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Lost For Love

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Cindy's parents were killed by her uncle Mr Black, who wanted to take over his company. Cindy was forced to become a slave in her father's house and was treated quite harshly. She ran away from the house after her uncle tried to take advantage of her. Eduardo, who escaped from kidnappers was at high speed going straight home when he accidentally hit a girl but instead of him taking her to the hospital, he called Dean, his secret assistant to take care of the girl. When she regained consciousness in the hospital, Dean was happy that she was okay, when he saw her at the accident spot, he didn't know that she was going to survive. Eduardo who was the only son of his father and the CEO of his company, his father impregnated his mother who was a maid in the mansion, when the stepmother found out about the pregnancy, she made her life a living hell until she gave birth to Eduardo. Eduardo had lived an extravagant and luxurious life coz he was born into wealth but had no peace, no joy and not even a seed of happiness was found in him because of his cousin brother Jeffrey who has vowed to ruin his life. Jeffrey, who was supposed to be the CEO of the company lost the whole position due to his father who lived an immoral life, which made their grandfather hand over his access to Eduardo's father who was his second son, so Jeffrey hated Eduardo for that and when he found out that the only girl he loved so much and has taken care of didn't love him but Eduardo, he hated him more and vowed to destroy him. Eduardo later fell in love with Cindy regardless of who she was not knowing that she was also a daughter to a very rich and well-known family in the town, he fought and protected her with all he had. He got the shock of his life when his cousin Jeffrey who was used to dumping girls began showing interest towards Cindy. He fought against Eduardo to win Cindy's love but Cindy loved Eduardo so much that she could never think of being with Jeffrey. Jessica knew that Eduardo don't love her, but jealousy gripped her seeing how Eduardo and Cindy feet each other, she tried her best to hurt Cindy, just to separate both of them and be with Eduardo but it didn't work out. Eduardo found out who his stepmother really was. She has been working with Mr Austin and he didn't take it lightly with her. Eduardo finally discovered who Cindy was, so he fought Mr Black and restored the company to Cindy's name. Mr Black was very surprised at how his identity was reviewed, he didn't know that someone knew about his past and the first time he tried stealing a treasure, he got arrested and was thrown in prison. Then Eduardo and Cindy finally officiated their marriage.

Chapter 1

Chapter one

Cindy was always held in high regard by those who knew her. She had been blessed with a life of luxury and had never wanted for anything. Her parents, who cherished her deeply, were always at her side.

Her generous nature and unassuming lifestyle made her a magnet for people seeking companionship. Her kindness knew no bounds and often exceeded people's expectations. However, fate took an unexpected turn when everything changed abruptly...

She was widely recognised for her cheerful disposition and has recently undergone a significant change in her emotional state. Despite her previous reputation for being happy-go-lucky, Cindy is now exhibiting signs of sadness and moodiness that are quite out of character for her.

This shift in demeanour has been noticeable to those who know her well, and it has left many people wondering what could be causing such a drastic transformation.

While the reasons behind Cindy's newfound sorrow are not entirely clear, it is clear that she is struggling with some deep-seated emotions that are affecting her daily life.


It was about 2 pm when her phone started ringing, in the dining room she was enjoying ice cream, she looked at the caller and it was a strange number, she made a weird face like she didn't want any distraction from what she was doing.

The phone rang for some time before she sluggishly picked up the call.

"Good day, may I know if I am currently conversing with Miss Cindy Schneider?" The person on the other line asked in a polite tone. Cindy replied faintly "Yes... who am I speaking with?" While rolling her eyes.

The person then proceeded to inform her of an urgent matter that required her present in the hospital. The gravity of the situation was palpable in the caller's voice as they urgently requested for Cindy to come to the hospital immediately.

Cindy's heart skipped a beat as she tried to process the sudden news. She quickly gathered herself and asked for more details regarding the accident.

The caller provided what little information they had before ending the call, leaving Cindy in a state of panic and uncertainty. "Your presence is needed at Divine Healing Hospital, there's an accident and it happened that Mr and Mrs Schneider were involved."

"What?... What do you mean," She replied with a shaky voice and the phone fell from her hand.

