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Loving The Forbidden

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Alfabet
  • Chapters: 78
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 586
  • 7.5
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Anneth works in the special department of Daffar's Omega laboratory to handle the secret project called the Blood Angel project. But, she did not know that inside her body had something that the magic couldn't break through. It is called the power of Angel Blood. She also didn't know that Daffar was one of the higher sorcerers who had been looking for her and will destroy whoever had the Angel Blood. But, unfortunately, Anneth and Daffar fall in love. Even though the relationship was forbidden by the human world, the magic world and the intermediary world. How they would be?

1. A Task In The Penthouse

"Hey! Anneth!"

"This is not a request but a necessity! Please...!"

The voice from my cell phone speaker was spoken in a high pitch.

"This is not a force but a must!" The sound still continues non-stop.

"Anneth!" His voice was squeaky.


I have to keep the phone away from my ear. The high-pitched effect instantly makes my ears ringing slightly.

"Do you still alive or not?" She kept asking.

"I'm no longer a senior high school student who needs a part-time job, Sinna. I'm pretty busy too," I replied after the chatter on the phone stopped.

"I know, but this is an emergency! EMERGENCY!"

"This is a national level emergency ... um, in my national household. Wait a minute! Wait! Wait!" She continued, not giving up.

A few seconds later, a notification message popped up on the screen.

And after I opened it, apparently, she, who was actually my best friend, sent a five-second video.

In the video, I can see a baby sleeping with an instant fever-reducing patch attached to his forehead.

The baby's skin looked slightly red, and the place around him was a bed littered with so many things.

"Your son is sick, Anneth..." she complained in a pitiful tone.

"Why did the baby suddenly become my son, huh? I feel I don't join your household," I answered in a flat tone.

I tried not to be affected by what I just saw in the video.

"Huh! My son is your son too, Anneeth!" The grumpy caller shouted again.

The call two days ago was still ringing in my ears.

The long chatter with her was finally over by ... her, of course.

Actually, immediately, my heart gave up when I saw the video of the chubby baby who was not cheerful.

The baby who used to laugh when the video call between me and Sinna was going on, now just lay down weakly.

And apparently, after the call ended, the chubby baby was rushed to the hospital by Sinna and her husband because their worries were mounting.

"Relax! I've got everything under control. You're just doing as I instruct you. Some of my team will be there with you. I assure you, you'll just have to do a bit of easy work."

Those were one of the Sinna persuasion, so I would say yes to her request.

Actually, if I may choose, of course, I would prefer to replace my best friend in taking care of her beloved son in the hospital, rather than doing this. But-

"Hey! Anneth! Do you have breast milk?" That was her answer.

And for that reason, of course, in the end, I had to choose to replace her job as the owner of an Event Organizer.

"Please, Anneth! In this gloomy economic era, if there is a customer who still orders to hold dinners at exorbitant fees, that's amazing. It's dinner only, but the pay is great." That was her additional persuasion.


And, for me, that's the most annoying.

By knowing the background events presented, I can already imagine what kind of people I will meet.

Just by imagining, the feeling of tiredness appeared.

"Hey, Anneth! Remember! Do it with all your heart! Don't let the business I've built be destroyed because of your reckless attitude!"

That was the sound of the last message before Sinna hung up the phone.

And like carrying out the queen mother's orders, I can only say, "yes".

“Penthouse please,” I said to the young man in hotel uniform attendant.

Deftly, the man's hand pressed the button on the side of the elevator door.

Immediately, this iron box moved upwards.

The man glanced at me standing among the large bags occasionally.

"Don't wear your lab coat! You don't want to investigate the chemicals there." Sinna's message rang in my ears again.

As a result, now, I wear a soft green short skirt and a bone-white shirt tucked into the skirt.

She ordered me to tie my hair so that it looked neat.

And I did it too.

Loafers with short heels are also on my feet.

But, why is this elevator attendant still glancing at my appearance, huh?

