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  • Author: Glorylily
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 24
  • 7.5

Cindy's parents were killed by her uncle Mr Black, who wanted to take over his company. Cindy was forced to become a slave in her father's house and was treated quite harshly. She ran away from the house after her uncle tried to take advantage of her. Eduardo, who escaped from kidnappers was at high speed going straight home when he accidentally hit a girl but instead of him taking her to the hospital, he called Dean, his secret assistant to take care of the girl. When she regained consciousness in the hospital, Dean was happy that she was okay, when he saw her at the accident spot, he didn't know that she was going to survive. Eduardo who was the only son of his father and the CEO of his company, his father impregnated his mother who was a maid in the mansion, when the stepmother found out about the pregnancy, she made her life a living hell until she gave birth to Eduardo. Eduardo had lived an extravagant and luxurious life coz he was born into wealth but had no peace, no joy and not even a seed of happiness was found in him because of his cousin brother Jeffrey who has vowed to ruin his life. Jeffrey, who was supposed to be the CEO of the company lost the whole position due to his father who lived an immoral life, which made their grandfather hand over his access to Eduardo's father who was his second son, so Jeffrey hated Eduardo for that and when he found out that the only girl he loved so much and has taken care of didn't love him but Eduardo, he hated him more and vowed to destroy him. Eduardo later fell in love with Cindy regardless of who she was not knowing that she was also a daughter to a very rich and well-known family in the town, he fought and protected her with all he had. He got the shock of his life when his cousin Jeffrey who was used to dumping girls began showing interest towards Cindy. He fought against Eduardo to win Cindy's love but Cindy loved Eduardo so much that she could never think of being with Jeffrey. Jessica knew that Eduardo don't love her, but jealousy gripped her seeing how Eduardo and Cindy feet each other, she tried her best to hurt Cindy, just to separate both of them and be with Eduardo but it didn't work out. Eduardo found out who his stepmother really was. She has been working with Mr Austin and he didn't take it lightly with her. Eduardo finally discovered who Cindy was, so he fought Mr Black and restored the company to Cindy's name. Mr Black was very surprised at how his identity was reviewed, he didn't know that someone knew about his past and the first time he tried stealing a treasure, he got arrested and was thrown in prison. Then Eduardo and Cindy finally officiated their marriage.


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