She looked confused for a few minutes before she ran out of the house. Madam Ponny saw how she rushed out of the house and followed her.

"Larry... Larry!" Cindy called out loudly to her driver the moment she ran out of the house.

"Yes, miss," Larry answered.

"Get the car ready it's urgent," Cindy ordered in a tense manner.

She ran into the hospital the moment they arrived, "Hi, Mr and Mrs Schneider which ward are they?"

She asked one of the nurses, breathing heavily. "Miss Cindy, right?" The nurse asked.

"Yes! Yes... Please where are they?" Cindy answered, nodding her head quickly in desperation.

"Come, you have to see the doctor first, to sign some papers so the surgery will be carried out immediately to save your parent's life, come with me."

Cindy nodded again and followed her, the files were already on the table, so Cindy quickly signed the files.

Cindy was in a state of complete distress as she paced back and forth in one of the hospital corridors. Her heart was heavy with grief and her eyes were red and swollen from the tears that kept streaming down her face.

She couldn't believe that her parents, who had left home healthy and strong, were now fighting for their lives. The thought of losing them was unbearable.

Despite her desperation, Cindy tried to gather herself and make her way into the surgery room where her parents were being treated. However, she was stopped by the nurses who kindly explained to her that it was important for the doctors to have space and privacy while they worked on saving her loved ones.

Feeling helpless and alone, Cindy retreated to the corridor where she continued to pace anxiously. Her mind was racing with worries about what would happen next and whether or not her parents would pull through. She longed for someone to comfort her during this difficult time but there was no one around.

After some hours a nurse came out of the same room and Cindy rushed to meet her, "Nurse, please how are my parents? Are they going to make it, Nurse, please talk to me, I...I..." Cindy stammered putting her two hands on her head.

"Calm down everything will be fine." The Nurse said and walked in the direction of the Doctor's office, Cindy stood there for a while before she moved her feet slowly.

Her feet were heavy and she felt like there was a rope tied down her ankles pulling her back.

The Nurse hurriedly went back into the surgery room, then Cindy shook her head sorrowfully and tapped her feet on the floor.

Immediately after the surgery, the Doctor stepped out of the surgery room, Cindy quickly went and met him, "Doctor, is my father going to make it? What of my mom? Is she gonna survive it too?" Cindy asked.

"I am very sorry Miss Cindy, we tried our best..." The Doctor answered and his answer left a heavy impact on her, the doctor's voice sounded like a thunderstorm in Cindy's ear.

"What!... Doctor this can't be true, they can't die just like that, Doctor, please do something, try everything you can... I... I will pay you any amount of money, just say it... How much do you want?..." The Doctor walked away the moment she started lamenting.


She heard her name and it was Mr Black's voice, then she looked back quickly, "Uncle"

Stepping closer to her, Mr Black hugged her and she kept lamenting, "We've lost them, Uncle, they left me all alone, what am I living for?"

"Cindy, it's okay, I am here for you... Everything is going to be alright." Mr Black consoled her.

The shock was so much on Cindy, so she screamed in a high voice and fainted in Mr Black's arms, "Doctor!"

The Doctor rushed out of his office and took Cindy to one of the wards, Mr Black followed them.

When Cindy woke up she was silent throughout the time they did her father's burial ceremony.

Cindy moaned all day and night, everybody in her father's house talked to her but she didn't listen, they got worried and called her uncle who left the city immediately after the burial.

He quickly rushed back immediately after he got the information from one of the housekeepers.

"Cindy," Mr Black called out immediately after he entered the building.

"She's in the room, sir." Madam Ponny answered and Mr Black went straight to Cindy's room.

"Cindy, open the door." Mr black said and immediately Cindy heard her uncle's voice she went and opened the door.

"Uncle, I wasn't expecting you... Is everything alright?" Cindy asked.

"Yes my dear, everything is fine... I have decided to come and stay permanently in the city with you." Mr Black said and Cindy hugged him.

"Thank you so much, Uncle." Cindy welcomed her Uncle home happily, thinking that everything is gonna be better now.

"And what about your family?" She asked losing her arms from her uncle's body.

"Come and meet them, they're in the sitting room... I came back with them." Mr Black answered.

