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Fallen For Vampire

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As Jonathan leaned in to drink blood from my neck, a surge of both pleasure and tingling sensation coursed through my veins. I could feel the connection between us deepening with every drop he took. He paused momentarily, his lips still pressed against my neck, and looked up at me with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "You know, my love, there's something intoxicating about your blood. It carries a sweetness that sets my senses on fire." I chuckled softly; the sound laced with a mix of excitement and affection. "Oh, is that so? Well, I'm glad to know this. Consider it my gift to you, an elixir of love and devotion." He resumed his gentle feeding, his eyes never leaving mine as he savoured each drop. "It's more than just a gift, Mia. It's a reminder of our deep connection, an intimate bond that transcends the ordinary. Drinking your blood is an act of trust and surrender, a symbol of our eternal love." I sighed with utter contentment, my fingers caressing his cheek. "And with each sip you take, I feel a sense of unity, a merging of our souls. It's as if we're sharing a part of ourselves, intertwining our very essence in this moment." *** This is the story of a woman who fell in love with a mysterious man. He hurt her, insulted her, and did everything he could to keep her away from him because he was too dangerous for her, but he didn't know the strength of true love. He thought she was just an ordinary girl, but her hidden supernatural powers astounded him. Join Jonathan and Mia on their paranormal journey, which is full of secrets, true love, passion and suffering.

Chapter 1 A Hot New Student

Since I was a little child, I had never experienced true happiness because I constantly felt as though something was missing. Every day that went by left me feeling more and more empty inside. Since the beginning, my soul had yearned for something. I had no idea what it was or when I'd find it or when my restless soul would be relieved. I was completely unaware of anything. I was drowning in the darkness.

Nevertheless, everything changed one day when the love of my life walked into my life. That moment marked a turning point in my life, because it was then that I finally understood why I was breathing and what the point of my existence was. On that day, I had no idea how abruptly and thoroughly my life would change, and I would finally discover who I was and why I had been born with emptiness in my heart.

It was the first day of classes after the summer break. I was studying engineering at DIT University. I entered the classroom, my bag slung over my shoulder. Everyone was gossiping and telling each other about their summer vacations in a pleasant and cloudy atmosphere.

The hot topic after summer vacation.

Passing everyone a small smile, I walked over to the desk where my two best friends were sitting. They hugged me tightly and told me how much they missed me as I sat with them.

“Mia, what did you do during your summer vacation? Where were you? You didn't even respond to our messages. You know how much you were missed." Nora, my first best friend, asked in an angry tone after breaking the hug. I was aware that this was going to happen, so I was prepared.

“Mia, Nora's anger is justified this time. We were extremely concerned about you. You did not inform anyone before leaving for so long. We understand that you enjoy your alone time, but you should have informed us before leaving." Amir, my second best friend, chastised me like my father. His voice clearly indicated that he was concerned about me, and I could see the same concern in his greyish eyes.

"Guys, I'm so sorry for not informing you about my decision to leave my house, but I was so depressed that day after seeing my mom and dad fighting like enemies. I needed some peace and solitude, which is why I spent the entire summer vacation at my old beach house." As I told them everything, they gave me a helpless look.

They were aware of my parents' squabbles. I had grown up witnessing their fights. It had become habitual for me, but that day I didn't know what had happened to me, so I decided to leave my house. I just left and spent my entire vacation sitting on the sand, my eyes musing on the water and stars.

"Mia, just remember one thing, that we are always there for you. You can share anything with us, and next time never try to leave without informing us.” Nora warned me in a stern tone, and I just smiled at her faintly and hugged her tightly, seeing her concern for me.

I only had these two people in my life who genuinely cared about me, and I considered myself fortunate to have them in my life. I never wanted to lose them because they were my only support system.

"Do you guys know that a new student is going to join college today? I heard he's really hot, Mia; what I'm trying to say is, why don't you make him your boyfriend?" Nora uttered after breaking the hug and gave me a teasing smile.

I scowled at her because she always nudged me to find a boyfriend, even though she knew I wasn't interested in boys right now, because I wanted to concentrate on my academics and career.

She wanted me to have a boyfriend just like she had one.

Nora and Amir had been together for a year, and I admired them as a couple, but even after seeing them, I never envisioned myself in a relationship. I felt as if I wasn’t ready for it because I wanted to discover myself first. I wanted to fall in love with myself before I fell in love with someone else.

"Nora, please, I don't care about the boy who is joining college if he is hot or not, because I am not interested in him. I mean, I'm not looking for a relationship right now. I already have to deal with myself." I stated unequivocally.

