suddenly heard a sound like something hit two metals together, this made Drake strangle Maria more and he raised Selina with her legs dangling leaving her hanging in the air.

"What did we do to get this type of torture?" Selina asked with her voice cracking



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