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Becca. Mide

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School of  Supernatural
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"Mainland High school of all,How dare you mention that without respect"A student screamed at a passer-by who saw her in her uniform and insulted her. "Do you really know the repercussions of mentioning that name without a proper respect?"She snarled at the passer-by causing him to choke to death only with the look in her eyes. Mainland High school known outside the school area and with the School is a school of the Supernaturals by everyone in the school. Looking for EVIL, Mainland highschool is the best. Looking for Good it's still the best in that aspect. Mainland High School is very deadly and also not deadly, it just depends on your purpose in that school. It may scream H£LL and to some people it may not... ***Extract from the book*** "Your death is going to be in vain because an hopeless being is gone"Selina mocked " I'm still happy that I was given a respect as an hopeless being, what about you...Your corpse is going to be thrown into the dark sea and you will be a lunch for the fishes with three heads, in short words you will be a treat to the sea monsters" Autumn replied with a smile " How dare you?"Selina hollered in anger " Stop yelling or else you want your voice to sound like that of frog croaking sound,kro kro"Autumn mocked and walk away leaving her alone This angered Selina more as she raised her and to carry Autumn away with her powers but she felt her legs leaving the ground. "Who is that?" She screamed in fear and fear lunged all over her body, her whole body trembled. "Your worst nightmare…"

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Ariel is the daughter of the last healer and she is also a twin. She is a witch and a werewolf while her twin sister, Ursula is a witch and a vampire. They never had the opportunity to be together until when the vampires betrayed Ursula making her get to Know her roots. Ariel lived in the Mixed pack,she was maltreated as well as lied against, Most people hated her in the Mixed pack making them lie against her. The Moon goddess made her an hot cakes that three Alphas drag. She eventually went to one of the most cool alpha who to goes by the name Alpha Damian. Alpha Damian was an hybrid also,a very powerful one at that. The vampires, witches, werewolves and wolf hunters fought hard, everything was connected to one another. Find out in this mystery book!. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Mixed Pack is led by Alpha Cole and has Beta Dave and Gamma Dexter. White Wolves Pack is led by Alpha Kylan and has Beta Zack and Gamma Drake. Jade's Pack is led by Alpha Damian and has Beta Dan and Gamma Derrick. The wild pack also known as the wolf hunters consist of rogues and human scientist.


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