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The goddess Selene created Queen Aliya with the purpose of becoming King Ethan's partner. Aliya's growth was delayed until her 18th birthday since she was promised to Ethan from the moment of her creation. Together, they were destined to rule the supernatural world with strength and grace, bringing prosperity to all under their reign. However, Ethan fell in love with Aliya and couldn't wait for her to turn 18, despite the promise he had made. He tried to suppress his feelings, fearing they would weaken him around Aliya. One day, he heard a small heartbeat that drove him crazy. He tried to ignore it, but after three days, he decided to follow the sound that led him to a nursery room in a castle. Ethan promised himself to stay away from Aliya and only visit her every day without being seen until she grew into a beautiful young woman. However, when Aliya was only 17 years old, Ethan accidentally revealed himself to her. Aliya confessed her love for him, but Ethan knew he couldn't let it stand and had to confront her. It was then that Ethan realized he had fallen in love with the woman created for him. Despite not wanting to wait, Ethan's love for Aliya grew stronger, and Aliya eventually got pregnant. Little did they know, this was all that the Dark One wanted. He wanted Aliya to bear a child who would be his future queen, and they would rule the underworld with their dark army.

Chapter 1

The beginning

7 years ago ….

Ethan wandered through the dark woods; his sight limited to the trees as he moved. He had a companion, a woman who appeared to be well advanced in her pregnancy. She had difficulty matching Ethan's speed due to her large belly, but they raced away from someone and discovered themselves deep in the woods. Suddenly, Ethan heard the woman next to him say, "Ethan, halt!" He stopped in his tracks and rushed up to her. The woman reached a point of such exhaustion that she fell to her knees and says, out of breath, "I cannot go on." Ethan kneeled beside her and asked, "Let us rest for a few minutes? He glanced around to check for safety and noticed only trees surrounding them. He could hear the owl's late-night howl in the woods. It appeared that nobody was trailing them, so they were secure for the time being. "I think the baby is close by," Ethan overheard the woman say beside him. He looked to his side and saw her hand stroking her belly roughly. "What do you mean?" asked Ethan, worried. He gently touched the woman's back and started to rub her back.

Ethan provided comfort to the woman who experienced severe pain. He could sense her body becoming more and more tense, and her breathing growing heavier. Ethan tried to console her by telling her that everything would be alright. However, he didn't know what to say to someone who had been in pain as he had never experienced it before. Suddenly, something caught Ethan's attention, and he noticed they were no longer alone in the woods. The atmosphere around them changed from the fresh scent of pine trees to fear and panic as a group of wolves surrounded them. Ethan was shocked to see that these were not ordinary wolves. Their bodies were engulfed in flames, and flames were emanating from them.

Ethan moved closer to the woman beside him and started shielding her with his body. "Ethan, what are these things?" heard Ethan the woman says, scared beneath him. "I do not know, but do not worry," says Ethan. "But I will not let them hurt you or the baby," says Ethan, placing a magic shield over the woman beside him. The flaming wolves were moving closer by the minute, so the air started to get hotter around them. Ethan started to arch his back; he was ready to fight and would do whatever it took to protect them.

"Isn't the king himself," Ethan overheard a strong man's voice say. He couldn't see anyone, only the trees and the flaming wolves around them. "Who are you?" called out Ethan, tightening his fist next to his side. "Show yourself?" he says, looking around to see if he could spot the man "Ethan," the woman next to him called out his name. Ethan's attention shifted to her when he saw blood on her dress and her hands. "The baby is coming," Ethan heard her say in pain. He started to panic when he noticed the blood on her hands and dress. His heart was racing, and his palms were sweaty. "Yes, Ethan, the baby is coming. We should do something," Ethan overheard a man say again. This time, when he looked up, a tall dark man stepped out of the darkness. The first thing that caught Ethan's attention was that the man had one dark blue eye and a red eye. The feeling that came over Ethan was angry mixed with fear. He did not like this man, whoever he was. Ethan shielded the woman more and placed his hand over her belly.

The flaming wolves were dangerously close to them, emanating a heat that they could feel. "I want what belongs to me," says the tall and dark man, declares. "That beautiful baby inside her is mine."

 "Ethan tightened his arm around the woman's back and said, "You'll have to go through me to get to this child." He swore to protect this woman and her unborn child with his life. Though he didn't know her name or what she looked like, he knew he had to keep her safe at all costs."

