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  • Author: Kino
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 104
  • 7.5

While sorting through his late father's belongings, young Arsen Viktorovich stumbled upon a mysterious spellbook. This book contained various hunting techniques for monsters and recipes for brewing magical potions. Initially, Arsen dismissed it as a mere joke, but his perception changed entirely when he discovered his father's alchemy laboratory. Driven by curiosity, Arsen decided to try out the potions. With a humble plea for life, he bravely drank the elixir symbolizing death. Instantly, his body was engulfed by a mysterious power, and his senses became heightened and extraordinary. From that moment on, Arsen's life took a drastic turn. He could see the monsters that lurked in the dark corners of the human world, invisible to ordinary people. He embarked on a mission to track and hunt these creatures using the hunting techniques and potion recipes from the spellbook. However, this newfound discovery was not without its challenges. Arsen soon realized that he was not the only one aware of these secrets. There was a secretive organization also in pursuit of the spellbook. They would stop at nothing, including murder, to obtain it. Arsen found himself caught in a dangerous game, where he had to protect himself and the secrets he held. He began searching for others who knew about these secrets, hoping to find allies and answers. In this quest, he encountered a mysterious female hunter who seemed to possess more knowledge about the spellbook. Together, they embarked on an adventure, facing not only the threats of the monsters but also the relentless pursuit of the secretive organization. Their journey was filled with peril, enigmas, and surprises, each step bringing them closer to unraveling the truth behind this mysterious world. In this world of magic and fantasy, Arsen discovered that his destiny was intertwined with the spellbook. He faced difficult choices, knowing that his decisions would not only shape his own fate but also determine the future of the entire world. "Spellhunter: Secrets of the Book" is a thrilling, fantastical, and suspenseful novel that will transport readers into a realm of unknowns and mysteries. Follow in Arsen's footsteps as he unveils the secrets and dangers of this enigmatic world. It is an adventure that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, unable to put the book down.