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The lonely wolf (bxb)

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Elias Emerson's life took a drastic turn after he shifted into his wolf. Not knowing what to do, he ran after he was banished from his pack. How will Elias survive from now on and what's going to happen to him? Ryker green is the alpha of one of the strongest and most feared pack in the US. His reputation of killing anyone who dares to challenge him was known worldwide, making everyone afraid of him. He doesn't have a mate, but that's the least of his problems because he didn't want one. Find out more on their journey.... All rights reserved.... Written by: princessjody.... Follow me for more chapters on the way....

Chapter 1 Running


“Today is the day Elias, are you happy?” My mother asked, and I nodded my head while smiling.

“I'm delighted, I finally get to shift into my wolf, I can't wait to meet forest.” I replied, and she laughed while nodding her head as I finished my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“Well since you're done, let's get going then, no time to waste here.” Dad said as I looked at him with adoration. I wanted to be just like him, my father is the alpha of the Green Bay pack located here in California. I was going to take over once I turned eighteen. I'm sixteen years old, and now I will be able to meet my wolf and see if I am going to be the next alpha as well.

My mother is of beta's blood. Her father was a beta before he died, so if I'm not going to be an alpha, then a beta would be my next guess. They told me that either would be fine, that I was their pride and joy, and that they will always be here for me. I smiled as I started reminiscing on what had happened back then, the way we were and still are a happy family. They love me a lot and I couldn't be happier. I just want them to be proud of me like I was proud of them. Standing outside with the rays from the sun shining down on us, everyone had gathered to watch my transformation. They were eager too because they respected my parents.

“It's time, Son, get ready.” I nodded my head and closed my eyes as I felt an excruciating pain coursing through my body. It was expected, though, first time shifters have to bear the pain that comes with it. My bones started breaking which caused me to scream, but I could still hear the comfort of my parents' words, even if it was faint. It took a couple of minutes before I was fully transformed into my wolf, I heard gasps of shock coming from the pack members, and I was feeling a bit proud, thinking maybe they loved what they saw.

“No this can't be, tell me that this is nothing but a sick joke the goddess is playing on us.” My dad said, and I whimpered as I looked at him, trying to get him to comfort me.

“This can't be happening! I'm a beta's daughter, you're an alpha!” Mom shouted and dad turned to her with hatred in his eyes.

“It only means one thing, you cheated on me, didn't you!?” Everyone started talking at the same time, while I was left there confused as to what was going on. I tried to stand but fell because I wasn't used to walking on four legs.

'Mom, dad can you help me please?' I asked through mind link. They stopped and stared at me with so much hatred in their eyes that I felt my heart being broken in two because I didn't know what I did to deserve their hate. All this time I've known nothing but love, I was spoiled by them, and now they were looking at me like they wanted to murder me. Forest was a whimpering mess, I couldn't blame him though because I was the same. He still hasn't said anything to me because this wasn't the welcome he was expecting. He hoped that our parents would praise us, but all that hope went down the drain.

“From now on, you, Elias Emerson is no son of mine. You are a rogue and will leave this pack immediately. I Desmond Emerson of the Green Bay pack, banish you to live in the wild among the animals since you are now one of them. I want you to leave immediately, or you'll be sentenced to death if you stay. You are nothing but a disgrace to this pack! Leave! Leave rogue and never come back!” I started trembling from fear after seeing the way my father had just reacted. I looked at my mother for help, but she asked me to leave as well because she hated me, so with all of my efforts, I ran. I didn't know where to go, nor did I care. If my parents didn't love me, then I didn't love myself. I was nothing without them.

'I'm sorry you have to go through this, Elias, it's all my fault.' Forest said, but I disagreed with him.

'Don't take all the blame, ok? We are in this together. Let's just see how long we can survive before the goddess calls us home.' After reaching the border, I stopped and looked back at the place I once called home.

'I Elias Emerson is no longer a part of this pack.' I howled a painful one after I stepped through the border that would make me a rogue. I didn't have any family, I didn't have any friends. This was something I wish I were prepared for, but I wasn't. I have to go through this alone for the rest of my life.

'Hang in there Elias, this is my fault, I know it. Just let me take over from now on. You need rest, I'll do everything, so you won't have to worry anymore, ok?' Forest said, and I debated on whether I should allow him to do that. I would rather not rely on him all the time, but I also needed the rest.

I was mentally and physically exhausted, not knowing how my life would turn out had left me in a state of madness. I guess it doesn't hurt to try, right? So I allowed him to fully take over. From now on, its going to be just about him keeping us safe until I was ready to return. We were going to make a home in the forest, to live as a wild animal, like my father had said. I just hope we can get through this, but if we don't make it, at least we won't have anything else to worry about from now on.


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Chapter 2 Just my luck

(Two years later)

(March 5, 2022)


Ever since that day when I took over, my human was still resting. I didn't want him to see the struggles I faced day in and day out while living in the forest, so I blocked him from contacting me. It was better this way. Knowing him, he would want to take over, and I was too overprotective of him to let that happen.

I can't allow him to take all the burdens by himself in human form, that's why it was better in my form. I couldn't hunt, didn't know a damn thing about it.

My parents never let me go hunting because they said if I were to be the next alpha, I didn't have to do those menial tasks.

I couldn't even catch a damn rabbit, no matter how hard I tried. Dammit, who knew coming into this world would already be so challenging? I sighed as I made my way back to the cave that I took up residency in ever since that fateful day.


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