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A night of passion

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: Aurora_
  • Chapters: 59
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 257
  • 5.9
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Moran Heraklees is a director as well as a father, an ambitious man, known for his cold and slightly mysterious character. Moran is a different man, he has never been in a serious relationship with someone before. The incomprehensible feelings from the past made his heart freeze, but he chose to play with many women out there. One day his wife's incident brought him together with a figure from the past. Someone who confused the man all this time. The meeting brought the twists and turns of life that Moran Heraklees had to go through, because of feelings that he later began to understand as love. The meeting brought the twists and turns of life that must be lived, because of the feelings that he later began to understand as love.

Chapter 1

Bergen, Norway.

Emergency surgery was in the works and a woman worried one of the attending doctors.

"Stop the bleeding!"

A sentence that made the young doctor panic a little, asking other colleagues to move faster.

"Doc, her heart rate is weakening."

Others chimed in, making the doctor's face turn even paler.

"Please hold on, I beg you. " muttered the young doctor.

A pregnant woman came in bleeding heavily.

Currently lying unconscious on the operating table, a precarious situation was unfolding in the cold room.

Paramedics were struggling to save the mother as well as the baby in her womb.

The young doctor who had only been on duty for a few months looked pale when he heard the words about how the patient he was dealing with was getting into an alarming condition.

A doctor who has a handsome face, although, at a relatively young age, he is quite talented.

Armed with experience and a place where the doctor studied, it was quite prestigious abroad.

In addition, he is also a calm figure in action.

But today, the pregnant woman made him feel a little upset.

The young doctor and his team were trying their best to save both of them.

They were racing against time, the mother was getting weaker and the doctor's attention was divided.

Their hard work succeeded in saving the baby.

The doctor removed the tiny baby from the mother's womb, handed the baby to another nurse for cleaning, and refocused on the mother.

"You must survive. " muttered to himself as he looked at the monitor for monitoring.

"Do it quickly," said the doctor as he closed the wound and tried to stop the bleeding.

The woman had several complications, making it difficult to stop the bleeding.

Sepsis had caused the woman's blood pressure to drop dramatically, which might have caused damage to her other organs, as the immune system was actively trying to stop the inflammation uncontrollably.

"No!! no!! you can't give up. " whispered the doctor.

The woman's body was lifted by the shock device to restore her heartbeat.

"Try to do it again. " pleaded the doctor.

Everyone in the room tried to do everything, but despite their best efforts the fate of life said otherwise.

The doctor's gaze was fixed on the monitor that guided him to monitor the patient's condition in general.

And on that monitor too the Doctor was transfixed, his eyes looking at the woman and the monitor alternately.

The tense and pale faces were inevitable from the team that had been working, the body was no longer responding they had lost the woman.

"No, this can't be happening. " Muttered the young doctor, trying to make one more attempt.

Again the body lifted as the shock device was pressed against her chest.

"Doctor, this is impossible. She's gone. " Said one of them, trying to stop the doctor's efforts.

"Wake up!!! please wake up!" once again the shock device did its job.

"Sean!!! what happened to you? Calm down. " The other attending physician tugged on the arm of the young Doctor who was behaving uncharacteristically.

"He can't leave," Sean said.

"Hey wake up! this isn't the first time this has happened. " The doctor replied again.

" . . . " Sean locked his lips in silence, eyes fixed on the baby boy who had been cleaned.

Sean moved closer to the baby, ignoring the other colleagues who were staring at him in confusion.

In front of the baby, those beautiful eyes began to glaze over, staring intently at the tiny baby who had just been born into the world.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't save your mom." Sean murmured to the baby boy.

"You're very handsome," Sean said, holding the tiny fingers of the baby.

" . . . " Sean couldn't help himself, warm tears escaping his beautiful eyes.

A sight that made the other colleagues feel confused at what was happening to the young Doctor.

"Sean, you'd better calm yourself down. I'll take care of this for you." Said someone holding the shoulder of the handsome man who looked so devastated.

"Oscar, thank you. " Sean turned back to the handsome man who had always helped him since he was first assigned.

" . . . " Oscar smiled, patted his friend on the shoulder, and returned to the operating table.

Elsewhere, an adult man was seen sitting alone with a tense look on his face in anticipation.

A handsome figure who looked so worried that he even ignored the bloodstains soiling the expensive clothes he was wearing.

The man sat with one leg constantly moving, making his body seem to tremble.

"Moran!!!" A person from the end of the hallway ran to arrive immediately.

"Jasson. " One word escaped the lips of the man who had been waiting alone.

"What happened? " Jasson asked the man who forced him to leave the party.

"I didn't expect this to happen. " Moran said, rubbing his face roughly.

"Forget that, you should calm yourself down. " Jasson said, he tried to understand what happened, not wanting to force the man to talk at the moment.

The two waited for some time, without opening words to each other.

Although the room was well-lit, the night breeze brought a very noticeable chill.

Moran and Jasson waited in silence, until the door to the room opened.

Several female nurses came out, carrying a small baby.

"Sir, this is your baby. But due to an abnormal birth and also premature, he must get further treatment." One of them said. " One of them said.

" . . . " Moran made no sound, the tiny baby broke her tongue.

Staring at that little face for the first time, made Moran slightly distracted from what was happening.

The handsome man stared unmoving, and came back to his senses when another step came from inside the room.

A team of doctors came out with tense faces, approaching him.

One of them delivered the sad news, and also apologized for not being able to save his wife.

News that left the handsome man shaken, one by one his footsteps moved backwards until the body hit the cold wall behind him.

"No way, this is impossible!" Muttered the handsome man.

The tall body leaned against the cold wall rubbing his hair and face.

The news just knocked him off his feet as he gazed at the tiny baby that had disappeared from his sight.

"Jasson, how did this happen? " Moran muttered to the person who was always loyal to him.

Jasson embraced the grieving figure, he also did not understand what to say at this time.

Jasson asked Moran to wait while he took care of something.

" . .. " Moran did not make a sound, choosing to sit silently while thinking about what was really going on.

In the confusion, someone's footsteps were again heard from inside.

Making the handsome man raise his gaze again to see who was approaching him.

"Moran, I'm sorry for you. " Said the figure stopping his steps.

The handsome man got up, looking at the figure who came.

The figure that made his eyes round until the deep blue bead was perfectly visible.

Moran stared intently at the figure who had been gone for a long time, without news as if he disappeared as soon as

they were separated.

A presence that made the handsome man's heart rate increase, suppressing many things that were suddenly mixed in his heart.

All the memories that felt beautiful at first alternately present in the handsome man's memory, but since that figure disappeared all the beautiful things that had happened tortured him so cruelly.

The figure who had once been the most understanding person, the figure who felt would never leave but chose to disappear without even looking back.

"Sean... “

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Chapter 2

The Journey of Deandra Building

'The rainy city' is the name given to the second major city after Oslo, a city in Hordaland County, Norway.

A city full of charm that spoils the eyes, when the beauty of the sea is combined with seven beautiful mountains that become the landscape of a city called Bergen.

A city located in the western part of Norway, bordering the North Sea makes this city an international trade location and port.

Unlike Oslo, Bergen is a city full of culture that makes it a world cultural heritage.

One of the reasons is the legacy of the Hanseatic League, a commercial association that dominated trade along the European seas.

Bergen is the gateway to Norway's fjords* and is a favorite city for tourists, both local and international.

That's why a young man named Moran Hereklees chose Bergen to expand his parents' business, which is based in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Moran Hereklees is a man of t


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