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Jannah's Choice

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All Jannah ever wanted was to be free and become something greater than a slave. Even in a world ruled by vampires, she truly believed that she was meant to be more than a slave. One day, her dream finally comes true when she receives a letter from the Vampire King, Vlad. It was a call for her and all human women to join the selection where women compete for the King's affection and the winner is crowned the King's Mate and Queen. She meets the vampire General and the King on her first day at the castle, and she is torn between the two as times goes on. As she tries hard to win the King's heart in the competition, the other competitors try hard to bring her down. Then as she acquires superpowers, she is found to be the prophesied one that will save all the human and vampire race from the Demon King and his demons that keep attacking them. As drama unfolds and romance blossoms along with action, can she survive them all and win the selection to free all humans or will they all get to her and end her prophecy? It all depends on who she chooses as written in the prophecy, the General or the King? Who will it be?

Life Changing Letter

"Jannah!" I heard the Lady of the house, Mary, call for me.

"Yes, my Lady!" I answered as I walked down the hallway to her bedroom.

I was a human in a vampire's world, so that made me automatically become a vampire's servant. Yes, you heard right, a servant. I have always thought that I wasn't meant to be only a servant, but something greater. Nothing about me was submissive, I was confident and always went for what I wanted. But then why was I still a servant?

Well, like I said we live in a vampire's world, so vampires rule us. They came to our lands and enslaved us since they were stronger, so all humans had to serve them, no questions asked or you get sent to the dungeon. No matter what, I still believed that I was meant for something greater.

So I hoped everyday for this all to change and for a better world where we could live in harmony with vampires and werewolves. Surpringly, werewolves also existed. They came after the vampires enslaved us and have seemed to pity us by giving some of us jobs in their lands, but the vampires were not pleased with it. So to maintain their peace, they let us serve them without interfering.

It made me sad, especially since I was an orphan, so I have never had a life of enjoyment or freedom. I was raised in an orphanage then as soon as I was old enough at eight years old, I was sent to this house to serve its Lady. She was married to the Lord of the land, and they were both nice people on good days.

However on some days, they weren't so good and would drink my blood. That was one of the things that I disliked while serving them. I gritted my teeth as I reached her door as I remembered how she drank from my wrist yesterday even though they receive blood supplies from the blood bank every week. It was still healing, so a bandage was wrapped around my wrist.

"Jannah!" She yelled again.

I lifted my hand and pushed the door open as I unclenched my teeth and answered, "Yes, my lady?"

As I stepped into the room, I saw that she was standing in front of the mirror. She turned around to me with a scowl on her face, "Where did you keep my fancy brooch? I need it for the brunch that I will be attending today."

"It is right there on top of your dresser, my Lady." I replied, pointing at it sitting on top of her dresser like it always was.

I didn't know if she was doing it on purpose or she had forgotten where it usually was, but I didn't say a word or else, she would do worse than drink my blood. A cringe made its way to my face at the thought of her smacking me or her husband. So I quietly watched as she walked to her dresser and picked it up. She turned around and glared at me, "What are you still standing there for?!"

"I am sor-" I started apologising, but she cut me off with a wave of her hand.


"Yes, my Lady." I replied and clenched my jaw as I turned around. I walked out and pulled the door close. Anger and embarrassment washed over me for how she was treating me with so much disrespect and disregard for my feeliings. I sighed, this was now a vampire's world and no human would ever get that from anyone except another human.

The doorbell started ringing as I started down the long, hallway. It was still morning, I didn't know who would come at this time, but I quickly made my way down the hallway and to the door. I opened it as soon as I reached it, and I was surprised to see a man dressed in the Vampire King's guards wear. He snarled when he saw me and gripped the bunch of letters in his hands.

"Are you the only female servant in this house?" He asked in a pompous voice because he believed me to be lower than him and unimportant. He might have seen me that way, but I saw myself as an equal to everyone and just as important.

I shook my head, "No, but they have left for the stores, so I am the only one here."

"Alright, servant. How many are you?"

"Three, Sir." I replied, and he immediately took out three letters out of the many letters in his hands. He handed them to me with a cold look.

"Here, from his Majesty to all the human women."

I took it from his hands with furrowed brows as I felt curious and confused that the Vampire King will send us a letter. Fear suddenly traveled down my spine at the thought of something bad in those letters. Were they killing us off like how baby girls were killed when they were born in some cultures in human history? I swallowed my fear and smiled at the guard, "Thank you, Sir."

The guard looked surprised at first that I would smile at him while he was being so rude to me. His expression then turned into scowl and he turned around to walk away without a word. I quickly tore one of the envelopes open and pulled out the letter that was inside. I started reading aloud with anticipation.

Dear Human Women,

As you all know, the King's mate is selected through a competition, and we have decided to include human women for my selection. We want to make sure that we find out who my mate and Queen is, so you are free to act as the other vampires in the competition. Come to the castle as soon as you can and you will be let in. The competition is starting the next day.

Your King,


The King's stamp was placed in his name spelt with bold letters. That showed that it was truly him.


A smile spread on my face as I realized that I could get a chance to stop human slavery and make everyone equal. Our suffering would finally come to an end! I didn't care about gaining power or the King or that he was unnaturally good looking.

All I cared about was bringing change and freeing our kind from the clutches of their kind. My dream was coming true, to become something greater than a servant, something greater than a slave. I slammed the door shut and placed the other letters on the mahogany table beside the door.

I ran towards another hallway that lead to the servants wing and stopped at the only door there. I pulled it open and ran straight to my box of clothes beside my metal bed among the two other metal beds. Picking it up, I stood up and looked around the small room if there was anything of mine laying around.

There was a pile of clothes on top of Lydia's bed that she had washed and dried that morning. However, Lenna's bed didn't

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