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Heart of the Silver Dragon

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: B. Cole
  • Chapters: 61
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.6K
  • 9.2
  • 💬 56


"Stay.” He’s in front of me before I know it, a fire and intensity in his eyes as he takes my chin in his fingers, tilting my face up towards him. “Bind yourself to me, and become by most coveted jewel.” My heart races as I realize what the look in his eyes is… lust, and a desire to posses me, keep me, and it all becomes clear. He’s been fighting his true nature the whole time. His finger runs across my lips and heat floods to parts of me I’ve never felt before. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a part of me that wants him to. I’m not sure why, or where it’s coming from. Maybe it’s that, without a purpose, with everything I’ve worked for gone, the idea of being taken care of, coveted, as he said, doesn’t seem that bad. My voice is quiet. “My Lord—” “Ariyan, you may call me Ariyan.” It feels taboo, saying his name, and I pause for a moment before letting it roll off my tongue. “Ariyan…” His jaw clenches as the sound leaves my lips. I know there was something I was going to say, but as the Dragon Lord looks over me, his silver eyes burning as they pierce mine, I can’t seem to recall what it was. It’s liked I’m trapped under his spell, lost in the blaze that is him. ***** For centuries dragons have ruled over humans, using them as servants and protectors of their most precious treasures. Ruby has spent her whole life training to become a Dragon's Guardian, but when she finally has the chance to compete for the position, she finds herself in a very different one; as the fated Mate to the feared and infamous Lord of Dragons, Ariyan Silverwing, and the Guardian of his heart. Trapped in a dark and dangerous world, can she find a way to protect herself against its threats? Or will she fall into its twisted trap, just as she finds herself falling for her Dragon Lord? *COMPANION STORY TO FATE OF THE SILVER DRAGON*

Ch 1: A Diamond Deal

This is the companion book to Fate of the Silver Dragon. They read chapter for chapter from each perspective  (main character and love interest) and can be read simultaneously or one after the other, but you don't have to read both to understand the story. It's just extra content for anyone who is interested :) Hope you all enjoy!


Long ago, Dragons lived among us in secret, their human form hiding them in plain sight. Collectors and keepers of treasures of all kinds, their only love was of their hoard. But eventually, their lust for that which they coveted exposed their kind to the humans of the world.

Frightened of such mighty creatures, man hunted them, but the Dragons were stronger, more powerful, and soon, we were overcome.

For centuries now, they have lorded over us, using our kind as servants, and the strongest as guardians of their cherished treasures, even taking a rare few as something to the kin of pets.

No one has seen a Dragon’s true form since long before my time, but even without it, they are still to be feared. With skin as tough as scales, and fire wielded from their very fingertips, there are few if any who know of a weakness. And so we live in submission, accepting our place as the Fates have destined us.

But I refuse to be a powerless and docile slave to my masters, living a dull and meaningless existence. Since my parents’ death when I was young, I’ve spent my life studying and training for a chance at the coveted position of Guardian, protector of a Dragon’s hoard. And today, I will put my skills to the test.

The camp outside the battle arena is small, but bustling as I make my way through it from my tent to where the other final Candidates are waiting.

My long, dark hair has been plaited into a braid, and the armor I’ve been saving up years for smells of new leather and moves comfortably around my toned muscles. I can feel my two daggers shift against my thighs as I walk, and it gives me a sort of comfort; They’ve been with me through a lot, and they’ve never steered me wrong in a fight.

I can see the men eyeing me as I approach, no doubt shocked that the rumors about me are true, but a voice behind me makes me stop before I reach them.

“Still not willing to back out, eh Ruby? You’re braver than I thought… Foolish, but brave.”

I turn a glare on the man behind me to see his familiar dark eyes glinting with a smirk.

I’ve known Jiram my whole life. He’s several years my elder, but when my parents died, he took me under his wing and taught me to fight, taught me how to survive. But as much as he’s picked on me over the years, I’m just as willing to dish it back to him.

“The only fool I see here is you, Jiram, if you think you can beat me. We both know I have more than bravery on my side.”

He barks out a single loud laugh and looks over my shoulder at the other men gathered.

“You hear that boys? Ruby thinks she has what it takes to win.” He takes a step toward me as the others snicker, but I don’t move. “Oh come on, love. No girl has ever competed for a Guardianship, let alone won.”

“I guess it’s a good thing I’m a woman then.” I bite back.

The look on his face changes ever so briefly, and if I didn’t know him so well, I might have missed it.

“Come on, Ruby. I taught you how to fight so you could look out for yourself, not make an *ss out of yourself. None of us want to see you get hurt.”

Deep down, I know he truly does care for me, otherwise, why would he have spent so many years looking out for me, teaching me, guiding me. But as I glance over my shoulder at the guffawing gaggle of armored and armed men waiting to compete, I know that isn’t true of them.

When a Guardianship becomes available, only those who pass a series of rigorous tests advance to the final gladiator-style battle for the title. Each one of us present would do anything to win. I would know. It’s why I’ve worked my *ss off to be here.

“Don’t kid yourself. You just don’t want to lose to a woman in front of everyone.” I say as I look back at Jiram, crossing my arms.

Humans and Dragons alike come from all over to watch the final battles of potential Guardians. So when I say everyone, I literally mean everyone.

Jiram simply shakes his head.

“Fine. If you don’t want to take your last chance to back out, we might as well make things interesting.” He pulls his sword from the sheath at his hip. “If you do somehow manage to win, I’ll send you off to your new position with my undying servitude and my grandfather’s sword.”

I raise an eyebrow at him suspiciously.

That sword has been in his family for centuries, once used to hunt and slay Dragons during the Great War of our kinds. It’s a legacy of sorts, and there’s no way he would part with it so easily.

