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About me

Writing gives me the opportunity to share my imaginative world with the rest of the world. Follow up my stories and enjoy the fantasy, it's so sweet you can't resist 😍


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Zed has been a player all his life , changing women , every now and then without any care in the world but the interesting thing with him is that he doesn't deal with normal girls, his interest is always with pregnant women . He has been playing successfully and hurting their feelings uncountable times until he met Anita who was also pregnant, he thought he was doing his usual games but she made him fall for her without knowing she was on a revenge mission for her sister who was heartbroken by Zed and ended up committing suicide. due to what she experienced she ended up losing her sister and the baby and vowed to repay the man back his cruelty.

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Maxwell, the Casanova prince, never knew what it meant to love a woman; not until he met Angel. His heart came to life at that moment. He loves her but then, being a prince meant he should be prepared for setbacks and challenges since she will not be easily accepted by his circle. How would Maxwell profess his love to a deaf and dumb beauty whom his family and friends despise to no end? How would the deaf and dumb queen survive in the numerous absences of the king? Would status conquer love? Or would the age-long saying dominate once more? Love conquers all!

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This is a story of a charming young lady who was the envy of every other lady because of her beauty and for the fact that she always took the attention of every man she came across. But then Susan was void of emotions since her childhood, she is a very beautiful lady attracting the attention of many young men in the village but she isn't interested in any of them, some even said that she was a lesbian for lack of interest in the opposite gender. All this was before she met Harrison whom she fell in love with at first sight but then Harrison ain't ready to love her, will she be loved back?

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MARY is brought up in a loving and caring family, she got everything she ever needed and this made her grow up not knowing how to depend on herself. Despite that, she loves her career and is doing well in medicine. She meets up with GREG in unexpected circumstances they both like each other and that's when their relationship began. Greg is rich, young, and handsome but with a very bad character that can't be ignored. He pretends to be all nice to get Mary and when they finally got married things turned upside down. The sweet Greg that Mary knew turned into a monster. She started receiving beatings for the slightest mistakes and all sorts of abuse. At first, she thought it would come to an end but then she knew she was wrong when he made her quit her job to be a housewife against her will. MARY was traumatized, she reported the happenings to her family but they never took her seriously, Fred, her elder brother was the only person who could see her predicament, he has always had a feeling that Greg is not as good as he looks. MARY decides to leave the marriage when she miscarried due to a beating she had received and that's when her family problems increased, no one is in support of her leaving her husband, the family is respectable and they don't want word spreading that their daughter could not sustain her marriage. Her family's rejection led her to depression when they allowed Greg to take her back to his home. They've had several fights when Fred finds Greg messing around with girls in clubs She was forced to persevere and learn the hard way. When she realized she was pregnant again, she decided to run away without informing anyone to protect herself and her baby. Follow up the story to know what happens to this embattled marriage.


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