Ethan was startled by the loud, evil laugh from the tall, dark man. He could sense a sinister vibe in his tone. "That would be as easy as pie," says the man, still laughing. Ethan felt a shiver down his spine. "Wolves, fetch!" he orders with an evil grin. As soon as he spoke those words, thousands of flaming wolves charged towards them, forming an entire army of wolves. Ethan could feel his heart racing as he tried to process what was happening.

Ethan's heart raced as he saw the woman next to him being attacked by one of the flaming wolves. He could hear her screams and feel her pain. At that moment, everything else faded away as he focused on helping her. With all his might, he pulled the wolf off her arm and reinforced the shield over them with his magic. But as he tried to transform into his wolf form, he felt a strange blockage preventing him from doing so. He knew he had to stay strong for the woman, who was in labor and about to give birth amidst the chaos. Despite the danger and uncertainty, Ethan was determined to protect her and her baby, and he held up the shield with all his strength.   

The air around them grew warmer and more oppressive as Ethan struggled to hold up the protective shield. Despite his own discomfort, he remained focused on his task of keeping them safe. He could feel the woman's anguish as she pushed with all her might to bring new life into the world. At that moment, all the pain and exhaustion melted away as they heard the first cries of the newborn. It was a beautiful moment of joy and hope, and Ethan felt grateful to have played a part in bringing it about.

Despite being distracted by the sight of a newborn baby held loosely by a woman, Ethan's attention was focused on the shield that was starting to crack under pressure. The woman looked up at Ethan, revealing her beautiful face with long, curly blonde hair that cascaded softly on her shoulders. Her green eyes were stunning, with a hint of gold around her big black pupils, and she had long, thick black eyelashes. Ethan was struck by her beauty and the baby she held, and he was completely oblivious to the shield around them. He felt a strong sense of love for the woman and the baby. Suddenly, the shield started to shake violently as the flaming wolves outside began to push against it. A terrified scream filled the air as the shield shattered, and the wolves closed in on them. Reacting quickly, Ethan rushed to the woman and baby and shielded them with his body, protecting them from the flaming wolves. 

Ethan abruptly woke from his dream, his heart pounding in his chest. The room was dimly lit, casting eerie shadows on the walls. He sat up in his bed, feeling the cold sweat on his forehead. As he looked around, the silence seemed to consume him, devoid of the comforting presence of the woman and the baby he had been protecting. He longed to know her name, the soft sound of it dancing on his lips. The memory of her beauty would forever be etched in his mind, a vision of radiance. As he shielded the innocent baby from harm, he could feel the weight of responsibility settling on his shoulders.

 Ethan sank back onto his bed, his gaze fixed on the intricate white and gold rosette pattern that adorned the ceiling of his room. As he lay there, lost in thought, flashes of the mysterious woman from his dream flickered across his mind, each one more vivid than the last. He couldn't shake the feeling that there was something special about her, something that set her apart from any woman he had ever encountered before. She seemed almost like a goddess, with her flowing hair and ethereal beauty, and he felt an overwhelming urge to protect her. As he lay there staring up at the ceiling, he couldn't help but wonder who she was and what she symbolized.

Ethan struggled to fall back asleep after being jolted awake by a vivid dream. Lying on his back, he replayed every detail in his mind, trying to make sense of the disjointed images and emotions that had stirred him. Time seemed to stretch endlessly as he wrestled with his thoughts, but eventually, exhaustion overtook him, and he sank into a fitful sleep.


Chapter 2

The coronation of Ethan

The coronation of the king is an event that draws people from all corners of the world. And when the king has the power to rule over all metaphysical creators, it's an even bigger deal in the supernatural world. King Scott and his beautiful wife, Evangeline Havenblade, had ruled the magical world for over 60 years. But now, it was time for a new king to ascend the throne. Out of the five sons of King Scott, Ethan was the only one who was a valid candidate to take on the role of the king. He was the only one who possessed the qualities that were necessary to rule over the magical world. The coronation of Ethan as the new king was a momentous occasion, and one that would be remembered for years to come.

Ethan had been waiting for this moment for years. The coronation was about to begin, but before he could take his place as king of the supernatural world, he needed to take a moment to himself. He knew just where to go

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