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The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

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Even though he was gay, Rolph, an appointed heir of the Filipiak Mafia family, was betrothed in marriage to Jolanta, the only daughter of his grandfather's best friend. Rolph had no problem with this as long as the marriage didn't stand in the way of his pleasure. But then two things happened to him. First, he felt something for another human for the first time in his 20 years, but before he could figure out this strange feeling, the stranger disappeared. Secondly, he took a slave. Jolanta became jealous of the slave and in an attempt to get rid of him, she kick-started a spiraling set of events that led to the uncovering of many secrets. Rolph was soon on the run and was determined to stay hidden because he now knew that his freedom to love was more important than his position as the leader of a mafia family. Will he be able to stay hidden? Warning: This is a dark romance with lots of smut.

Chapter 1

Prologue Rolph has always loved colors and fashion. From a younger age, he played dress up with his sister and ran around in his mother's clothes. Worn her lipsticks and eye shadows. Bath in her soft, sweet-smelling perfumes and deodorants.Those were the good days. His father was never around. His mother was all they had, and she was always lonely. So the highlight of their lives was made whenever his father came home. He loved their mother, but family business stood in the way. Those were the good days. The days they went fishing by the lake, in the middle of the forest, behind their 'out-of-the-way-standing-alone-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-big- house', located in the backwoods of a quaint village. For the first five years of his life, he was homeschooled along with his sister. Then his mother became sick. Well, she had always been sick, but never this much. She was placed on a stretcher and taken away in an ambulance. Then later brought back in an ambulance but in a coffin. His father and a lot of people he didn't know took the coffin to the little lake, set up a very high pile of logs and sticks, placed the coffin in on it, and set it ablaze. When the coffin was done burning, they gathered the ashes, placed him and his sister in a canoe, and accompanied by their Dad, they spread the ashes over the lake. Rolph didn't understand. Before nightfall, their Dad took them away from their home in his car. The next day, they took a flight from Denver to Texas and got introduced to a very old man on an enormous ranch that stretched on and on, surrounded by golden sand and hills in distant places. With time, Rolph got to know that his grandfather never approved of his Mum. That was why their Dad hid them away in that house, back in the backwoods of Denver. He got to know that when his Mum died, the demonic grandfather declared that no heir of his would be a sissy, took away all his cute things, and enrolled him in training; Fighting, Shooting, Car racing, Drug cooking, Cattle rearing, Forgery, and Business administration. By age 18, Rolph had gone for his first smuggling trip and had mastered the production of every drug type on their catalog. He even had his own signature drugs and mixes. By then, he had also discovered that Grandpa didn't care who he slept with, as long as he got married to a wife of his family's choosing and gave birth to an heir. He found out that the only reason his grandfather allowed his father to keep his mother by his side, though out of sight, was because her first child was a male. And the reason he ordered that they be handed over to him after their mum's death was because grandfather lacked an heirOut of the two sons grandfather had, Rolph's father was the only one who birthed a male son. His father's legal wife, chosen and accepted by the family, — gave birth to 4 girls while his father's brother gave birth to 6. Thinking that if he tried it with another woman, he may be able to birth a male child, Rolph's Uncle; Uncle Marek, started spreading his oats all over Texas. But still, no male child surfaced. Seeing that his b*st*rd grandson was his clone, Rolph's demonic grandfather, who was agile, strong, cold-hearted, and deadly, decided to mold the young boy of 6 after himself, preparing him to become his heir. "A b*st*rd was better than nothing." He said. This came with a truckload of benefits for as long as Rolph complied with the rules. The number one rule was to give 100 percent compliance to his grandfather. Every other rule came under it. This was easy for Rolph because he was groomed to obey no other person than his grandfather. Not even his very own father.Therefore, he always had boys and girls throw themselves at him. He was so used to getting what he wanted that he felt entitled to everything. That was until he saw a stranger emerge from the depth of the sea at a secluded part of Rockport beach, thatTexas' summer evening. As a top, Rolph had never gone after a twink before. They come to him. Try to seduce him. Beg him to take them, even if it was just for a night. Not because he was excessively handsome, but because he was a symbol of masculinity and s*x appeal. At 6ft (1.83 m) plus, with a chiseled face and sharp jawlines. Eyes, the color of the sea, so deep and sharp it makes the heartbeat go from zero to a hundred the moment they are focused on you. If he was angry with you at that moment, the aura he would emit would cripple your brain. You will find out you can't think anymore. And breathing becomes difficult. You want to move, but your legs would be no good. Then a sensation that makes all the hair on your body stand erect would start sipping into your veins, starting from under your feet. And at the same time, a chilling sensation would start in your brain and pass from your neck into your spine. From there, it would travel into every bone and marrow in your body. As if drawn to each other, these two sensations would meet, mix, and become one in your body. Then you would start shivering. If he decided not to let you go, the shivering would turn to shaking and if you have no inner strength to boast of, your teeth may soon start clanking while your skin would start sweating profusely. Rolph's gaze mercilessly places his enemies in a fear cage, mentally disabling them. Now imagine if Rolph landed those eyes on you because he loved you or cared about you.? The feeling of being secure and safe. The feeling of belonging and being owned; these feelings multiply in folds. And when he wants you. When he looks at you like he wants to eat you. When he focuses on you like you're the only one that exists in this big world. It's like a vampire hypnotizing its prey. There is no escaping it. You will be willing to let him do whatever he wants. Even if he is hurting you, you wouldn't want him to stop. Not because you like getting hurt, but somehow, you believe he loves and owns you, and is entitled to do whatever he wants with you. If getting hurt means having him around for longer, then so be it. And Rolph knew this!Rolph knew the effect he had on his enemies but never gave a thought to how he made his family feel. Especially his only sister, who was the only one he had ever truly loved. As for falling in love? That was alien to him, and s*x was a pass-time activity that never left him satiated, no matter how hard he came. That was why he knew that he must have that boy. Because he made him feel. Like really feeling for the first time in his life.

Chapter 2

The sun was gradually becoming golden on the horizon and Rolph was getting bored out of his skull as the stakeout duty he was on was quite uneventful.The sun was gradually becoming golden on the horizon and Rolph was getting bored out of his skull as the stakeout duty he was on was quite uneventful.

That was when he saw him.

The first thing he noticed was the silver hair as it broke the surface of the water. It was short and stuck to a very white scalp. What struck him was the skin. Rolph had lived in Texas since he was 6 after his mother's death, and he had never seen such skin color. Everyone he knew was either tan, red, or white, but not this pale!

The body turned his way and he saw the most beautiful face he had ever seen. At first, he thought it was a girl, but as more of the body came out of the water, and he saw the body's structure, he discovered that it was a boy. The most pretty thing he had ever seen from afar. What if he got closer? How


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