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The witch who fell from the sky held a wand, saved the dying tiger and fooled the sea urchin head to sign a contract, because too good (?) Caught the eye of some crazy, white-haired teacher. It is said that 5t5 personally took over the witch who was classified as a "super dangerous person" Charms: It's you! Evian: Ah, humans. It is said that 5t5 changed his unreliable style and went all the way to the North Pole to pick up the missing witch and set it up in his own dwelling Charms: There's something wrong with you! Evian:? I have a reasonable suspicion that you're up to no good. 5t5 is said to have been abandoned after trying to have s*x with Miss Witch Charms: Well done! Evian: I'll definitely be back!

Chapter 1

Forces unlike this world broke through the walls of space, and the dark purple light of the demon shone like a meteor across the sky.

The cracks in space are slowly shrinking as the world repairs itself, but are constantly crumbling because of the purple light clinging to the edges.

But as the master goes away, the power of the light becomes dimmer, struggling to be slowly swallowed by the power from this world.

The master of the light is unaware of the game between the two forces.


A suburb outside Tokyo's "juvenile court"

"I'm not a partner in justice, I'm a spellcaster."

"So I never regretted saving you."

"Well, Fuhei is much smarter than I am."

"What you believe should be right, but I'm not wrong either."



The figure falling from the sky hit the person who was smiling just now.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry the coordinates here are confusing..."

Wearing a wide-brimmed cap and a wide robe, the faceless girl jumped up from the person she hit, and the next second, as if she finally found that the person in front of her had lost breath, a pale hand exaggerated the brim of the hat that covered her eyes.

What Fu Black Hui saw was a pair of purple eyes full of shock plug.

"No, no, no, no? I hit him, but I didn't break his heart, did I? What now, a serious injury requires a different kind of magic than death!"

Don't feel the spell, ordinary people?

Fu Hehui stepped forward two steps, did not speak, the girl on the other side as if just found him, two eyes shining at him.

"Civilian, do you see that? You see that? I smashed this guy, but his heart had nothing to do with me."

Although Knotweed seemed to have something to say before he was interrupted by this man who fell from the sky.

But strictly speaking, knotweed's death is not directly related to the person in front of it.

"Well, excuse me, I'm going to get him out of here."

Fuhei expressionless, "although I do not know why you appear here, leave as soon as possible, it is very dangerous here."


Evian scratched her head, seemingly surprised by Fuhehui's reaction. But since she is not responsible for the other side, she is not so willing to expend her magic for a human.

Evian was about to leave, glancing at the young man on the ground, and suddenly --

The simple and mysterious tarot cards did not spontaneously emerge from the soul space through the call of the master, and 78 cards with different contents slowly surrounded her side.

Evian action, three corners of the yellow, but as if engraved with the vast stars of the card surface from the dazzling disorderly movement of the floating to her eyes.

His pale hand caught it, looked down at it, and let it sink into the cards.

The tarot cards that had completed their mission returned smoothly to their original place, becoming silent again.

Fu Black also saw an unusual scene in front of the eyes, the action gently and slowly toward knotweed, the line of sight did not leave the strange figure falling from the sky.

The girl, wrapped almost entirely in her broad robe, seemed lost in thought, but for a moment, the tips of her green fingers gently raised the brim of her hat and smiled innocently: "Human, do you want to save him?"

Fu Black Hui lips, silent, quietly made a defensive posture.

"Is there another soul inside him? It's strange to see such a strange body for the first time."

"How could there be two completely different souls in an ordinary human body?"

What she said Is it a nuo?

Can a maiden see into a man's soul?

It's like she saw something in those weird cards that made her want to save someone... What did she see?

No, the most important thing right now is...

"Can you save him? At what cost?"

This question seemed to make the girl some trouble, she reached out and pulled her hair, and then seemed to remember something, her eyes lit up.

"I can see oh, you can use the source of this world, right? Can you teach me? And I probably need a place to stay? Well, come to think of it, why don't you come and be my servant?"

"Servant... From?"

"Come and sign the contract? How about I serve as a servant until I leave this world? In exchange, I can save him. How about that? This is a rare apology from a noble witch."

According to the "world" she said, the "place to live" and the "source" he could not understand at present, Fuhehui probably knew.

If the person in front of you is not babbling, there is a high probability that he is from another world... A magical girl?

"Hurry up, that soul in him seems very strong."

Evanne squatted beside knotweed with her chin propped up, like a child watching ants move, with a serious face, but more like a child eagerly waiting to play with a new toy.

Perhaps it was stimulated by what she called "that soul," or perhaps it was the sadness of seeing Knotweed risk death to return to his body.

Fuhei thought, impulse once, only once.

For this "affair".

"I promise you."

Evanne's round cat eyes narrowed slightly in delight. Although it's not clear why a phalanx that was clearly teleporting to the Dark Forest would be directly drawn to transport her here. But compared to the boring mainland, this trip seems to be very interesting.

A pale, slender hand reached out from the wide cuff and grasped the slowly coalesced keel wand, and something like an invisible book slowly appeared in front of Evillian.

She waved her wand gently, and a parchment scroll coalesced in the air, with a purple quill conveniently prepared beside her.

"Sign it quickly, sign it well and save people."

Fu Hei Hei did not hesitate, holding a quill pen that was not used to write his name on the parchment.

The final stroke was written, and before the girl could summon it, the scroll flew back to Evillian, rubbing the girl's fingertips lovingly as she reached out to touch it.

