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Eternal Legacies serie's: Vampire Rise

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Soraia was just an ordinary girl until she became the plaything of a vampire and a werewolf, but it was into the cruel vampire's dark world of passion and blood that she sank-and he only wants her for one purpose, to bring his beloved back from the dead and discover what is so valuable hidden in Soraia's blood. But Augustus, the Alpha of the powerful werewolf pack of Lacrimal City knows that Soraia is his true love and with the help of his mother, a gypsy wolf, is willing to do anything to protect her. Miranda was brought back from the dead for one purpose only - to protect Soraia from the hands of Julius Caesar, the vampire who killed her in the distant past. Amy was also just an ordinary girl and Soraia's best friend until she was bitten by a vampire, but it was not the bite that transformed her, but the fire that runs in her veins. Deaths and attacks by beings until recently heard of only in folklore are making the police officers' hair stand on end, and even Deputy Sergio's skepticism is being shaken, not to mention that his investigator is hiding something from him. Malvina faces frequent vampire attacks, but the hardest part is hiding who she really is from her colleagues and the chief of police.


And he said to me,

"It is finished.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.

The Beginning and the End, to whoever thirsts I will give him freely from the fountain of life.

Revelation 21;6


02. Countdown

03. The premeditated blood

04. Tomorrow waits for no enemies

05. Back to the past

06. The police's first steps

07. Fate reveals them

08. The Devil's tracks

09. Desperate measures

10. Torments of love and hate

11. The manipulator and the protector

12. Twists of fate

13. The confrontation

14. Introduced to death and pleasure

15. Miles from the first battle

16. Under pressure

17. Whirlwind of emotions

18. The true face of the devil

19. Tears

20. Love, eternal love

21. Attack and counterattack

22. The life that holds...the revenge that plans

23. Revenge for love

24. The call of his master

25. Ruin of pain

26. The battle between the angel and the devil

27. Paths of pain

28. Let the darkness begin

29. Fates cross and the last petal falls

30. The vampires' ultimatum

31. Dawn of hope

32. The final gamble

33. The silence of lost souls

34. For Love

35. The wrath of his slaves

36. Under new eyes

37. First fruits

38. The way of the Guardian

39. The Dagger of Death

40. The last look


Over the years the world has changed a lot, and along with it the people: and what was just myth has become more deadly real than ever. The myths about 'suckers' have become known everywhere, only these are now VAMPIRES. And they are eager for your BLOOD.

Marcus is falling into a funnel of blurs, the wind and a few splashes of water whip his face until his back hits the rocks in a deafening thud, and his last sight in this world is the moon.

Chile 2075 On some snowy peak

Andes Mountains.

Suddenly Marcus opens his eyes and is confronted with what had become habitual over time, the beautiful snow-white mountains at the top of the sky. During the fight between him and Julius Cesar. When he had finally opened his eyes, in every sense, he decided to abandon his 'family' and fly far away from there and from London. There, under the shelter of the mountains, as far away from the sun as possiblehe had managed to survive over the years, forcing himself to feed on the blood of animals and not kill anymore. After all, the last thing he wanted was to be hunted again. But at this very moment, there is someone looking for him, he feels it, his blood tells him so. Since he left his castle in London together with his gang

Julio Cesar divided up some groups and ordered them to look for others of us - and sent them to Australia, Russia, Mongolia, China, Egypt, Alaska, Brazil and so on. Julio Cesar and Lais a small girl with long curly hair and light and dark eyes (the one that Rachel's spirit had possessed, a fact that no one but her, knew and Thiago a boy with a severe expression in somewhat scary contrast with his well defined muscles and dark hair and eyes along with Brenda went in search of Marcus, because one of his people had said that there was a vampire reclusive in the mountain tops of the Chilean Andes.

Days and nights dragged on, and now, thanks to Brenda and something magnificent she had discovered, vampires can go out in the sun. Almost unwittingly, she had discovered that a raw particle of gold placed under a vampire's skin absorbs the sun's rays into itself. Unfortunately gold is specific and only exists in one place in the world, and to make matters worse this place is the only place a vampire cannot enter. In a Holy Waterfall (where the waters were baptized) and is located in the city of Lacrimal city in Cardelhas.

And then you must ask yourself: If the water is holy, how did the vampires get the gold?

Thanks to Brenda's power of hypnosis she sent a biologist into the waterfall to get as much gold as he could, and thanks to this the vampires became daywalkers too. Suddenly a noise other than the usual ones to Marcus' supersensitive ears made him go on full alert, after all it's not forever that he could hide his true self, is it really?

In a burst of light landing, many female and male feet materialized in front of him at the cave entrance where Marcus raised his head and his eyes widened as he saw two familiar faces.

-You? How is it possible?

At the cave entrance with the sunrays at their backs were Julio Cesar and Brenda.

-You ran far away from us, didn't you, Marcus - said Julio Cesar as he walked a little further into the cave. Marcus gritted his teeth-what do you want here?

'Julio Cesar wasting his time looking for me, he must not want something good'-he thought as he passed his eyes through the unfriendly group that accompanied him.

Julio Cesar smiled at Marcus' quick analysis of his gang.

-I need your help, - he declared.

-You're crazy if you think I'm going to help you with algodisparked and watched as Julio Cesar transformed and returned to human form in the blink of an eye. Now that's control over your emotions.

-I can give you the power you want-Marcus frowned-if you haven't noticed, we got here with the sun following us.

Now I'm in charge of the sun,- he said full of himself as if he could say 'sun go away' and it would go away.

Marcus was tempted because he couldn't even remember the last time he had seen the sun. after all, the sun could never warm his skin again, but just looking at it would bring him a little joy and peace. And he smiled.

-I see you liked the idea.

The smile disappeared from Marcus's face - I won't help you with any more killing.

-Either you help me or I will kill you," he said, and his gang was already ready with claws and fangs to tear him apart right then and there.

Marcus could swear that in Brenda's eyes she was begging him to agree to help Julio Cesar, and it was for her and her silent plea that he said-Okay, I'll help you.

Julio Cesar smiles - great decision.

1. Countdown

Lacrimal city, Cardelhas 2075 Many years after London

The day dawned beautiful and the only object shining in the blue sky pool above everyone was the sun.

The world had evolved, and with it the vampires both in physical and spiritual form. Julio Cesar, for example, had cut his long hair and 'spiked' it up giving it a stripped charm along with the leather jacket that had taken the place of the long overcoat. Marcus, on the other hand, let the hair grow with light curls at the shoulders, but also let the long coats for blouses and jackets with a little more color since vampires are adept at funeral colors. Of course, not everyone decided to change so much, especially the vampires who still remained in Julio Cesar's clan.

At this moment the small group was coming through a tunnel formed by tall trees with many leaves; ok, the sun no longer affects them so much, but this doesn't mean that they love it.

Abruptly Julio Cesar stopp


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