"Wow, Uncle you are the best in the whole world, uncle." Cindy hugged him again before they walked down to the sitting room to welcome her uncle's wife and her cousin.

Meeting Cindy was the happiest thing that has ever happened to her cousin Desmond, he grew up in the state and his father has been the one stopping him from visiting Cindy and her parents.

"Hello," Cindy greeted immediately she walked into the sitting room.

Hearing her greeting, Desmond turned, as he was watching a carved image in the sitting room.

"Oh my God, Cindy... Is this you?" Desmond asked and chuckled.

"Yea, Desmond it has been a while... I expected you guys during my parent's burial, what happened?" Cindy asked and hugged him.

"Cindy I'm very sorry about that, okay... How are you?" Desmond asked and let go of her.

"It has not been easy, but I think everything is fine now that you're here," Cindy responded happily.

Desmond's mother was busy eyeing everything in the house and suddenly she heard Cindy talking to her, "Aunty, you're welcome." So she gently turned, flashed a smile and continued watching the beautiful pictures in the building.


It has been a while now and Cindy has accepted her parent's deceased, she was well taken care of and she lived happily with her Uncle Black and his family.

She received the shock of her life when she decided to visit her father's company as usual, though she hadn't visited since her parent's death.

She got there and immediately she walked into the gate the gatekeeper stopped her, "Miss Cindy, Please can you just step back?"

"Why? What's going on?... I just want to check how things have been going in the company." Cindy retorted.

The gatekeeper gently pushed her out of the gate and said, "The order was given from above Miss Cindy, I can't do anything for you now... I'm helpless the same way you are, and I don't want to lose my job." The gatekeeper said pathetically shaking his head.

"From above?... Who said I should not visit the company?" Cindy asked calmly.

"Mr Black was here two days ago, he sacked many workers but your father's assistant is working hard to bring them back." The gatekeeper explained.

A cold shiver washed over Cindy and slowly she walked away from the company gate and went straight home, Mr Black was in the sitting room when she arrived home. She was lost in her thoughts about what just happened a while ago,

'No, it couldn't be my uncle, I'm sure they were mistaken.' She was thinking when she looked up and saw her uncle.

"Hi Uncle," Cindy greeted.

"Cindy where have you been, I asked of you and they told me you went out." Mr Black asked.

"Uncle, I went to the company but the gatekeeper refused to let me in..." Cindy said calmly.

"Cindy, I see!... You don't have anything doing and that's why you cleaned yourself up and left this house to go and check your father's company, the next time you set your feet around that company whatever you see, you take it... I don't want to see you there again." Mr Black spoke annoyingly.

"No, no Uncle this is not you speaking... What's going on?" Cindy asked shockingly.

"That reminds me," He cleared his throat and continued, "From today you make sure this house is always clean..."

"But Uncle we have housekeepers, like three of them and we also have a chef... Why will I be the one doing all those things?" Cindy asked still surprised.

"You're the young girl in the house and for your information, all the domestic staff have quit their positions, so the whole thing is left for you!" Mr Black explained happily and gave out a devilish laugh.

The following morning the moment Cindy walked into the sitting room ready to go to school, her uncle's wife stopped her, "Cindy where do you think you're going to? Have you prepared our breakfast?" She asked.

Cindy stood like a statue staring into the air.

Chapter 2

Chapter two

Cindy thought her Uncle was joking but unfortunately, he wasn't playing around with her, he meant all that he said.

Cindy went into the kitchen and prepared their breakfast quickly before she left for school.

'Her parents never allowed her to go into the kitchen, I'm sure of that, but how come she knows how to cook?' Mrs Black asked in her mind the moment she tested the meals on the table and shrugged.

The following morning Cindy woke up with a splash of cooled water, she jumped down from the bed shivering, slowly she wiped water off her face and to her greatest surprise it wasn't who she had in mind.

"Uncle?" Cindy whispered shockingly.

"Cindy, I expected you to have finished with the cleaning of the house and maybe you will be preparing our breakfast by now... So what are you still doing on the bed?" Mr Black asked.

"Uncle is just 4:30 a.m., how can I start working now? It's still very early." Cindy answered.

Cindy's eyes


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