Strange words inscribed on yellowed scrolls. Because it is recognized by both sides, it emits a shallow light.

"So your name is Fuhehui? Then from today on, you are the witch's servant - Black!"

Before Fu Hehui could reply, she saw the girl holding her wand, whispering a long and complicated language, her wide robe hanging in the air, wrapped around her body, and the pages of an ancient book floating in front of her were turning rapidly.

"Found it, Noah."

It has to be said that the girl who looks very like a fraud organization in front of her will actually make people feel inexplicably convinced when she gets serious.

As the girl called, a dark dragon with only a pair of golden eyes shining majestically congealed behind her.

A purplish-gold glow envelops knotweed Hisahito as the elemental forces summoned by magic dutifully repair the dying body.


The scene was so shocking that Evanne had a slight pensive look on her face that he caught it immediately.

'What's the matter?

Perhaps it is Evanne's confident appearance that makes people unable to raise doubts about the idea. Although she showed such a look Fu black Hui also did not first time to think if she is for "save the living" and distress how to do.

"I wondered if he would prefer the original heart, or should I ask the wood elves to 'build' a new one for him? It would be better to say it was the original, but given the amount of blood loss in this body, I don't know where it went, do I? In case it gets thrown in the wrong place."

"I know where it is. I'll bring it back."

"Well, you'd better hurry. Too much time and the magic and the terms of the contract aren't worth it."

Hear the words of Evian, Fu black Hui ignore the response, both hands turned up to summon "鵺" jumped on.

When the only person who could talk to her left, Evillian looked bored, watched the boy lying on the ground with curiosity for a moment, then quickly lost interest and fell back on the dragon's wings.

The curious bubble has driven the girl to perform a spell of soul connection, and Evanne is clearly interested in this special situation of soul coexistence in the body.

"No charms? What?"

The boundary covering the soul flapped back the oncoming "slash", completely ignoring the seemingly more powerful soul attack, and Evian looked around at the strange scene that appeared, "Is it the cook?" Is it the cook?"

Purple pupil over that look temper is not very good in fact temper is really bad strong soul, turned to look at the teenager wearing a uniform hoodie.

"Black probably thinks your original heart is better and is on his way to bring it back." Why do you have a cook in your body who looks so bad?"

"Little Black? Is it dark? Does that guy allow that nickname to exist?"

"Look at the expression is probably not allowed? But he can't say no to me, so for now, he's probably just going to have to take it."

Evanne smiled, her trademark bright cat eyes flashing a sly smile from behind the wide brim of her hat, much like a cat who has succeeded in cheating.

"Huh? That fellow --"

"Is Little Black back? I'll go. See you next time?"

"Oh yeah, don't believe anything this guy says. Like --"

Evian blinked. "Strange appointment or something."

The strangely dressed girl left no reply and went away as quietly as she had come.

When Fuhei returned with the heart of knotweed, the shadow of the dragon took on a protective gesture and covered Evillian's tiny body under his wings. He thought, but suddenly remembered that up to now he knew nothing about the person in front of him.

Include a name

The inquisitive gaze met a pair of bright eyes.

"Went into that guy's body and talked to him for a while, and the other soul was a cook? Doesn't look like a friendly tenant."

Mumble to mumble. Evanne hasn't lost sight of business.

The purple light pulled the heart of Fuhehui back into the body of knotweed, which was also surrounded by light.

With a heart, it seems to repair faster and faster. Before long, Evillian withdrew the rich purple light, the body of knotweed fell back to the spot, the black dragon and the book that could not see the cover disappeared as a light, and she tucked the smaller wand into her sleeve in front of Fuhehui.

Then he blinked and looked at him. "That magic was very draining."

Fu Black Hui nodded silently, the black pupil looked with the unique glossy luster of the youth.

"So I'll probably fall into a deep sleep soon."

Evillian took out the flying carpet and threw it up. "Take good care of me, Black."

That being said, the witch, who has always been on the alert for human beings, quietly gave her already heavily protected body a few more sets of magic.

Never lose your guard.

It was a lesson imprinted in her bones over the years.

Fu Hehui looked up, she had very quickly let the body fall into a deep sleep, the wide brim of the hat covered the whole pale face, the flying carpet consciously wrapped around the master's body.

Turns out magical girls don't need to change clothes to sleep.

Fu black Hui silently in the mind.

After taking out a mobile phone to contact Mr. Iji, Fukukuei still went to check the physical condition of knotweed, with a strong heartbeat and smooth breathing, although he could not see the extent of damage to the internal organs.

But his wounds, large and small, seemed to have been repaired, and at this moment he was lying on the sand with a rosy face, as if this terrible battle had never happened.

Plus the girl just mention nuo when the appearance of understatement.

Chapter 2

With Mr. Iji came a tall man with white hair and an eye patch.

Fu Black Hui have a brief report on the phone, plus send out the nail asaki. Although the details are not clear, people on the outside must be more or less aware of the general situation.

But he consciously can not explain things about the girl on the phone clearly, just said about Nuo and knotweed contend for the body part.

Therefore, the two men, Mr. Riedizhi, were prepared to see the tragic situation, and their teacher, Wu Wu --

A rare piece of decency.

"Hui, how's it going?"

Probably today's emotional ups and downs are too large to see five teachers will produce the illusion of "finally seeing a reliable person."

Mr. Iji took out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat on his forehead, "Knotweed classmate he..."

"Me and Knotweed are fine."

Fu Black side pointed to the flying carpet fell asleep on the girl, "the gener


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