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Prisioner in your arms

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Nicole Williams is a good girl, an 18-year-old college student. She is deceived by her sister during a party to enter the room of a mysterious man. Her sister didn't expect that she would end up in the wrong room. After being exposed in her passionate night in national newspapers, she is forced to marry that man, who will make her suffer unimaginably. Bruno Leone is a multimillionaire CEO, an attractive man in his early 30s. After being betrayed by a woman with his own brother, he became bitter. Unintentionally, he spends a night with Nicole while in a drunken state from a drink he was given. His father forces him to marry the girl, and he thinks she planned it all. Therefore, he decides to make her regret what she did, enjoying making her suffer. He never thought he would end up loving her. Will Nicole be able to forgive him after all the harm he caused?

Chapter 1 She is my fiancée

Bruno couldn't believe what he was seeing. The love of his life was standing in front of him, holding his brother's arm. He thought it might be a cruel joke that destiny was playing on him.

"What is happening here?" he asked, completely bewildered.

He screamed in despair, hoping that it was all just a nightmare. "What is all this?"

His brother, upon seeing him, approached with a smile, unaware of what was going on. It was a complete surprise for Dante to see his brother there. He had told them he couldn't attend.

"Brother, you're finally back," he said with a big smile, approaching him for a hug.

The girl looked at him bewildered, unable to believe that he was there. A myriad of emotions crossed her face, and then she turned completely pale.

"Bruno, it's not what you think. Let me explain," she said, unable to believe he was standing in front of her. She never expected to see him there.

"What the hell are you going to explain to me? While I was waiting for you in Italy to get married, you're here getting engaged to my brother."

He grabbed her arm roughly, and the girl started crying uncontrollably.

Dante turned to him and pushed him away, completely furious.

"What the hell is wrong with you, brother? How dare you treat my fiancée like this?"

René, their father, immediately approached and took both of them by the arm, leading them to his office.

"Don't you realize that you're making a scene? It's clear that there's a misunderstanding here," he said.

Dante looked at him with deep hatred, not understanding what was really happening. Bruno didn't know how to say it; he didn't want to hurt his younger brother.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?" he asked, trying to find a logical reason for all of this.

"Your fiancée is my fiancée," he blurted out. "She has been for the past six months."

Dante paled upon hearing that. He couldn't believe it. His perfect world had just crumbled with his brother's words.

Bruno showed him videos and images of his past two years with Shelsy, which coincided with the same time Dante had been with her. Dante took Bruno's phone to see those pictures. Shelsy looked very happy with him.

The beautiful and statuesque model Shelsy Cavalli Shiviello had just mocked the Leone brothers in the worst possible way.

Dante stormed out of the office in fury, his father tried to stop him but couldn't.

"You're nothing but trash, Shelsy. How could you do this to me? I love you," he shouted, trying to hold back his tears.

He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of the party, regardless of the guests who were watching.

"Dante, I can explain. I didn't know Bruno was your brother. You're Dante Leone, and he's Bruno Vitalli. I swear, I was planning to break up with him as soon as possible," the girl tried to justify herself.

"Get out of here. You're nothing but garbage. If you ever come near any of us again, I want you out of our lives and our family. Otherwise, you'll pay for what you've done to us."

Dante screamed furiously in the midst of the attendees. What he thought would be the happiest day of his life turned out to be the saddest.

"That's enough of a show. What are you all waiting for? Everyone get out of here," he shouted at the guests, who quickly left while whispering among themselves.

His mother approached to hug him. She couldn't believe what was happening. It was very hard for her to see her son suffer. That d*mn harpy had made them all suffer.

The brothers had been very close since childhood until Bruno left for Italy to pursue a master's degree in bioclimatic architecture. Dante stayed in New York to finish his own architecture degree. Their father, Rene Leone, was a famous architect recognized in the country. Bruno decided to use his mother's last name, Vitelli, as he wanted to make his own way. Dante, on the other hand, used his father's last name, knowing it would open doors for him in the world of architecture.

A year had passed since they discovered Shelsy's betrayal. Dante became promiscuous, a complete playboy. His character hadn't changed; he was still the same prankster as always. However, women no longer held any value for him. He believed they were only good for two things: the bedroom and causing trouble.

Bruno focused on work. There was nothing else for him outside of that—just work and family. He had become ill-tempered, overly authoritarian, perhaps even bitter, being the older brother. Their father insisted that he take control of the companies, becoming the CEO of the Art Bio Leone corporation, where Dante served as the vice president.