But I had no idea that my own words would be proven incorrect very soon.

My heartbeat increased all of a sudden, and a cool breeze caressed my face and made my hair flutter.

“What is it?” I murmured, holding my bird pendant.

"Look, he's there." I moved my gaze to the direction where Nora pointed her finger when I heard her voice.

When I saw the person standing at the door, my heart almost skipped a beat. He was tall and muscular, suited in a white shirt and black jeans. His shirt sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, exposing his arm tattoos, and his intense look drove me insane.

He was truly a greek God.

I couldn't figure out why I felt such a strong connection to him as if I knew him. I gazed into his dark brown eyes, and I felt it wasn't the first time I'd seen those bewitching and searingly intense eyes. I couldn't help but become engrossed in them.

'What is wrong with me? Why do I have the feeling I've seen him before? Why do I have the feeling that this is not the first time I've looked into his intoxicating brown eyes? What is going on with me?'

All these strange and strong feelings perplexed me; I thought I was going insane. I had no idea what was happening to me or why it was happening. I'd never felt this way before; he was a stranger, but I felt like I'd known him for decades.

He sat at the front desk, to the left of the row where I was. I was still gazing at him like a fool, forgetting everything else. He had a perfectly handsome face, and the beard suited him perfectly. I had a sudden desire to stroke his silky jet-black hair. My gaze was drawn to his perfectly formed lips, and I wanted to kiss them.

"Stop it, Mia. What is wrong with you?' I reprimanded myself in my head. For the first time in my life, I was so taken with someone that I felt a strong desire to kiss him.

‘What is he doing to me?’ My mind kept asking me this question over and over.

"Mia, where are you lost? Take out your book." I finally came out of my thoughts as Nora shook me. I gave her a quick glance and nodded before hastily taking out my book and placing it on the table.

I tried to persuade my mind not to look at him, but I ended up glancing at him every few seconds during class.

He was engrossed in his book, which was kept on his desk in front of him. I got lost staring at him again like an idiot. I had no idea why I couldn't take my gaze away from him.

'I think he has some magic in his brown intoxicating eyes, which is why I couldn't stop staring at them, or I think it's just that no one can't ignore his enticing personality.' I wondered, oblivious that it was much more than this.


We were heading towards the canteen to get breakfast after the lecture when he suddenly passed away in the other direction. I came to a halt in my tracks and closed my eyes so I could feel his presence. I was strongly attracted to the strong scent of his body.

When he walked away, I immediately opened my eyes and looked behind me to see him. I could see his back.

‘Why am I feeling so attracted to this man?’ I asked myself.

"Mia, why did you stop? Come fast, I'm starving." Nora grasped my hand and dragged me into the canteen.

‘Thank God, he is not here.’ I sighed with profound relief because it was getting so hard for me to resist him in the classroom, and what happened in the corridor was not something usual.

I again ignored my thoughts and settled down in the corner seat with my friends.

“I just come after giving the order.” I rose from the chair and went to the counter.

“Three cappuccinos and sandwiches,” I ordered, taking out cash from my handbag.

I froze in my place as I again felt the presence of that new hot student.

‘Sh*t! He came here as well.’

I glanced at him and saw him standing beside me.

“God, why is he so attractive?” I murmured, losing myself in his handsome face and the perfect features of his face.

As he gave the order, his tantalising aroma drove me insane.

“Mam, your order.” I returned to the earth, listening to the voice of the man whom I gave the order.

I saw glasses of coffee and sandwiches being kept on the tray on the counter.

I immediately picked up the tray and rushed towards my friends without even glancing at him again because he was stealing my breath with his presence.

I was utterly unaware of what was happening to me. For the first time in my life, someone was making me insane like this.

Chapter 2 Imagination Or Reality

Next Day,

I was late for college, so I was briskly walking towards the college building, but I came to a halt on my track as my eyes fell on the new student.

I realised that I still didn’t know his name.

I couldn’t stop myself from ogling at him because he was playing basketball and looking damn attractive in a white vest.

He jumped high and hurled the ball in the basketball ring like a pro, and I just stared at him in amazement with an open mouth.

He moved his long slender fingers through his sweaty hair and took my heart away with his undying hotness. I was smitten with his every move.

He strode towards the table, picked up the towel from there and dabbed it on his forehead to wipe the sweat from there.

He placed the towel and drank the water from the bottle which was kept beside the towel. As the water droplets slid down from his lips to his jaw to his neck, my breath b


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