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One family dominates the underground business community, which is controversial with some of its members who want to get involved in leadership and the rewards that come with it. This time, the heir does not have a male kid to take over the enterprises when he is no longer alive. The leading family has historically had heirs who have simultaneously served as bosses for decades. Don Ted is a single parent and the father of a young girl. The adversaries were ecstatic because they could now assume the leadership roles they had long coveted as a result of his sudden illness from an unknown sickness for which there was no cure. To soothe their long-standing resentment, they confiscated his possessions and, in the worst case scenario, destroyed what they could not take, including burning down his mansion in an incident that resulted in the deaths of the majority of his employees; thinking that everyone in the premises was burnt to ashes. Little did they know the little girl survived the tragedy .

Chapter 1

As Don Harry sipped his morning coffee, which he despises, a guard entered without knocking.

I'm sorry, but something happened.

"Speak!" he yelled.

Of course, Max. They shot him to death.

Because he thought he hadn't heard well, the boss hurried to his son's room, where he saw him dead on the floor.

Nobody knows how that happened, and there is no way they would kill his own child on the same grounds with guards all around. Along with three other nighttime guards, the guard who had alerted him was shot and killed on the spot he was ruthless and worse when it comes to his family.

While walking away, Don Harry spotted an odd sight: a pansy purple blossom on his right hand.

This was new. He hasn't come across that kind of sign before.

He called his closest associate. Antony has always been there to help sort things out.

This time around, it also surprised him since the sign was new to him, too.

Don Harry, with the pain of losing his heir, started gathering forces to unravel the new mystery.

Pansy Perry, being her invisible self, was watching everything, and no one seemed to notice her presence.

She had killed the young man to let the father and other associates know that someone had come to deal with them mercilessly. She touched the most delicate part of Don Harry, since his son was the most precious thing to him.

She was ready to welcome them to her territory and make them pay for the miserable life she has lived for the last 17years.

In the whole of Chita City, no one dared the godfather; he had no great powers when Don Ted was alive since he was the boss.

When Don Ted died and they destroyed his property, a war broke out between the next best two families, the Harrys and the Stones.

They both wanted to take over and felt that they had what it took. The other associates tried talking them into an agreement, but no one was ready to let the other lead, and so it was through a deadly fight that Don Harry defeated the Stones and became the mafia boss.

The relationship between them has never been good, but they still have to work together.

Don Harry had taken over all the large businesses owned by the late Don Ted, and due to that, he had become more untouchable, but this new happening came as a surprise.

Who has the guts to offend the mafia boss?

That was a war declaration.

Excuse me, ma!

Are you sure we are ready for this? Pansy Perry's assistant was hesitant.

Nick, I have never been this ready in my life, so you better brace up for what's coming.

Understood, boss.

Word spread among the underground business community that the boss's son was no more, and that built tension all over.

That was the right time for her to strike again.

Pansy Perry has spent 17 years of her life training to become a killer.

She never knew her life would become so chaotic. As a small girl, Perry got all the love and attention any child would need from her father. She had a dream of becoming a doctor, but the dream was short-lived by the events of her father's illness.

The tragedy left her homeless with no one to call family.

Perry became bitter at the young age of 5.

When everything was burned down and almost everyone was dead, she picked herself up and jumped into a garbage truck.

At the dump site, the little girl had nowhere to go; she had no friends or family close by.

There were a lot of homeless people on the streets, and Perry ended up being one of them, but she did not stay for long before being taken to a children's home.

Her bitter heart could not take in her studies, and so she ran away into the wild.

She got involved with a bad gang that was terrorizing the city at a young age.

She was used as bait most of the time to trick people, and in return, she would be taught how to fight.

Things happened so fast that Perry found herself in another country, but she was grateful since there were more and better chances for her to perfect her skills before going back home for revenge.

REVENGE, It was the only name that made sense to her, and in Egypt, she sure acquired all the skills she needed.

The organization that spotted her back in Chita started sending her on dangerous missions, and to their surprise, she always came back with good news. When others had their black attire, Perry liked all purple and had a purple flower at her doorstep, which is why she was named the dangerous Pansy Perry. That's how she earned her respect and built her empire.

When Perry announced that she was ready to go back to Chita, which is in Russia, the organization wanted to help, but she insisted on going alone on the mission.

It was her problem to fix, after which she would find a befitting lifestyle.

Don Harry was running mad. Max was supposed to take over the leadership when he was gone, and now that he's no more, that's more trouble than he had expected.

He tasked Antony with finding out who was responsible for his son's death and the story behind the purple flower.

At some point, he thought the Stones were responsible, but then they have been so quiet lately, and they also have no association with flowers.

Antony gathered seven good fellas.

We are going to find the person responsible in 48 hours.

Okay, sir, they answered in union.

They asked around, surfed the internet, and made calls, but that flower sign was strange to everyone.

This was becoming a headache for Don Harry, who likes taking care of things at a fast pace.

Perry, on the other hand, had a large basement in Chita where she had already planted a lot of pansy flowers in a secret garden, and this symbolized the many people she was ready to take down within a short while.


Yes boss.

What are the new developments from Harry?

The informant said that they were trying to figure out the flower, smiling.

That's great, and I think I should give him one more pansy soon, she said with a wicked smile.

