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The Rogues Destiny

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Milly
  • Chapters: 45
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.7K
  • 9.5
  • 💬 52


She was always a rouge. She never experienced something else. Her only family died when she was 12 years old. But now she got into a fight with other rouges and discovered a smell, that was so familiar but also so strange. Can she finally find someone who can show her what a family should be?

Strange smell

**Lyra, Kyla**

We ran through the forest looking for something to eat. As usual, our fur was covered with mud and leaves, so that I did not stand out so much. Kyla pricked up her ears and listened to the rustling of the bushes.

*There, there is a rabbit. We should hurry, we are very close to a pack area and I don't want to be chased by them.*

*All right Kyla, we'll be quick and just take the rabbit back to the cave.*

I answered my wolf. She could not stand pack wolves. We have been hunted and attacked too often by them, without even having entered their land. Kyla crept quietly along and shortly after we could see the hare. She licked her sharp teeth and prepared to pounce when a cry rang through the forest. Frightened, the hare disappeared into its burrow, leaving us with growling stomachs.

*This can't be happening!*

*What was that scream? It sounded so full of pain.*

*Never mind. It came from the pack area and we will definitely not go there!*

I sighed, Kyla was right, but I still didn't feel very comfortable.

*Lyra, you have to stop worrying about others all the time. After all, no one ever did about us.*

*Mother was always worried. And rightly so, just as we have always behaved.*

The thought of my mother hurt and I shook it off.

*Let's get out of here!*

Kyla was already turning away when a strong gust of wind hit us, carrying three different smells towards us. One smelled vilely of dead and rotten eggs, but the other two rays so familiar that we both stopped, frozen. Kyla raised her nose again and smelled once more. This smell was incredibly intense and smelled like fresh roses and rain. Again a scream rang out and this time even Kyla could not fight it. To my amazement, she ran towards the scream and thus over the border of the pack. I swallowed hard, but tried not to stop her. After all, I was always the one who wanted to help others, even if it always got us into trouble. We kept running through the forest until we reached a clearing where a terrible scene was taking place. A rogue stood snarling in front of a young woman, who built herself up protectively in front of her child, who was crying silently. The woman was bleeding from several wounds, but still did not turn into a wolf. Probably the Rogue waited only for it. Some took longer to transform and that would give him the advantage he needed to kill mother and child. Kyla smelled the air again and stumbled.

*She is a Luna!*

I faltered. What is the Luna of the pack doing out here alone, without guards and with a child? The three had not yet noticed us. But when the rogue got ready to attack again, I couldn't stand it any longer. I urged Kyla to finally intervene, and she didn't take long. With bared teeth, she jumped on the rogue and pushed him away from the woman. She landed expertly on her feet and growled menacingly at our opposite. His brief confusion quickly passed and he lunged toward us, eyes flashing with delight. Kyla dodged and got hold of Rogue's leg. She bit down hard and I could hear the sickening crack of the bone. The rogue howled loudly in pain and jumped hastily out of our reach. Kyla growled again loudly and built up in front of him. The rogue looked back at the woman and child, then back at us, and faster than expected, turned and ran away.

The Fight

**Sarah, Sylvie**

It was a sunny day and I decided to go on a little trip with my daughter. I went to my mate and gave him a kiss on the cheek "Tally and I are going to take a trip. Do you want to come?" My mate smiled lovingly at me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. "No, sorry dear. I have some errands to do and unfortunately that can't be postponed. The rogues are becoming more and more of a nuisance. And if we don't get this under control soon, I will have to write to the king. Promise me not to go too far away and to take some warriors with you. Agreed?" I nodded with a smile, gave him another kiss, and then let him get on with his work. He was right. The rogues were becoming more and more aggressive and attacking our borders more and more often. But we were not the only ones affected. Packs from everywhere were already communicating that they were expecting a war. We just did not know what they wanted from us. Nobody had d

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