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It Started With A Contract

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Blurb Andre warren is the 32 year old multi billionaire CEO of an online gaming company whose mother has just been diagnosed with a heart disease. He desires nothing than to fulfil her final wish of a grandchild before the end of the one year frame set by the doctor. Amelia Miller's life unravelled the moment she discovered she was pregnant. The stipend she earns as a waitress isn't enough to pay her bills. She is already late on her rent, and in desperate need of cash. With no hope in sight, her mind threatens to shatter. Suddenly, a surreal chance to change her life came, that will make all her woes go away. But first, she must agree to bear a child. Whose child will Amelia birth? Would she abort her pregnancy in exchange for someone elses child? Will Andre accept a baby that isn't his? Let's find out.........

Chapter 1

1. Get A Baby Mama

A light moan slipped through Ava's lip as Andre trail kisses from her upper region to her big, round boobs. He cupped them in his hands, and took one to his mouth, sucking on it, while he massages the other.

"Andre." She moaned out his name in a whisper.

He continued massaging and sucking on them, making her private wets in anticipation.

He carried her off the floor, and placed her on the bed, responding to her kisses with the same passion.

He nibbled on her earlobe, blowing gently into her ears. Just as his hands began to roam, trying to remove her G-string, she pulled back.

Andre looked at her with a frown expression.

"Why did you pull away? Do you always have to be like this?" He queried, but she ignored him.

Andre stood up from the bed and hugged her from the back, his crotch pressing her butt.

"What do you want? What is wrong? Can't you just do this for me?" He asked softly.

Ava knew where all this was heading to, and she wasn't ready to give in, not anytime soon.

"I can't, not now, we can still wait, was with the rush?" Ava asked, released herself from his hug and started to put on her clothes.

Andre spun her around, their gaze locked together.

"You know why I want to have babies, why are you making it hard on me? If you would rather not get pregnant before our wedding, let's fix a wedding date, please." His tone sounded desperate.

Andre never begs for a thing, he always gets what he wants without repeating himself, even if he has to get rid of someone.

But when it comes to his mother and girlfriend, they are the only ones who can make him change his mind towards a thing.

"I don't want babies, I'm not ready to carry a baby in my womb, and besides, pregnancy makes you look ugly, I would rather not be ugly."

"You are beautiful already, you won't be ugly." Andre assured her.

"Yes, I'm beautiful, that's why I want to remain beautiful. Immediately I conceive, my legs will swell up, my face would turn dark with little pimples on it, I don't want that to happen."

He took some calculated stride close to her, and held her hands.

"I understand, okay? But that won't happen, if it does, we can always go see the doctor." He said, not sure of what he was saying, all he wanted was for her to just agree to his quest.

"I can't, I can't even do it for your mother, if you truly love me, just wait until I'm ready. You can as well get a baby mama until I'm ready." He felt a pang of pain in his heart.

'How could she tell him to get a baby mama?'

"Okay, fine, I will wait, but how long do you intend to keep me waiting?" That was how much Andre loved her, and want to spend the rest of his life with her.

"Two, three years, it isn't that long, you can wait for me right?" She asked, caressing his chest.

'What? Two, three years? She expects me to wait for that long?'

He put on his clothes back and stride into his office, leaving her behind, which made her mad.

There is a room in Andre's office, he often goes there to loosen up whenever he is exhausted from work, and spends most of his time there when Ava is around.

She hurried after him and grabbed him, making him halt in his stand.

"What do you want, Ava?" He asked in a cold tone, his eyes showed no emotion.

She cringed and took some calculated stride back.

"Why are you mad at me? Don't tell me you can't wait for just two years or three?" She mustered the courage to ask.

Andre couldn't believe his ears. "You want me to wait for another two years before you can have a baby for me? We have been dating for five years now, was that not enough for you to make up your mind? Was it all fun for you?" He queried coldly, making Ava more nervous.

Ava and Andre met at the university, they started dating in their freshman year.

Ava is from a poor family, though her family is not that poor, they can afford little things but not all.

Andre is the eldest and only son of the warren family. He's father is late, he took over his father's company. He is also the founder and president of a gaming company.

