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Feel the snake

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This story tells the story of a special sunflower welfare house, where every year at the open house, the cubs have a chance to be adopted, but this year a little girl with a special case came in, she was weak and mentally retarded. The dean was worried that he could not find a suitable adopter until Mr. Jin visited. Torre, the little girl, is terrified and insecure in this strange world, ridiculed and ignored by the other little orcs. But when she saw Mr. Jin, who seemed human, she felt joy and anticipation. Finally, Tao Zi cried and begged Mr. Jin to take her away. The story is full of emotional conflict and human warmth. It arouses readers' curiosity about Tao's history and Jin's identity, showing the care and attention for children with special circumstances, as well as the kind and compassionate side of human nature.

Chapter 1

Galaxy Element, Empire, Sun Flower Welfare.

Every spring, the welfare house is busy for three days, because this is the day when the orcs from the outside society come to visit.

It means that poor little pups in care have a chance to be adopted.

Today is the last Open Day of Sunflower Welfare House.

In this three-day Open Day for social orcs, many harmonious, stable and happy families signed an adoption contract with the welfare institute and took away their favorite cubs.

If this were in previous years, the dean would be happy from ear to ear, but this year, there is a special situation of the little guy in the orphanage, so that she is hurt.

"If none of the orcs who came to the Open House wanted to adopt her, how much less will there be any in the days to come?" .

The dean, wearing a uniform with a sunflower emblem on her chest and a short white rhinoceros horn with a shiny quality between her forehead, said anxiously, "What should I do?" .

Every year, the social orcs who receive the sincere invitation from the welfare Institute to participate in the Open Day have passed the strict selection criteria and are all top social successful people.

They all have high education, high education and high status. Therefore, in the choice of adopting young children, we will not only choose children with hard teeth and strong physique.

Even if the cubs are not that strong, they will consider adopting them.

This year, for example, there was a buffalo child who lacked horns and was brought home by a kind-hearted lady.

So if you miss the Open Day, the poor, weak little baby in the welfare home has no chance of meeting a suitable adopter.

A week ago, the star police sent a child with a special situation to the welfare house, hoping to find a suitable adopter for her.

The reason why this child was in a special situation was that he was so thin and weak, and even the well-informed dean had never seen such a small and weak creature.

She had no sharp teeth, no hard nails, no pointy horns to grow on.

Her whole body was soft, as if the slightest pinch could crush her bones.

And using bone detection equipment found that her bone age is clearly seven years old, but her body size is only three or four years old children.

What made the dean even more incredible was that her strength was no bigger than that of a three-year-old child.

And if only she was physically weak, her intelligence seemed to be deficient.

Because she was already seven years old, but she could not speak, could not understand the universal language of the galaxy, and the strange tone of her mouth was even more incomprehensible to everyone.

There is every indication that this child, in this very special case, is mentally retarded. If an adopter brings her home, it will take a lot of time and effort to care for her.

So for a time, she was discouraged from adopting people, no one chose.

The dean's face was worried, and the nurse, who had a gray plush rabbit ear in her hair not far away, thought and said: "Dean, why don't we go and see her now?" Maybe some good people will take her today."

The dean sighed and nodded, the rhino horn between his forehead moved gently: "Let's go, now go to the activity room."


Taozui hugged her knees and shivered behind a yellow bookcase, her voice trembling with fear to open: "You, don't come over."

The little girl was obviously very afraid, her voice was urgent and timid, and her small white and round face was full of fear.

Standing in front of him were several small, strong boys, all of whom had the animal characteristics of orcs, either with slender tails behind them or small horns sticking up from their heads.

Neither the Orc boy nor the Turgrape could understand each other's language, but the way she huddled in the corner with her lips pressed together, I knew she must be very scared.

So a little boy with milky white dog triangular ears in his hair, curled his mouth and said to his companion: "No fun, she is really timid."

Small partner agreed to nod, "Yes, and she is so timid, will there really be adults willing to adopt her?" .

"Certainly not, no adult will like timid children," the little boy said firmly.

Close to the bookcase, seeking safety, listening to the little orc in front of her whispering words she could not understand.

But though she could not understand the language, it was only when she looked up warily at the expression of the little orc that she guessed that their conversation must not be friendly.

After all, Tao Grape was unable to resist, clear eyes emerged from the water mist.

Tears hung on her long lashes, as clear as the dew that rolled on the branches of the morning, but she did not dare to cry, nor did she want the boys to see her cry.

So Tao Grape head buried in the knees, small body tightly next to the bookcase shrank into a ball, as if only this can let Tao Grape leave this strange world, let her go home.

Tao Zhai crossing before, she is just an ordinary junior students, from small to large she obedient and well-behaved filial piety parents, respect teachers love learning.

In addition to liking to read strange comics and novels, and then secretly register an account on the website to write short jokes for favorite CP production.

The readers of the article are full of little angels to feed, every day "ow ow ow" to praise her fairy wife, Mrs. Will be good.

She hasn't done anything else weird since.

So Tao Tao thought, as a good child, why did she cross into this terrible world, what did she do wrong?