In the middle of the night, Don Harry has not slept for the last three days since the death of his son.

Still trying to figure out how it all happened, the surveillance shows nothing, and that shows that whoever it is, is a smartass.

Being a rich and powerful mafia lord, Don Harry has a lot of properties in the city and other towns and countries.

He has a villa at the end and lives in the coolest corner of the town, where his mother lives with lots of servants and security. He doesn't like visiting her, much less exposing her to his rivals, who might use her to get to him.

While he's in a state of confusion, Perry is already at his mother's villa.

Her guys had already interfered with the surveillance, so her entry wasn't troublesome.

Hello friend, I am generously gifting you another beautiful flower.

Perry called Don Harry before she shot dead his mother, who was peacefully sleeping, and left another pansy flower on her chest.

Who are you, and what do you want? Harry was asking when he heard a gunshot, and the call was ended.

He tried to call and trace the call, but it was disconnected.

Someone heard Perry on the phone and alerted the other guards, so her exit wasn't a simple one.

Perry tried jumping off the window, but she was pulled back by a strong man. Today seems like a bad day, she said to herself, but then she was ready for anything. She had vowed to take down all people related to everyone who made her homeless. A heavy punch landed on her stomach, which she returned with a heavy kick before getting her sharp sword.

The guards were increasing, but that wasn't a threat to her; she has dealt with more ruthless groups, let alone those who weren't ready for her.

She effortlessly murdered four of them before jumping out of the window, but unexpectedly, she was shot in the left hand but still managed to escape.

The boss was already informed of what had happened, and this was more than he could bear. Whoever it was, was out to drain him emotionally before everything else, and to his surprise, it was a lady, something he never expected.

When he got to the villa, she was long gone, and four guards lay lifeless.

He would have killed them for failing to protect his mother, but they were already dead, and that means that woman is very dangerous. He picked the flower, which was very similar to that left for his dead son. Upon further investigation, they found out that she was also dressed in purple. Purple has now become the mafia lord's biggest enemy; he refers to her as the purple demon.

Antony, if you don't find me the purple demon, you are better off dead, too.

Okay, boss.

He well knew the tone that Harry used ; it was a tone of no remorse.

Perry went back home to take care of the injury.

She was accomplished for the day, and it gave her ultimate joy to see Don Harry miserable.

Antony stationed guards and spies in all areas they thought she might be and in all the clubs in town. Harry has the best hacker in town, so in case the purple demon calls again, he will be able to trace her.

The underground business was in chaos; goods were coming in; that was the biggest consignment for the year, and it was already bad that the boss was distracted by the recent happenings; his family meant a lot to him, and it seems that someone was after his family. He asked his men to take care of business while he tried to understand what was happening.

Harry tripled the security at every place his relatives were; he could not risk losing another member of his family, or else he would go crazy.

Perry planned on wiping away everyone associated with the Don, and then she would face him and see the hurt and pain in him when she finally got to him.

Don Harry prepared the burial of his son and mother on the same day. He has had difficult days, but that day was the worst. He promised on their graves that he would avenge their deaths no matter what it took.

Don Harry went home. and got a message that was delivered by someone anonymous.

It read.

Hey Harry, I hope you had fun burying your family. I had lot of satisfaction seeing you look so worn out, and believe me, you are lucky you had the time to mourn and bury your loved ones; some of us did not have the privilege.

Worry not, I will be giving you more ceremonies soon. Just be prepared.

Harry, who never feared for his life, was now afraid for the sake of his family.

He sent out messages saying that whoever is responsible for the killings should leave out his family and come directly to him if they had anything against him.

Perry was anonymous yet well networked in town; she sure got the message and was quick to send back another message.

Be patient; I will soon get to you, but I will first have to deal with your family. You have to taste the bitter pill.

The messages were delivered in the form of letters, and funny enough, no one saw the people who delivered them; they just saw envelopes at the gate addressed to the don.

The guards at the gate were good enough; they were well trained and experienced, but it surprised them that even with their expertise and being on watch, no one saw the delivery guy, and this instilled some fear in them too. It was better seeing them and engaging in a fight than dealing with almost invisible people.

Perry was tending to her flowers when she heard some news about finding the pansy flower. Someone had sure approached the media on the issue, and she sure knew who it was.

The reporter was very specific, saying that they are looking for the flowers that some prominent person is willing to pay a huge price just to get, which he said he loved and wanted to plant at home.

The flower was sure rare in the area since Perry got it from Egypt, and getting it in Chita would not be easy.

Chapter 2

The reward quoted for the flowers was huge and could completely change someone's life for the better.

A few of her men knew of her garden and her love for flowers.

One of them, Greg, came to ask her about the flower and told her that some big man was looking for the exact flower.

I know.

Then, would you consider selling them, boss?

Greg, don't be an idiot. I thought you were smarter than that.

What are you talking about, boss?

So you want to tell me you can't grasp that the one finding the flower is probably looking for me?

My apologies, boss; I get it now.

You should not carry the flowers and sell them to them, she said ironically.

Later in the evening, Perry got a phone call from the organization back in Egypt.

Darling, I can tell you have already begun your job, the guy on the line said.

Sure, you got the information so fast.

I just saw an article online, and I know you are the only pansy


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