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  • Author: Darma Day
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 62.3K
  • 9.8

Isla- a young, and underestimated warrior. After surviving years of traumatic abuse, she is left orphaned, and alone. She strives to prove to herself, and others, that she is not weak. Though she is beautiful and strong years of psychological abuse, she doesn’t believe she is worthy of love, or that the Moon Goddess will grant her a fated mate. Alpha Zac is the fair and strong leader of Clear Creek. Secretly a hopeless romantic, Zac wants his fated mate more than anything. But after waiting years to find her, he has accepted a playboy lifestyle. When a unique she-wolf warrior joins his pack, she does more than fulfill his fantasies, and she tests how far he will go to protect her from her past. “WEAK” he yells as he swiftly brings the whip at me. I quickly try to cover my face but am not fast enough. I hiss in pain as the unforgiving leather slices my hand and eyebrow. I try to swallow the sob that wants to escape me, but instead, I throw up. Maybe he would have stopped there if I would have missed his boots.** (ISLA) I feel a pang of jealousy; she has what I've always wanted. A loving family, support, friends, and stability. Audrie doesn't have to question if she belongs here or try to prove her worth. (ZAC)My whole chest tightens, and my wolf presses forward. “MATE”. The urgency to hold her, to take away the pain, intensifies. I reach out and lift her head, and that's when I see the gash trickling blood onto the already blood-covered rock. I scoop her up and head straight to the infirmary. I just found my mate, I can't lose her on the same night.

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  • 👁 4.8K
  • 9.7

*18+ content included!* If you are looking for a story with a submissive, all-forgiving female lead, this is not the novel for you. ***** She smirks, before asking “do you like that, my little mate?”. I’m too far gone to even care about the “little” part now, all I want is her tongue back where it was a second ago. “Yes..” I manage to breathe out, before she licks it again, and shortly wraps her lips around my tip. F*ck. I moan, shivering when she pulls back. “Say please, my little mate” she taunts, her eyes still glued to mine and her hand still pleasuring me. “Please Lola” I breathe out. And just like that, she wraps her mouth around the tip, before taking in my c*ck until it hits the back of her throat. We both moan loudly, and I close my eyes momentarily in pure ecstasy. I almost whimper when she pulls it out again to say “look at me while I please you”. I comply immediately, and she grins before continuing her delicious torture. Her other hand moves to play with my balls and I know I’m not going to last long. ***** Lola is an omega within the Red Dagger pack. She was found as a baby abandoned in the woods by her adoptive mother, who has long passed by now. Lola is not your typical submissive she wolf. She is sassy, with anger issues bubbling just beneath the surface. With her curvy body, blonde hair and green eyes she is the total opposite of all the other wolves appearance wise. And as a result, is treated like an outcast after her best friend Chris – the alpha heir – turns on her without warning as young children. Ignored by almost everyone and bullied and beaten by her former best friend and his gang daily, Lola long awaits the day and year she turns 18 when she gets her wolf and is able to finish high school to leave Red Dagger. All she has to do is withstand one more schoolyear of it all, despite the constant desire to fight back and the struggles to reign in her anger. But what happens when the bucket runs over and her restraint finally snaps? What happens when she faces off those who have tormented her for years, thinking she is a weak little girl, although she has been secretly training hard for years on her own? As the story unfolds, she will come across those who desire her as well as her fated mates – the Lycan princes. Lola has never wanted a mate and after all betrayals is reluctant to trust anyone anymore – but will she let any of them in eventually? And what happens when her wolf is revealed and her origins are questioned when she gains special powers? Will she find her happy ever after with a mate, her fated mates, or stay alone?

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  • 9.5

He told me to clean his room. This was the day my life changed and I began living in hell. I’ve always been treated as a slave and bullied by other pack members but I had just turned eighteen that day and my mate was revealed to be the pack’s alpha, Jacob. Instead of outright accepting or rejecting me, he hurts me in the worst way by cheating on the mate bond while I am in the same room. He claims this she-wolf is his chosen. Then why is he not releasing me by rejecting me? Instead, he keeps me a prisoner in his room most of the time and has s*x with his chosen and even other she-wolves. He even stole my innocence. He tells me he keeps me for his wolf as it keeps him calm, but I think he is just a psychopath who gains a thrill in torturing me. His chosen is just like him and she also enjoys it when he causes me pain. ********************************************** My best friend (who is an omega like me) heard from the beta of a neighboring pack that his Alpha was looking for me. I discovered we knew each other as children when his family came to this pack to visit the current alpha’s parents for a meeting. My friend contacted the alpha by phone, and he decided to make plans to come for a visit, when he did, I found out he was my second chance mate. How is this possible when I am still mated? ************************************************ ************************************************ I am Alpha Chase Carter and I have been searching for my fated mate for years. When I thought of what my mate would look like I would close my eyes and see the red-haired girl from my past. I’ve never forgotten her because I was always enthralled by her beauty, even at her young age. With her red hair and green eyes, she reminded me of a goddess in the form of a seven-year-old. I was twelve at the time. One night I had a dream or possibly even a vision of a red-haired beauty in pain. When I saw the source of her pain being a man in bed with a blond, I felt enraged. I woke up sweating and with a lingering nagging feeling that I needed to find her. Is it true? Is she, my mate? I remember the man calling her name, Amethyst. I must find her. I must save her.

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  • 9.3

In her 20 years of existence, Cindy admired the men described in romance stories in novels. She was a bookworm who wanted to imagine herself as the heroine in the story with a happy ending. As if listening to her prayers, her mom recently got married to an Alpha of the neighboring pack. And his four sons are charming, handsome, and s*xy, just like how she imagined real-life book characters would be like. Even though they are some years older than her, this doesn’t stop them from making them feel less attractive to her. During the mating ball, Cindy finds out that all four of her stepbrothers are her mates. But, she can’t commit the forbidden. No matter how attractive they might be, they are siblings. And she can’t deny this fact. While Cindy was struggling to keep her heart at bay, her brothers were already losing restraint on themselves. Even a small encounter would make their heart flutter like petals in the breeze. Day by day, their sibling status only made them suffer in silence going unnoticed by their parents. Things are set in motion when Tristan, the twin brother of Taylor tries to woo her before her other four brothers, and their jealousy comes into light. Who knew this was just the start of her troubles? When an unknown group of wolves tries to harm Cindy, her life turns upside down. Who are they? Why are they after Cindy? Will her brothers be able to protect her from impending dangers before they find the answers to their questions? While keeping their parents' happiness in mind will they be able to set aside, their identities as siblings and connect emotionally and physically as Mates?