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The Devil & His Angel

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David Carson, the beloved billionaire known for his philanthropic work, has been keeping a dark secret from the world. But when Anna Clarke, an innocent college girl, accidentally witnesses David commit a brutal murder, she becomes a liability that David cannot afford to let live. Now, David is forced to make a life-altering decision: kill Anna and maintain his facade as a kind-hearted billionaire, or spare her life and risk exposing his true identity as the ruthless mafia kingpin known only as "Devil." As Anna fights for her survival, she uncovers shocking truths about David's past and the twisted world of organized crime. Will she be able to escape David's grasp and expose the truth, or will she become another victim of the Devil's deadly game?


David Carson

He is the famous young billionaire and the most powerful man in the world. People know him for his kindness towards the society but David Carson is the not that person what people normally think about him. This 26 years old man holds a huge dark secret. He is the mafia king who known as “Devil” to everyone. “Devil” the King of mafia.

No one in this world can be as brutal and heartless as David. He is a two faced psycho Devil. To the world he is a perfect rich business man who earn billions of money and to the underworld he is a perfect shooter.

He do charity for the society with his black money that he earn from smuggling and killing people. He always do the perfect crime with no evidence, killing people is his hobby.

Devil Carson runs several business and also some charity hospital. He is very popular in the women. He knows how to rock the bed. His charming, handsome, s*xy toned body can attract any girl.

David was an orphan, in his childhood he was in an orphanage. At the age of 8 he was adopted by Carson family. But his happiness didn’t last long. He lost his parents due to a car accident and later he came to know that behind the accident there was a huge secret.

Carson family was one of the rich family in the world and David’s father was the only owner of his business. He didn’t have any child who can be his heir. So they adopted David. But this decision made the ex-mafia king angry. He wanted to take over Carson’s family business and money as Carson family didn’t have any heir.

The mafia king made a plan to kill the whole family. But fortunately David didn’t die from that accident. At the age of 16, David first killed his parent’s killer and became the mafia god. From then he started ruling the both world.

Anna Clarke

20years old Anna Clarke is a student of medical college. She is a kind hearted girl who loves people. She wants to do something good for the human kind. Her mother died during her birth. Due to poverty her father couldn’t take her mother at the hospital, so she died without treatment and that’s why Anna is reading in a medical college so that she can save people’s life.

Anna was raised by her father and elder brother. Her father died few years ago, now she lived with her brother Andrew Clarke. He works as a reporter in a famous crime base magazine. So, most of the time he had to stay outside of his home. But he loves his sister very much. He raised Anna like his own daughter.

The love between the both siblings is unconditional. Anna’s only family is her brother Andrew and she always worried about him because of his work. He report about the criminals and crime. So, Anna always scold him to left this work and do something new.

Andrew also want to leave this job. Because any of the criminal can harm his little sister which he don’t want. But he is helpless. He toke a huge loan for Anna’s nursing college which he pays by his salary. If he leave this job then how will he pay the loan!

Anna is a sweet girl who believes in soul mate. She believes that people can only fall in love with their soul mate and people have to wait for their soul mate. In her 20 years of life she never dated any boy. She is waiting for her perfect one who will love her unconditionally. A good man who can connect with her easily.

Anna is now on her intern semester. She is the most talented girl in her college. Every time she top her exams. And soon she is going to be a nurse. In her intern semester she is doing intern of the famous hospital in the town. This hospital is renowned for charity and that’s why Anna choose this hospital.

Chapter 1

David’s pov

"Fucking bastard," I seethed. "How dare he betray me? Doesn't he know who I am? Find out where he is. I'll kill him myself." I yelled at Smith with anger.

"Sir, he took all the information on a pen drive," Smith informed me.

"Don't worry. Where can he go? Ha-ha-ha. He thinks he can run from me! I've planted a chip in each and every one of my men. I can easily locate that bastard. We have to leave for the cancer unit inauguration at one of our hospitals. I'll take care of him at night. Smith, is my car ready?" I smirked and asked Smith.

"Yes, sir," he replied while opening the door for me.

"Let's go," I said, taking my steps towards the car, and immediately left for the inauguration of my hospital's special ward. It was all part of my plan to gain sympathy from the general public, but I had a different, more sinister plan.


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