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Sixty Days With You

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: Author K
  • Chapters: 77
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 608
  • 7.5
  • 💬 47


What do you fear the most? Matthew's only fear is coming out as gay to his family, who are devoutly religious and consider homosexuality a sin. But when he heard from his doctor that he had less than three months left to live. Matthew decided that living his truth was more important than his fears. He planned on telling his family his sexuality, and also, confessing his feelings to his longtime crush, the son of a Deacon, Keith who was every lady's dream in college. But what if Keith is just like everyone else? Would Matt's last wish come true before the end of his days on Earth? And what happens when all that glitters does seem to be gold?

Chapter 1 Matthew


This book is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real-life incidents is purely a work of fiction. And no religion is intended to be disrespected! Enjoy as you read.

"Amen!" My parents responded to the priest's prayer and I shifted my gaze back at my two sisters who were talking to some church members.

I was standing alone on the terrace under the sun while my family was busy talking to some friends and a priest, and I? I don't have friends.

I'm an introverted introvert who hates talking to people whether online or physically. I enjoy being on my own with my cat and laptop, watching movies, and playing games. You don't wanna know what movie I enjoy watching.

"Call your sisters, it's time to go home." My mother instructed me to walk with my dad to our car.

I huffed walking to my sisters who were laughing and talking to their friends as if they couldn't live without them.

As I got closer I avoided eye contact with my elder sister's friend who was crushing on me. "We're going home," I whispered to Ruth's ear.

"Hi, Matt," Naomi called and I smiled a little in response to her greeting.

"Get your butt to the car. We're leaving." I said to my younger sister before walking away and I could hear the ladies teasing Ruth's friend Naomi who seemed to still blush at how I smiled at her.

I walked to my dad's car which was parked at the front of the church, and slid in adjusting to the left side so Ruth and Leah could sit.

"Where are your sisters?" My father asked.

"They are coming," I replied looking out of the car window.

My sister's arrived and entered the car, still talking as though if they didn't do that they'd be dying and I find their conversations irritating because it's always about people, crushes, and clothes!

Why can't they talk about animals, places, books and movies?

"Is that what you were taught in the church today ladies?" My dad seemed to have heard how they giggled at the mention of the clothes they wished to buy.

"We aren't talking about something bad Dad," Leah replied.

"It's just clothes, and it's not as if it's bad clothes. We're planning on buying it for our upcoming church anniversary." Ruth chimed in.

"I asked if that you were taught in church." My dad repeated glancing at them from the rear-view mirror still driving, and they shook their heads. "Henceforth, you won't be talking about material things, and start discussing about the Bible. How many times would I tell you that?" He nagged and I laughed inwardly.

That would make it one decade of a time that I've heard my dad say that to my sisters, and they'd go back to saying Bible and religious kinds of stuff then the next day, they are back to talking about their usual discussions.

"You should be grateful I haven't made one of you to be a nun." My dad added his usual phrase.

"If Mum's parents had made her a nun, you wouldn't have married her," I muttered.

"And that's why I haven't made them be one yet, but that shouldn't make them unholy." My dad preached.

"You should be lucky that's their flaw," I mumbled closing my eyes and wondering how come my dad who is a typical businessman has always been this righteous.

His rules are strict! Live by the Bible, don't break any commandments, and ' I trust you all don't know about LGBT which always makes me guilty.

We finally arrived at our house and I was the first to alight from the car.

I walked to the gate and unlocked it, opening it wide enough for my dad to drive in.

As soon as he drove in, I closed the gate and padlocked it because every Sabbath day, we aren't allowed to go outside but stay indoors which I always enjoyed anyway except for my sisters especially Ruth, the blonde girl who doesn't take after the rest of us brown hair. She is always the one who breaks Dad's rule and would tiptoe to go have a date with her boyfriend, Theodore who I once had a crush on.

I walked with my family inside our sitting room, shutting the door behind me.

As we stepped in the middle of the room we held our hands, forming a circle and my dad led the thanksgiving prayer.

When he finished praying, Ruth and Leah walked to the kitchen to fetch us some chilled water while I took off my suit which I always find uncomfortable.

If I ever mentioned it to my dad, he would scold me and might even ask me to wear a suit to school throughout the weekday.

The long trousers I was wearing were making me feel like it was my first time wearing the trousers, probably because my dad made our tailor alter and I couldn't wait to get it off my tiny legs.

I walked with my suit in my hand and collected a glass of water from Leah which I gulped down to my heart's satisfaction before continuing my walk to my bedroom.

I walked down the hallway before entering my bedroom and Jennabeth, my Himalayan cat ran to me.

I smiled at her, squatting to her height and I ran my fingers on her furs. "How are you, Jenna?" I asked staring at her grey eyes while her tail wagged in response.

I walked to a side of my bed, checking if she ate her food and drank enough water and I was pleased to see that she must have finished her food.

I unbuttoned my shirt put off the trousers that looked baggy on me and walked to the bathroom while Jenna licked some of the water in her bowl.

I stripped off, turning on the shower which ran down my brown hair and white body.

I was still showering when I started feeling pain in my chest.

I groaned clenching my fist on my chest as if it would suppress the chest ache but the pain remained, my body was frozen with terror and I could hear my heartbeat in my ears my breath coming in a short shallow gasp, and the pain was starting to overwhelm me. "Ah!" I shouted gritting my teeth as I began wondering if this was the end of me.

I had always known my heart disease could be serious, but now it felt like the threat was imminent.

Chapter 2 Keith

"There'd be a church service tomorrow, I want the two of you to be there." My dad said cleaning his hand with a napkin after dinner.

"I don't think I'd make it," Jude pronounced and Dad shot him a look.

"Why? What's more important than serving God?" Dad fired at him.

"Nothing is more important than serving God," Jude replied. "But Dad, you know I've got an interview with Bishop magazines," Jude spoke.

"You do wanna work there?" I asked surprised at his words and he rolled his eyes at me.

"Postpone it." Dad stood up.

"But that's not possible Dad," Jude argued.

"Then will you prefer going to the interview than performing your duty in the church as the first son of a Deacon?" My dad asked rhetorically and Jude couldn't say a word. "Take a look at Keith, he's more responsible and active both in church and

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