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Sophia, a twelve years old girl who murders her immediate younger sister because of her rude behavior towards her and drinks her blood. She thinks she can't get over the pain of murdering her sister as she do see her sister in her dream but she gradually gets over it after some time. She continues drinking blood of people who she want to hurt in the public so as to quench her thirst for blood and this made the people of her society to despise her family rebuking them for having her as their family member and not doing away with her. She is thrown out of the house and left by the road side by her parents who become tired of her behavior. She is found by the road side by an orphanage caretaker and she is taken to an orphanage where she meets with a girl whose name is Chloe. Chloe is also a girl who was abandoned by her parents because she also drinks human blood. Sophia and Chloe become best friends. They do things together. They help each other in everything they do. Sophia later finds out that Chloe has been a person who didn't like her when they were young. Sophia thinks that she would not like to have Chloe as her friend again because she didn't like Chloe when she was young likewise Chloe but Sophia grow loved Chloe the more that no one could make them hate each other. They hunt down children who fought with them in the orphanage and do drink their blood. The children in the orphanage became afraid of both of them. The news of what was going on in the orphanage reached the government as the government stopped administering the orphanage and took most of the children in the orphanage away from the orphanage so as to check how the two girls will behave and live. Sophia and Chloe are later sent out of the orphanage to live on the street as they became a terror to every worker of the orphanage. They start hunting people in the street for their survival. Chloe is later killed leaving Sophia all alone and this makes Sophia hungry the more as she starts hunting the people of the society and didn't spare anyone who comes her way. She meets Donald after some years. Donald takes good care of of her and makes everything look alright around her. She falls in love with Donald after some while but couldn't tell him because he is a normal human. Donald catered for her, housed her and took her as a friend but knowing that she is nothing but a Vampire makes her end her life so she won't be a nuisance to Donald. She writes a letter to him before ending her life. In the letter she wrote that she won't have become more of a vampire and a terror to the society if she had not been Abandoned by her loving parents.

Chapter 1

"Sophia!!, Sophia!!!" Stop that." My mother called me as I tore my younger sister skin open and drank her blood.

My other sisters stood afar off watching me as I s*ck*d my immediate younger sister blood.


My name is Sophia Adams. I am twelve years old. I am the third born of my mother, Mrs. Mary Adams who is a online marketer.

My mom does her work at home so she can monitor us when we come back from school.

My Dad Mr. Paul Adams is a business man who travels all over the world. I only see my dad three days in a month. He is a busy man.

I have an elder brother who is the first born of my parent. His name is John.

He is followed by my elder sister Deborah.

As I said I am the third born followed by my immediate younger sister Diana and Rose.

I start being thirsty for blood since I was Ten years old when I licked my elder sister Deborah's blood when she injured but the craving for blood became more.

This is not my first time of drinking blood but I always avoid drinking human blood so I usually bought animal blood to drink but today is different.

I don't like being involved with a fight with my sisters or brother.

Anyway my brother is not living with us. He has his business and he is about to marry.

He has a one room apartment to himself.

My parent were formally christians before they had me.

According to what I heard, They stopped their fellowship with God when their leader started giving them different stupid words from God.

Today my sister, Diana, got on my nerve. She met us at home watching our favorite T. V program, but when my sisters Deborah and Rose left the sitting room, she changed the station in my presence. She has always been doing this whenever I am the only one with her but today I decided it was going to be the last.


I looked at my mom who ran to her daughter's body which I left on the floor knowing what I have done to my sister.

I turned to walk into my room.

"Stop there Sophia, Stop there." Mom said weeping as she carried her daughter's lifeless body up and placed it on her lap.

"Get me a rope Deborah." Mum said amidst tears looking at my elder sister while holding my sister's body on her lap.

I know what my mom wants to do with the rope.

Anytime any of us mess up, she will take us to the bathroom, lock the door and then beat us. She will warn us not to tell anyone.

Deborah brought the rope to Mum and I trembled.

"Mom!" Rose called out crying.

Rose walked out from where she was standing and let out a cry looking at Diana lifeless body as Mom stood up to her feet dropping the body on the floor.

I bent on my knees as Mom approached me.

"Mom it was a mistake." I said.

Mom looked at the side of my mouth which was still stained with blood.

She dragged me to the bathroom and went out closing the door on me.

I could hear her say, "Let's go." to my sisters.

Were they leaving me in this house?,locked in the bathroom?

I had no way of escaping.

The windows of the bathroom where too high so my hands couldn't reach it.

I sat on the bathroom floor crying for minutes until I heard the handle of the bathroom door being turned.

I ran to the end of the bathroom crying because I know it is Mom coming in so as to beat me.

I can see Mom come into the bathroom with a rope and a cane as she locked the bathroom door.

She walked up to me.

"I know you are the fearless among your sisters but why did you have to kill your sister and s*ck her blood." My mom said as she wipes me with the cane.

I screamed in pain.

"Shut up. Use your finger to hold your lip." Mom said.

I used two of my finger to hold my lip as Mom ties me so I won't be able to move.

Mom beats me mercilessly not even considering that I am her child.

I groaned in pain as I couldn't scream out.

"Are you a vampire?" Mom asked crying.

Mom starts crying while beating me.

"I never gave birth to a Vampire." Mom says flogging me.

I felt thirsty and looked at my mother. I saw a beautiful round meat which had blood in it and I opened my mouth wide and groaned.

I didn't feel the pain of the cane again as I saw the meat amidst my tears.

I groaned again startling the meat as I opened my mouth.

The meat ran away closing the door behind it and before I could go out to follow the meat, I heard the door being locked.

I returned to where I was sitting and looked up thinking of my life.

"I am thirsty." I told myself.

I looked at the bathtub and saw the handle of the tap stained with the little blood I poured on it while looking for a way of escape.

I bent down and licked the little blood.

I still felt thirsty.

I looked everywhere but saw no blood.

I opened the tap and drank some water.

I still felt thirsty.

I looked around then saw my mom.

"You broke the rope?" She asked and I look at her with tears.

Mom stood in a far distance with a long cane and wipe me.

"How dare you kill your sister?" My mom asked.

I remembered how I killed my sister.

I cried as Mom flogged me.

"Put off your clothes." Mom said and I put off my clothes.

"Turn your back." Mom said and I turned my back.

She continued flogging me.

She finally stopped flogging me. She warned me not to tell anyone and I nodded my head.

She turned pointing to the door as I picked up my clothes and ran to my room.

Chapter 2

I sat on the floor in my room thinking of what happened during the day.

"I killed my sister. I killed Diana." I said crying as I remembered how I killed my sister.

I laid on my bed and closed my eyes wishing that I could sleep.

Minutes later I slept moving to the dream land.

' ' Hi Mama.' I greeted a woman who was soaked in blood in my dream.

' Sophia come closer.' The woman said and I walked closer to her.

I had tears in my face.

I moved closer to the woman and I saw her face change to a beautiful face. She was so beautiful and I became amazed as to how her beauty shined.

I face down not knowing how to face the woman then I heard Diana scream just as she screamed when I tore her skin open.'


I woke up shaking immediately. I used my eyes to scan my room in search of Diana's spirit. I was so afraid.

It was still afternoon so I stood up from my bed to go outside but I was


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