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Bedding My Brother

Bedding My Brother

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Lavline
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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"Brother," I called in a slow and shaky voice, seeing him coming closer to me, approaching like a predator, half-naked. "Husband," He corrected. I blinked nervously and he demanded in a plain, dominating voice that twisted my stomach in thousand different ways. "Take off your clothes, Rose. Show me what you got," He ordered in a soft yet effective tone. And, a strong shiver ran down my spine. *** Rose and Achlys are the children of twin brothers, who were the sons of the Lycaon IV Stellos. Both the twin brothers were equally powerful to claim the succession over the throne of the Great Stellos. And, this tensed the deadly sick King Lycaon IV. Partition of the 300 years old kingdom was a horrible nightmare for him. And, to ease this he demanded a marriage between Rose and Achlys who were 17 and 25 years old. Though, this was the tradition of the Great Stellos to marry in the family to keep the dark blood of the ancestors safe. But, the little, innocent, and sexually naive Rose always thought of Achlys as a brother, nothing else. And, she believed that he also considered her his little sister too. But life changed for Rose immediately when she was married to him and started finding a change in his brother's behaviour as he was initiating acts that she hardly has any clue of. Mature Content!!! Only 17+ Allowed!


As old as the people knew the time was. There was an exceptionally huge Empire in existence. More than a thousand years was what discerning claimed it to be known while the written records presented a glimpse of a maximum of three hundred years of its being in existence.

Lycaon IV was the present King of the Stellos, the great throne. Unbeatable in all the westings states and always known for its peaceful succession ceremonies.

Grievously, the great King was on his deathbed, and the succession was in question. That was because the King had two great twin sons who were equally powerful to be the next King. And, the partition of three years old ancestry was a scarier thing for the King than death itself.

Further, things were not smooth between the twin brothers that concluded that handing over the throne to one would bring the war sooner or later.

Hence, King Lycaon IV searched for a different way to bring peace to the home. And, it was a marriage alliance between Rose and Achlys Stellos. They both were the child of twin brothers and were seventeen and twenty-five years of age.

From childhood, Rose called Achlys his brother. They shared a pleasant bond growing up though the meetings were occasional between them.

Moreover, Achlys was always aware of the fact that his little sister was the epitome of innocence and insanely naive in political, marital, and sexual matters. Getting ready for the feasts, hunts, and balls was the last thing she liked to do. The others were the girlish talks where the young ladies always found talking rubbish about the men. And, then the marriage and leaving this home.

What she loved were the hunts, killing, swords, and books. Though, she pursued her interest secretly without getting it known to anyone. But, since Achlys was someone close to her heart, she shared all her secrets with him.

Even, though he was aware of the fact that Rose knew nothing about marriage and sexual relationships. Her focus was always been on reading books and searching for the lost true ancestry. He knew that she was alone in her life as her mother passed when was two and labouring with her younger sibling. No one could make it and it cost her both her mother and her unborn sibling.

And, this was the reason for her being uninterested in everything related to marriage.

While Achlys, always wanted to marry someone and start his life. He was a true fighter and known best for his political and cool mindset. Even for him, Rose was his little sister but ever since he started feeling a liking towards her. He stopped seeing her and diverted his mind.

No, nothing was wrong to like the sister. It was the tradition of great Stellos to marry the family. Even their ancestors of them married their first-blood sisters and that was how the partition was avoided for three hundred years.

But, for Achlys, Rose was someone different. The mere thought of seeing her naked or bedding her sends chills down his spine. But, she was a perfect bride for him. Somewhere in his heart, he wanted to teach all those things to her by doing them to her.

Now, they both were called by their grandfather, the King to talk about something serious. Achlys was already outside his chamber waiting for Rose to join. The special request of their grandfather was to see his grandchildren together.


Rose calls in her sweet innocent voice. Her new shoes sought everyone's attention when she passed the Stoney hallway and greeted his brother with a pleasant smile.

She was looking beautiful as always in her plain yet alluring gown and neatly braided long golden hair reaching below her hips. She was short in height, around five feet in measure, and had bright glowing skin. The texture of her hair was wavy with a great volume and strands falling on either side of her face. She frustratingly tucked them behind her ear and asked.

"How are you? How was the war at Stoneland?"

Achlys smiled calculatingly and replied.

"We won or pretty effortlessly. Their defence was weak,"

Rose's lips widened with pride.

"That was expected from you. We are proud of you, "

Achlys nodded and he seems a little occupied because he had sensed the reason for grandfather calling them together and at this late hour.

He lifted his gaze from the floor to her and noticed she was looking completely unaware of it.

Suddenly the door to their King's chamber opened and they both looked at each other before stepping inside.

The guards came outside and closed the door behind them.

They both walked silently closer to the King's bed and sat on each edge of it.


Rose spoke in her sweet voice and took his trembling hand to her lips showing affection and respect to him.

"We won the war,  Grandfather. You better be well soon to award me, "

Achlys said bringing his attention and did the same to his other hand.

The old man chuckled and a wide smile appeared on his face looking at his grandchildren.

"Rose,  Achlys, I am really happy to see both of you here,"

"We come here daily, Grandfather. What is the reason for this wide smile today? Does the physician told that you can join the throne stones again,"

Rose smiled widely asking this while referring courtroom as throne-stone.

Achlys stayed silent this time but the king chuckled.

"I wish my princess. But, life means to end at some time and I have had enough of rulings. The reason for my smile is something different,"

He stated and Rose furrowed her eyebrows asking.

"What is it?"

"A Royal Wedding,"

The King states and Rose's smile soon shifted to a confused look.

"A Royal Wedding?"

"Yes, my child,"

He stated and turned his face toward Achlys who was silently listening to all of this.

"Oh, Brother's wedding,"

Rose exclaimed with joy.

The King turned his face back to her and he finished.

"Yes, with you, Rose,"

Her face turned pale instantly and her lips into a thin line.

"My wedding? with brother?"

She asked again believing she heard something wrong.

"Yes, I want to see you two be tied into the holy knot and take the succession as the King and Queen, after your father,"

Her lips quivered and she slowly takes her hand back. Her knees felt weak all of sudden and she looked at Achlys with fright.

"No, Grandfather. He is my brother. I cannot marry him,"

She states slowly and stood up from the bed. Taking a few steps back, she looked at Achlys again who did not claim any protest and turned her heels to leave already.


The King called and she stopped in her way. Her eyes filled with tears and she stood frozen.

"Cannot you fulfil the last wish of your old grandfather?"

The tears rolled from her eyes and she remembered how important her grandfather was to her. All the moments when she was cared for by him even more than his father crossed her mind.

She turned to look at him when he coughed his heart out. She knew any breath of him could be the last one but her heart was not ready to pay such a big cost. To be the wife of the only person whom she considered her brother her whole life.

She shook her head pressed her shaking lips and ran from there.

The King was disheartened by the response and a tear slipped from his eyes.


He called slowly and turned to him.

"You know her well. Please try to talk to her. It is important for our family,"

Achlys lowered his gaze and inhaled a deep breath.

"But, my lord, I also think that we have shared a different bond. Tying us in marriage will not be fruitful to her,"

The King's heart was displeased even more. He knew that the children would not accept his request easily. So, for a moment he brought HKs authoritative tone back and looked at Achlys.

"So, do you want me to set her up with your father? The blood bond can be protected this way too. And, you know he will never deny it,"

Achlys's heart skipped a few beats and the thought of her being married to someone else like this shook him to the core.

He could not help and exclaim.

"I will try to talk to her, my lord,"

"You better succeed in making her mind, Achlys,"

The King stated and asked him to leave.


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