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The Billionaire's Only Desire

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Lisa, a struggling model, always doubted her luck, trying in the modeling industry over years, she had always struggled and never got any chance that she deserved, that made her understand that beauty is not everything. Her beauty didn't work when it came to her career and her mother got sick. Lisa is still struggling in her life, but this one chance will change her life and she will be able to achieve everything that she wanted, but what will she have to loss in this journey of her's, will she be able to find true love and peace or will she get stuck in the starlite of the industry.

Chapter 1

It is 7 O'clock in the morning. It is not the time for him to wake up, but today he had to get up early. He never set a routine, he never required it. He is his own boss and he does whatever he wants, he is so much successful that now time respects him and he doesn't need any time to be fixed for anything... It is his hard work of years that he now is gaining the fruit of his work. Today, he has some important work. The cooling of the air conditioner in his room is now freezing him. There is some stuff in his thoughts, that he needs to handle today... The sunlight is falling on his face from the white curtains of his room. He stretched his arm and put a hand over his eyes. The sunlight disturbed his sleep, he yawned and got up. He sat on his bed and his fingers went into his bed-ruffled hair, he took the remote from the side table and turned off the AC. He set his hair again and removed the blanket. He looked at the clock and saw that he will get late. He was wearing a black knicker and a white vest.

Someone knocked on his door.

"Come in... " He said in his sleepy voice. His butler came inside.

The door of his room opened and the butler came inside with a tray.

"Good Morning, Sir, what will you have for breakfast?" The Butler asked.

"Uncle John, no thank you, I'll just have my coffee." He said.

"Okay, Sir! Here is your coffee. Have a nice day!" His butler placed the tray on the coffee table and left his room.

He went towards the tray, made a cup of coffee for himself then pushed open the curtains of his balcony. His deep eyes fixed on the wide empty skies. He started looking out of the window. Suddenly, his phone start ringing and he walks inside his room to check his phone.


In the other part of the same city. There was a different world where the morning didn't start with coffee. But the cries of a sick mother, her life had been spent in struggle till now and she think it will go like this forever... The new day in her life didn't bring anything new or exciting, the same routine life. A struggling day started when she heard her mother calling her, she woke up from her bed and went straight to her mother. She grabbed her mother's hand and started caressing it.

"Good Morning, Mom!" She greeted her with a fake smile. Her mother hugged her and then looked at her face.

"Good Morning, my beautiful daughter, how are you?" She asked. And Lisa can not tell her mother about her new struggle.

"I am good, mother, why did you call me?" She asked.

"Oh, I need some water..." she said. Lisa gave her mother some water then she got up.

"Mom, you have to freshen up, I will make breakfast for you," Lisa said going to the kitchen. She turned on the gas and started making tea, took out the bread from the fridge, and started to prepare them with some avocado.

Lisa's mother is sick and she needs food and medicines on time. Her mother's voice came again from the room asking if the breakfast was ready.

"Yes, mom, just five minutes..." She said, After five minutes, she took the tray of breakfast and she entered the room again...

"Mom, here is your breakfast, please eat all of it and your medicines, I am getting late, I will go and get ready for work," Lisa said.

"Lisa, first you will eat some food with me and I will let you go..." Her mother said. She smiled and sat beside her, Lisa can not say no to her mother...

After eating breakfast with her mom, she gave her the medicines, and they both finished breakfast. She left to get ready to go to work. She came back to her room and started getting ready to go to her work. Her mind was still stuck on the thoughts that how will she make her life better... All her dreams were already crushed by the harsh reality that she can not pursue her modeling career because she can not leave her mother alone in this state. Lisa huffed and start getting ready.

Lisa comes out of the house to go to work. She stopped in front of her house and remembered that she forgot her bag and ran back inside the house. She is already late for work, and there is only one problem if she will get late today, she would be kicked out of the restaurant. This is for the third time, she got a warning from her boss. She was about to ring the doorbell when her mother opened the door and gave her bag to Lisa.

"Oh, thank you, mom!" She kissed her mother on the cheek and, rushed to get to work.

But when she reached the restaurant, she realized that she is very late. She didn't look towards her boss, from the side, she lowered her eyes without any greetings, she was going to change into her uniform. Lisa knew that something is going to go wrong today. Her boss has seen Lisa coming inside.

Suddenly, the boss got up from his chair with a thud and she got a little scared. Boss came towards her in anger and called the security guards inside in a very loud voice. Lisa can hear the sounds of the boots coming in...

"I have warned you many times, and I have tolerated you, coming late every day! This is enough, this is not the time to come to your work. You are fired!" The boss stopped in front of her and said that to her face. Lisa can see he is very angry.

Lisa knew that it is her mistake but it is not the right tone to talk to anybody. But she needs this job so she said in a very low voice.

"I am sorry. Boss, because of my mother I get late." But her boss didn't hear a thing, she understood that she lost her job today.

"You can leave now or I will ask the guards to escort you out..." The boss said. And it was too much insult for Lisa. She left her workplace and got out, she was crying and wiping her tears.

Lisa knows on the way back, she is surrounded by many problems. She had spent all her resources treating her mother and all her dreams are already lost in her troubles. But she has to handle it all alone. Lisa entered the house, she saw her mother lying on the ground trying to call Lisa.

"Mom, mom, what happened to you? Mom!!!" Lisa started shouting and trying to lift her mother but it seemed impossible for her. Lisa got up and called an ambulance and took her mother to the hospital.

The doctor in the hospital told Lisa that her mother has become paralyzed. Lisa was shocked. She looked at the doctor in utter terror. Seeing the condition of Lisa, the doctor gave her some condolences, that they understand her pain. But now she has to be strong and take care of her mother... And also she has to arrange the money to pay the hospital bills. Lisa did not have money at all, she went outside and sat on a bench placed outside. Lisa didn't realize in her anxiety that another emergency case come up with her mother and this patient of this case is going to change Lisa's life forever...

Chapter 2

In Zach's House

The door of his room was opened without any knock. And Zach knows only one person has permission to do it. And she is Cara. Her cheerful voice interrupted him.

"Good morning, Zach!!!" She greeted him with a beautiful smile.

"So you're not ready yet?" She questioned. He smiled.

"Good Morning, Cara! I am ready, should we go?" He greeted back then asked. She nodded her head.

Zachary Damison is a very famous model, number one in the modeling industry. He is a very charming personality and is a caring man. Zach is now handling his own fashion firm and is the CEO of the company with his two partners. Cara is a very famous fashion designer and she is one of my best friends of Zach.

Cara came to pick him up so they both can go to the office.

"You are looking very handsome!" Cara said. Zach is looking very handsome in all black. Cara is standing right in front of him, a smile came upon


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