What would happen if I wore the pants and clothes of a doctor who is operating on a patient, complete with the lab coat?

Ah... If I wear those clothes, I think the elevator attendant's glance will make the black halves of his eyes never returned to the right position?

I smiled, imagining what would happen to him.

Actually, I think it's very comfortable to wear the clothes which I usually wear in the laboratory, but if I wear them to replace Sinna's duties, of course the customers will be surprised.

The elevator stopped along with the sound of a bell ringing loudly.

Then, the lift attendant man let me out.

A young man was already waiting in front of the elevator door. Then, he rushed to help me bring the bags in my hands.

"So, you are Anneth. Am I right? Well, I have arranged your task. You will decorate the dining table and prepare cutlery on the first floor," said the young man as he walked ahead.

I nodded in approval. Then, I followed him to enter the penthouse room.


"This is the top level, but it is still being built with three more floors."

That was my thought as soon as I entered this room.

My eyes looked around and estimated the total cost of having a penthouse like this in this hotel.

This is one of the rooms in the most legendary, luxurious and expensive hotel in Shirm city.

This artistic hotel has been modernized with a touch of the latest technology so that the building looks like a modern empire of the century.

Repeatedly, my tongue never stops clucking in awe.

Um... I mean I am amazed at the amount of money that belongs to the penthouse owner.

I giggled inside.

The doorbell sounded loud.

And the young man who was with me rushed towards the door.

One of Sinna's team members raised his hand and asked me to continue decorating and setting up the dining table.

I heard the door openned.

"No, we're the members of the Event Organizer hired for this dinner." The young man's voice was heard.

Then, the sound of the tip of the heel hitting the floor was heard loudly, even reverberating in this spacious room.

The sound of footsteps came closer to me.



I screamed when suddenly a hard slap dropped on my cheek.

"A-," The choked scream of a young man who was standing near me was heard.

"So you're the b*tch who wants to take him from me!" shouted a beautiful, pale-skinned woman who was now standing within arm's reach of me.

I was shocked and confused by what had just happened, also confused by what she was screaming.

Moreover, the slap caused pain and heat in my cheek.

"I- I am a-," I stammered.

"You can use your beauty and your body to get any man, but him!" she shouted furiously, her eyes reddened.

"Huh?!" I exclaimed confusingly.

I held my cheek, which was getting hotter.

I think the woman used one hundred and fifty percent of her strength to slap me.

"You can't deny it anymore!" she screamed, then she was about to try to slap me again.


A voice from another direction was heard.

And that exclamation succeeded in stopping her palm that was about to land on my other cheek.

The woman and I turned simultaneously to the source of the voice in unison.

"Wow!" I exclaimed in amazement.

How could it not be?

A tall, well-built man with an outstanding face walked over, wearing a long towel wrapped around his waist.

The towel covered the waist to the knees below.

He walked and stood about three steps from me.


I screamed.

My eyes widened.

How could that be?!!!


Suddenly, I saw something that looked like a thick thread that seemed to move under the clean skin of the man.

The thread moves slowly from the right arm to the shoulder and then down to the right chest.

For a moment, my body shook while watching the strange object.

What the hell is that?!!

2. A Living Liquid


What's that?

I screamed in my heart.

I had heard about threadlifting in the beauty world, but now, what I was witnessing wasn't that type of thread.

Moreover, there isn't threadlifting whose threads live like that.

The man was getting closer and my body was shaking subtly.

My forehead and palms began to get sweaty.

The thread's color looked dark brown, and it kept moving in circles on the man's right chest.

The man stood beside the pale-skinned woman who had just slapped me.

And my body was trembling more and more.

Now, the dark brown thread is moving and forming a few corners.

My eyes followed every movement of the dark brown thread.

It seemed the thread lives under the skin and over the flesh.

A few moments later, the brown threads intertwined. Then, the thread movement stopped.

Finally, a form that can be digested by my mind was seen obviously.


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