He is ruthless, horrible, and arrogant. He is the opposite of his father, no one messes with him because of how cruel he can be.

He doesn't spare even a fly. They are one of the most influential familys's in New York. According to rumor, they are wealthy and sleep on money.

"You know what? I'm done with this conversation. I'm no longer interested in whatever you have to say, just give me the money I ask for, and I will take my leave." Ava said harshly.

All this was new to Andre, for the past five years of their relationship, nothing of such has ever happened, but recently because he asked for a baby, she has changed.

"What do you need a hundred million dollars for? I thought I gave you enough last week?" Andre asked.

"So you now question what I require money for? Are you doing this because I refuse to have a baby for you?"

"Common, don't twist it around, you know I can give you whatever you want?"

"You know what? F*ck you and your money, I'm out of here." She responded, and walked back to the room, picked up her bag and dashed out of his office.

Andre shook his head and plopped on the sofa.

"She's not the Ava I use to know, she changed." He muttered.

His office phone started to ring, he groaned and stood up to pick the call.

"Boss, it's me." The husky voice called out.

"Jasper, did you find anything on her?"

"There's nothing, boss, she's not seeing anyone."

"Okay, Just make sure you keep an eye on her, I don't know what she's been up to this day's."

"Okay Boss." Jasper responded and he hung up.

Andre buried his face in his palms, a sudden sweat engulf him. He wanted to propose to her that instant if she had agreed to have his baby, but she messed things up. He pulled out the ring from his pocket, picked it out from the small box, and placed a kiss on it.

He replaced it back inside and shoved the ring in his office, not minding where it fell. He picked up his car keys and step out of his office, got into his car and drove home.

He got home to find his mother seated in the living room reading a book. She always loves to read books. He forced a smile on his face and walked up to her.

"What is my beautiful mother doing in the living room?" He asked in a shaky voice. She lifted her head up, hearing his voice, with a smile on her face.

"Welcome home son? Did you get off work already? It's still early?" She asked while he took a seat beside her.

"Can't I come and see my beautiful mother? I have missed you, so I came to check up on you." He responded, and rested his head on her shoulder.

He was trying hard to avoid her gaze, she's someone who can see through you when you are bothered. He wouldn't want her to know he is unhappy, it will only make her sad and worry about him.

"That's so sweet of you, thank you." She responded, patting his head.

"Wait, why have I not seen Ava for a week now? She stopped coming, don't tell me the both of you had a fight again?"

He jerks his head up from her shoulder, his gaze on her.

"Mother, you know that's not true. Ava is a bit busy these days, but she promised to come see you, so don't worry." He responded, hoping to convince her.

"Okay, tell her to come visit, I will cook her something nice, or maybe her favorite."

His phone started to ring, and he excused himself to go pick it up.

He pressed the answer button and placed it on his ear.

"Boss, Ava just left the country with a man."

Andre almost loss his balance, but he quickly held the door close for support.

'Is that why she asked me to get a baby mama? Was this her plan? Is she leaving me for someone else? I just sent her a hundred million dollars, and now she's out of the country?

"Boss, are you there?" He heard and snapped out of his reverie.

"Yes, your Job has just changed, I need someone to carry my baby within twenty-four hours." He said, and hung up.

Chapter 2

2. Proposal

"Table five is waiting, what is taking you so long to come get their meal?" Collins yelled from the kitchen.

Amelia sighed, sometimes he acts grumpy.

"I'm coming, I'm the only one here. Hazel, Just step out." She responded and quickly dashed to the kitchen.

Collins picked up a cloth from the sink, and strode over to the cylinder to clean out dirt.

"Is she not done with that good for nothing boyfriend of hers? How many times will I tell her not to bring him over to the restaurant? If the boss finds out, he will terminate her employment."

Amelia did not wait to reply to him, she just picked the food for table five and strode out of the kitchen to serve them.

"Here's your order ma'am's, sir." She said, placing the food on their table.

A young figure, who was seating in between, kept checking Amelia out, licking his lips. Amelia noticed what he was doing and quick


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