Tao Grape more want more grievance, warm hot tears can not stop, wet her clothes.

After crying and venting, Tao Grape's tight nerves gradually relaxed, and she reached out and rubbed her red eyes, feeling tired.

So before a while, Tao's small head leaned against the bookcase, closed her eyes and fell asleep.


The dean and the nurse teacher had just left the office, but had not yet made their way to the activity room, when the wise watch between her wrist began to drip.

The dean connected, and the next moment a bright green intelligent screen appeared, and the security guard wearing a security uniform with a big bull horn on his head said anxiously: "Dean, I see Mr. Jin's suspension car is coming!" You hurry to meet!" .

Mr. Jin! Mr. Jin Tingyan!

Hearing this, the dean nodded excitedly and hurried to the door of the welfare home without any delay for a second.

Rushed to the door, the dean while finishing a grooming, looking forward to not far away.

A minute later, a sleek hover car pulled up.

The dean came forward and saw a man in a black shirt get out of the car.

Men with wide shoulders and narrow waists have superior body shape, so even if a simple black shirt is worn on the body, it has a charming charm.

"Mr. Jin, you are here," the dean said with a smile, "Please come in, please come in."

The man responded with a light voice and smiled slowly back: "Dean don't be polite, spare time today, remember that it is the welfare institute Open Day, then come to see."

"Thank you, Sir," the dean smiled, and stretched out his hand in a "welcome" gesture, "Mr. Jin please."

Mr. Jin has been supporting the welfare house for many years, but he is busy with work and can not spare time to attend the Open Day in previous years.

This year, the dean invited Mr. Jin early, thinking that he would have no time to attend as in previous years.

But did not think that Mr. Jin is free time to come to the welfare institute, so naturally is unexpected joy, dean overjoyed.

When they entered the welfare home, the director respectfully and carefully introduced the situation of the Open Day to Mr. Jin.

Jin Tingyan listened carefully and asked in a gentle tone, "Is there a larger number of children adopted on this year's Open Day than in previous years?" .

"Thanks to Mr. Jin, more invitations have been issued than in previous years, and the number of well-meaning members of the community attending the Open Day has increased."

"So the number of children lucky enough to be adopted is also more than in previous years," the dean's face smiled.

Mr. Jin heard the words and nodded: "If there is anything I can do to help, the dean can speak."

The dean looked at Mr. Jin in front of her, and she knew that he had a deep background and was privileged, and the most precious.

But the noble Mr. Jin, has always been gentle without the slightest shelf.

So the dean thought deeply and said in a low voice, "Mr. Jin, a child with a special condition has come to the welfare home, and I hope Mr. Jin can help me..." .


Tao Grape's forehead is attached to the wall of the bookcase, and the hard and cool touch is uncomfortable.

Half dream and half wake up, Tao grape fans Meng Meng opened his eyes, trance felt, is standing in front of a person.

She blinked dully, her long lashes trembling, and saw the spotless smooth black shoes and black trousers.

Rich black, like drawn in the comic book, with ice texture.

Tao Grape rubbed her eyes, slowly raised her head and looked at the tall man standing in front of her.

He was against the light, and Tao Grape could not see his face, only his smooth jaw line.

But that was beside the point. The important thing was that Taurao did not see sharp horns, a long tail, or soft furry animal ears on his body.

He looks... like a man!

So just wake up, the brain is not yet awake Tao Zi subconsciously stood in front of her Mr. Jin as a human.

Fellow townsmen saw fellow townsmen, and the two tearful grapes wept with joy.

She squashed her nose and her round eyes filled with mist again.

But this time, the grape did not cry cautiously and carefully, but cried grievously, and the cry was thin and weak.

Tao Zi cried, then reached out and grabbed the countryman's black suit pants.

Seeing this scene, the director and the nursery staff panicked for fear of upsetting Mr. Jin.

However, before they opened their mouths, Mr. Jin's eyes looked faintly over, and the dean quickly stopped his voice with a sense of awareness, not daring to speak more.

Tao Grape hands gently grasp, only feel his pants feel super texture, must be very expensive.

Think of this, pottery grape dare not touch more, afraid of catching.

She carefully released her hand, raised her head through tears, and asked in a tearful voice:

"Could you please take me out of here, Sir?"

Chapter 2

Jin Tingyan looked down at the little friend who wanted to grab his pants but was too timid to grab them hard.

She was wearing the bright yellow short-sleeved shorts issued by the welfare institution, but apparently the clothes were too big and did not fit, and the small legs and arms were exposed on her body.

Her whole body looked small, except for a pair of misty eyes extra large. She cried grievance, white and tender face with deep tears a shallow one, pathetic.

"What language does she speak?" "Asked Jin Tingyan.

"No, I don't know", the dean thought of Mr. Jin's plain but oppressive eyes when he looked over, and at this moment her reply was a little stuck.

She said cautiously, "Mr. Jin, we have not yet found out what kind of cub this little friend is, she has no orc characteristics in her whole body, and the language she speaks is very strange, no one can understand."

Dean in a respectful reply, and


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