“And if you win?”

I watch as a smirk spreads across his lips.

“You agree to marry me.”

I can’t help the scoff that escapes my lips as I roll my eyes. He must be f*ck*ng with me. But I decide to play along just to see how far he’s willing to take it.

“You know a Guardian can’t take a partner.”

His smirk widens.

“Unless they get permission from their master, and the promised comes to live with them.”

My confidence wavers slightly. He actually looked into this. Was this his plan all along? It couldn’t have been. He’s been trying to dissuade me from competing for months now.

I shake my head, changing my tactic.

“A Dragon would never allow its Guardian a distraction like that.”

He shrugs, holding his sword up so the light glints off it as he examines it.

“Then where’s the risk? Especially if you’re so sure you’ll win.” His eyes lock onto mine as I try to figure out what he’s playing at.

“And if we both lose?”

He lowers the sword and takes another step toward me, coming so close I can feel his breath on my face.

“Then the deal is off, and I just have to try to convince you to marry me the good old fashioned way.”

I look at the man before me, his wavy, brown hair pulled back to show his handsome features clearly.

Would it really be such a bad thing to marry him? We’ve known each other my whole life, and I’d never grow bored seeing how much he keeps me on my toes. But the truth is, even if he did win, no Dragon would allow us to marry.

“Do we have a deal?” He holds his hand out in front of him and I take a deep breath as I contemplate his offer, weighing the risks and rewards.

“It doesn’t seem like much of a fair trade if I’m being honest.”

He scoffs lightly, his eyes narrowing.

“No? Or are you just scared I might actually beat you?”

D*mn him. He knows I can’t back down from a challenge.

“Fine.” Before I can change my mind, I grab his hand, shaking it firmly as his face splits into a deep grin.

“Better watch yourself boys. I’ve got more than a Guardianship to win now.” He never takes his eyes off me as he hollers over my shoulder. Something about his confidence makes me nervous, but I have no time to figure it out as a horn sounds, signaling our cue to enter the arena.

Jiram doesn’t move, though. Instead, he swoops down, his lips landing squarely on mine.

There aren’t any sparks flying by any means, but it isn’t horrible either. It feels safe, comfortable, and completely catches me off guard.

His thumb brushes along my cheek as he pulls away and winks at me.

“May the Fates be with… well, me I suppose.” He says with a devious smirk on his face. “I’ll see you in the arena, future wife.” And with that, he walks past me towards the others heading into the pit.

I stand there for a moment in complete shock.

The b*st*rd did that just to throw me off.

I allow myself a second to fume, but now isn’t the time to be distracted. So I shake it off and turn to follow after him, holding my head up high.

The entrance to the arena is through a cave on the side of a small mountain, and there’s booming cheers and applause from above as I enter. There’s a reason it’s referred to as ‘the pit’. A dusty and barren terrain dug into the middle of the rock, rough seats hewn into the stone around it where the crowd has gathered to watch.

My heart begins to race as the reality of everything sets in, but I keep my breathing level as I reach the center where an older man, the Moderator of the battle, stands.

The crowd grows silent as he speaks.

“Today, twelve of you enter this arena as Candidates, but only one will leave as Guardian.” His eyes move to each of us who are circled around him. “You all know the rules. Every Candidate for themselves, and the battle continues until all but one has yielded. Understood?” I nod with the others, throwing a quick glance at Jiram who looks as though nothing is riding on this. His nonchalant disposition makes my blood boil slightly, but I have to focus. I’ve waited my whole life for this chance. I know what I’m capable of, now I just have to show the rest of them. “Today,” the Moderator continues. “You all have more at stake than usual, for today, the winner will become the Guardian of not just any Dragon’s cherished treasures, but of the Lord of Dragons himself, Ariyan Silverwing.”

My heart almost stops.

I’ve met only a few Dragons in my life, most of which were passing through whatever village I was in at the time, looking for a new handmaiden or cook. But they all paled in comparison to the rumors I’ve heard of the feared Dragon Lord.

Fierce and merciless, he’s ruled over the land for longer than any can remember. His Keep, not far from the arena, is known as a stronghold where Dragons keep humans as pets, and blood and violence rain through the halls.

I knew he would be present today. He’s present at every Guardianship battle. But now that I know it’s his Guardian I’m fighting to become, there’s a need to see him for myself.

No one dares look upon the Dragon Lord without his permission, but I still find myself tilting my head back to scan the crowd above me, and it doesn’t take long to spot him.

A large column towers above the crowd and arena across from where we entered, and leaning on the railing of its balcony, looking down on all of us as if this were any other day, is the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever laid eyes on…

His long, black hair frames his sharp face, and his eyes glint almost silver in the light as they lock on to me, taking my breath away.

Something inside seems to pull me toward him, keeping me from looking anywhere else, and despite the distance, I swear I see his brow furrow. Time seems to slow, everything else around me disappearing for a moment as we watch one another.

And then the spell is broken as the Moderator calls out…

“Candidates at the ready! Begin!”

Ch 2: The Battle's Boone


“Candidates at the ready! Begin!”

My head snaps down as I instinctively pull my daggers from their place at my sides, quickly trying to read the situation.

Whatever it was that happened between me and the Lord of Dragons will have to wait.

Five of the men are already either lunging at or trying to circle around me, while the rest attack each other. Great… So one half think I’ll be an easy start, and the other, an easy finish. Well, they’ve all got another thing coming.

My size and frame mean I can move quicker, and I easily dodge the first to reach me, spinning around to bring my dagger to his throat.

He growls in frustration, throwing down his weapon.


I smirk at him but don’t have a moment longer to gloat as the other four seem to be rethinking their strategy.

I know I can play this offensively or defensively, either hitting them before they can get to me, or using their own moves against them. But conside

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