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My Homeless Billionaire

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First, they are just strangers, and then they become enemies, but will they ever become lovers? This is a story of a cursed Billionaire who loses his sight and wealth and becomes homeless. And featured by his rivalry, Mpumi--a notorious gangster who only hopes to change her life around. The billionaire learns from her how to beg for food in the street, and she learns from him how to become rich. Will the broken Billionaire gain back his sight and find his way back home? Will the gangster girl turn her life around and become CEO of her own company?

Prologue 1



“I HATE YOU! OH, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!” Mpumi had never thrown such a tantrum in her life.

The entire house was a mess but she still was not done. She wanted to break every piece of his furniture. She wanted to hurt him like he hurt her. Dion could only navigate slowly around his messy house. He wanted to jump on her and stop her from breaking more stuff. However, he couldn’t help it, he was blind—he had to be extra careful around the scattered objects.

“Stop breaking my furniture, you dirty scoundrel!”

“Oh, I hate you. Do you know what you’ve done?!” she was yelling above her voice. “I have bills to pay. I—the dirty, poor, little scoundrel—have expenses! You should have told me that you can’t afford my services anymore. I could have gone to find another job… But you let me work, and work…” Tears were building up in her eyes, “…and work another month without pay!”

Her mother, back home, was nearly dying. Mpumi had to make money to cover the projected funeral costs. She had been counting on this month’s salary. Finding out that he had gone broke, broke her soul. Thinking about what he’d done was infuriating her even more. Her tears started falling down her cheeks, uncontrollably. She was almost having a headache just by looking at his angry expressions. It made no sense to her that he showed no regret or remorse. She wanted to throw something dangerous at that blind man’s face.

-**He’s not gonna duck if I do that. And what if I hurt him too much…? Urgh! Why am I still caring for that *ssh*l*? **-

Mpumi started looking around. She was only now realizing how much furniture she had broken. It would cost him a lot to repair and replace all of that.

-**Oh, shoot! I shouldn’t have done this! I could’ve auctioned everything! I would have made so much money!!!**-

She started entertaining the idea of selling off what was left. But then, there wasn’t much left to sell at that point. She busted into rage again. She grabbed the last vase. She would smash it onto the floor and it would scatter into pieces but then she felt a strong grip around her waist. He had grabbed her from the back. She lost her senses for a moment, and the vase fell from her hand and shuttered on the floor.

-**How-how did he get here? **-

He had managed to finally locate where she was standing from the frequency of her voice. He quietly approached when she had let her guard down. Mpumi was now scratching his arms away off from her waist. She did not know that she was angering him even more. She was reaching up to pull his hair but Dion managed to hold her arms down.

Mpumi thought she would wrestle with him. With her greatest strength, she pulled out of his grip. She thought she was getting away but he was quick enough to pull her back. She was lighter than he expected, she flung into him and they both fell with her on top of him. In an instance, he spung her off of him and pressed her onto the ground. He let her see his eyes.

“That vase was the last thing you will break in my house. The salary you complain about is not even enough to afford the spoon I eat with. Who do you think you are, raising your voice at me like that?”

He wanted her to see his anger through his telling eyes, but the bulge in his pants distracted her. She could feel it pressing against her thigh. His cheeks turned red and his temperature had risen. His heart was pounding forcefully onto her chest. Even his breathing was heavy.

She felt a tingling rush down her body…

Chapter 1

Dion Hill

A strong character that one. So arrogant and ignorant. One man with an ego giant enough to cover the whole world. Dion Hill was the only child and son of the world’s richest man in the world—Bowman Hill.

In contrast to his son, Bowman Hill was a generous man who loved people and advocated for peace and tranquillity. Bowman would always give to charity and give scholarships and bursaries to the deserving. He was making a chance in the world. The man had a heart of gold.

However, his son, Dion Hill, was different from him. Dion had a sense of pride. His pride told him that he was better than anyone on the planet. Dion Hill was greedy and stingy. He would mind his business a lot, even when there was someone in need.

These useless people… Stinking up the air that I breath. These useless peasants… Why are they here, anyway? Is it to occupy space and become an eye-sore? How pathetic.

Dion believed that only his father and himself had earned the righ


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