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About me

My name is Sorth. I am from Pakistan, I live in a small village, and am struggling in my writing career. I am a new author and trying my best to publish and sign my novel with the app. I am a very good and old reader of fantasy, fiction, and suspense books. I have many drafts of different stories and this is my first time publishing a story on a new platform. I sure hope my story will now get signed and one day I will fulfill my dreams and be a successful writer.


The Billionaire's Only Desire
  • Author: S.A.M
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 45
  • 7.5

Lisa, a struggling model, always doubted her luck, trying in the modeling industry over years, she had always struggled and never got any chance that she deserved, that made her understand that beauty is not everything. Her beauty didn't work when it came to her career and her mother got sick. Lisa is still struggling in her life, but this one chance will change her life and she will be able to achieve everything that she wanted, but what will she have to loss in this journey of her's, will she be able to find true love and peace or will she get stuck in the starlite of the industry.


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