His father decided to leave the companies in his hands so he could travel with his wife, Mara Vitelli. Despite not being Bruno's biological mother, she had acted as his mother since he was young. He only held a few bad memories of his real mother, who had abandoned his father and left him behind when he was just four years old. He hoped to never see her again.

It was the weekend, and his friend Brando Brown was celebrating his birthday with a party at his mansion. Bruno couldn't refuse the invitation, even though he hated parties. They had been lifelong friends.

After spending some time socializing, the bartender sent him a drink. He felt that it tasted somewhat strange but thought it might be because he wasn't used to cocktails. Minutes later, his body started sweating profusely, and his mouth felt completely dry. He decided to retreat and rest, hoping to feel better soon.

"Brando, I'm not feeling well. Could you lend me a room to rest?" he asked, fanning himself with his hand.

"Of course, my friend. You don't even have to ask. Go ahead and use the room you've stayed in before," Brando replied, noticing that Bruno wasn't well. Something was wrong—maybe he had drunk too much.

Bruno went up to the room, leaving the lights off. He had a terrible headache and an unbearable heat. Something wasn't right; his body was reacting strangely. He decided to take a shower with cold water.

Even in the dark, he sat on the armchair next to the bed. Suddenly, he heard voices, and someone entered the room. Then he realized that they had locked the door.

"What the hell is happening?" he wondered, confused.

Suddenly, he smelled the exquisite scent of a girl. He tried to resist, but whatever he had consumed was tormenting him. He got up, grabbed the girl by the arm, and threw her onto the bed. "If this is your game, then we'll play together," he said. The girl resisted and cried. He didn't understand why she was doing this, but he was certain that she had drugged his drink.

He couldn't control himself. He enjoyed her small, beautiful, and fragile body. Despite not being fully conscious, he could tell that it was her first time. He tried to restrain his impulses as much as possible, but he knew he was behaving like a scoundrel. However, if that's what the girl wanted, then that's what she got.

Nicole couldn't believe that her sister Sondra insisted on her accompanying her to a party. It was unusual for Sondra to invite her, as Nicole wasn't one to attend parties. That's why she couldn't refuse when her sister asked.

They arrived at the party, and after spending some time with her sister and her friends, a waiter accidentally spilled a drink on her dress.

"Nicole, what happened to your dress?" exclaimed Sondra, visibly upset. "We should go upstairs so you can change. Brando has arranged a room for us, and our things are already there."

"Okay, Sondra. I'll go and change," Nicole replied, always doing what her sister asked.

They went up to the room. When they arrived, Sondra simply pushed her inside and locked the door. Nicole didn't understand why her sister was locking her in. The room was dark, and she tried to find the light switch, but suddenly she felt strong arms pulling her and pushing her onto the bed.

She heard the deep voice of a guy saying, "If this is your game, then we'll play together." The man tore her dress with one pull. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She tried to scream, but he covered her mouth with his hand. She couldn't accept that this would be her first time.

He desperately kissed her neck, his large hands roaming her body. She trembled in fear. She felt a terrible pain as he invaded her body. She just wanted to wake up from this nightmare. That man had destroyed her dream of remaining a virgin until marriage. She didn't know if she could overcome it.

Shelsy went upstairs to find Bruno. She hoped he wouldn't find out that she had paid the bartender to spike his drink with an aphrodisiac. She entered the dark room, suddenly feeling herself being pulled towards the bed. She had always wanted to be with Bruno when they were dating, but he always refused. She planned to get him drunk on their wedding night so that he wouldn't realize she had been with someone else before. This time, she hoped that with the drug in his system, he wouldn't notice.

Chapter 2 The Wedding

The next morning, Bruno woke up startled, suffering from a terrible hangover. He heard sobbing next to him, and it all came back to him. That foolish girl had drugged him to get into his bed. He couldn't understand why she had chosen to give herself to him in such a way.

Nicole hadn't been able to sleep after what happened. Fear paralyzed her, and she had decided not to leave the room. If anyone found out, they might think she had sought out what had happened. The man beside her woke up. She had kept her back turned to him all night, but when she looked, she noticed he was watching her. Finally, she could see the face of the inhuman beast who had taken her by force.

He looked at her with anger, just as he was about to say something, the door opened. Her sister Sondra entered with several reporters. Nicole knew her sister couldn't stand her, but she didn't believe she was capable of doing this to her.

Bruno, furious by instin

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