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  • Author: Nayor
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5

Sophia, a twelve years old girl who murders her immediate younger sister because of her rude behavior towards her and drinks her blood. She thinks she can't get over the pain of murdering her sister as she do see her sister in her dream but she gradually gets over it after some time. She continues drinking blood of people who she want to hurt in the public so as to quench her thirst for blood and this made the people of her society to despise her family rebuking them for having her as their family member and not doing away with her. She is thrown out of the house and left by the road side by her parents who become tired of her behavior. She is found by the road side by an orphanage caretaker and she is taken to an orphanage where she meets with a girl whose name is Chloe. Chloe is also a girl who was abandoned by her parents because she also drinks human blood. Sophia and Chloe become best friends. They do things together. They help each other in everything they do. Sophia later finds out that Chloe has been a person who didn't like her when they were young. Sophia thinks that she would not like to have Chloe as her friend again because she didn't like Chloe when she was young likewise Chloe but Sophia grow loved Chloe the more that no one could make them hate each other. They hunt down children who fought with them in the orphanage and do drink their blood. The children in the orphanage became afraid of both of them. The news of what was going on in the orphanage reached the government as the government stopped administering the orphanage and took most of the children in the orphanage away from the orphanage so as to check how the two girls will behave and live. Sophia and Chloe are later sent out of the orphanage to live on the street as they became a terror to every worker of the orphanage. They start hunting people in the street for their survival. Chloe is later killed leaving Sophia all alone and this makes Sophia hungry the more as she starts hunting the people of the society and didn't spare anyone who comes her way. She meets Donald after some years. Donald takes good care of of her and makes everything look alright around her. She falls in love with Donald after some while but couldn't tell him because he is a normal human. Donald catered for her, housed her and took her as a friend but knowing that she is nothing but a Vampire makes her end her life so she won't be a nuisance to Donald. She writes a letter to him before ending her life. In the letter she wrote that she won't have become more of a vampire and a terror to the society if she had not been Abandoned by her loving parents.


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