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I am not Your Love Story

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Liam Smith, an orphan, has had a dream for years; to become a star of the ever-famous Lotus Pond Entertainment company. However, when he meets the famous and attractive CEO of the company, notorious playboy, Kain Jones, things take an unexpected turn. Kain is unfriendly, and rude and even rejects Liam’s wishes of joining the company! Kain is not at all what Liam had expected his childhood star to be like at all! Disappointed, but not put off, Liam refuses to give up on his dreams of becoming a star and vows to do anything to get that chance, including doing whatever Kain demands of him, but just how far is Liam willing to go? "Your fervent, misguided sense of entitlement is stunning," Kain snarls at me. His nose twitches in indignation before a slow, cruel smirk crawls over his lips. He mouths the word 'anything', repeating what I had just said before leaning in and taking my chin into his fingers, brushing my lips with his thumb as he says in a low growl, "why don't you show me...”

Chapter 1

I can remember the exact moment when I decided I wanted to be a star one day. Just like my favourite entertainer, Mister Kain Jones. There isn’t anything that man can’t do and he is handsome to boot! Looking back to my first impression of seeing him on tv, it was only natural to anyone who knew me; I had a huge crush on the guy.

Teenage crushes aside, my name is Liam Smith and I’ve been in the foster care system since I was a young child. My parents passed away, though I don’t really remember what happened and since then, I’ve bounced around from carer to carer. That’s all going to change, however, now that I’ve finally turned eighteen.

I am now legally allowed to sign a contract with Lotus Pond Entertainment, though getting an interview with their company can be difficult if not outright impossible. You have to jump through so many hoops, have some sort of special talent that you’re totally amazing at, or else you can say goodbye to even getting your application looked at.

The only saving grace with trying to aim for this company over any other is that there are so many branches of entertainment in the L-P-E that you have got a bigger chance of finding a place as a potential rising star than the others.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, “but Liam, why does it matter if you work there or not? Are you just a groupie trying to get in with your favourite star?” And the answer? Yes and no. I admit part of me hopes that I’ll be able to see Mister Jones since he now runs the company as the CEO, but the real reason I absolutely must join this company over the others?

They’re simply the better company. They have better opportunities to cast in movies or daytime TV shows, and they have bigger studios where you can learn all kinds of music. Of course, that’s because Mister Jones’ father, the man who owns the company itself, is one of the richest people in the world.

There is one more reason the L-P-E is simply the better choice. Though I hope I won’t ever need to make use of it; they specialise in Companions and through those Entertainers, one can rise in the ranks, learn the skills needed for other opportunities and get your name out there.

From what I understand, Companion's are exactly what the name implies. You get hired to join some rich man or woman for a night as their date while they party and live the high life. It is a less than ideal route but it is one that some people take, and if you’re popular enough in the role of Companion, you’re far more likely to get promoted into other roles.

Still, I have enough talents that I’ll never even have to look at agreeing to that form of Entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with keeping all the big-name people company during their parties or whatever, but I have bigger and better plans!

With a deep breath in, I feel just about ready and confident for my interview. I don’t know how I ensured my place, but in the next half-hour, I’ll be in front of some stuffy hot-shot who has to see what I’ve got to offer. I have my doubts it is Mister handsome himself, but I’m still looking forward to this, albeit really nervous!

Standing before me is the main branch of the company, though they have many buildings all over the world, each of them almost as large and as impressive as this one. I’m here early, but in this job that is usually looked on favourably. No one likes a late star and being tardy during an interview is a surefire way of failing before you have even begun.

I look down at the directions on the piece of paper the company sent me, detailing where I needed to go and who I needed to speak with and ask for. The only question was, when would too early be too early, or too late be too late. So many people were coming in and out of the building’s main entrance, but I did not know what kind of impression going in too early would make. Would it make me look desperate? But then too late, and I’d look like I wasn’t taking this seriously enough.

After a bit of self-inflicted anxiety, I made my choice to go in now. At worst, they would think I was just over-excited, wouldn’t they?

The signing in desk was busier than I thought it would be, but thankfully, there were many employees there to help sort people out and let them know where they were going, so it took little time at all to get to me. I was thankful that I came in when I did though, as the queues were getting longer by the minute.

The receptionist who helped me explained where I needed to go, down the hall on the right, take the last turning left, then the first right, and it would be the door at the end of that hallway. I could remember that. Right? She gave me a guest pass with my name and age on it, then sent me on my way with a smile.

This was it… this was the moment I was waiting for. My big chance at stardom!

Chapter 2

As I rounded the last corner, the number of people waiting in the hallway was unbelievable. There were people from all walks of life here hoping for the same chance as me to become a rising star. I knew there would be many people here, but I wasn’t expecting this amount of bodies! I wondered which of them were here to sing or to dance, or perhaps act.

Would they split us up into our various talents? Or would we just go in one by one and show off what we could do? While I was mulling over my thoughts, one of the staff members stepped up to me.


“Liam Smith,” I replied with a smile.

The staff member nodded and checked for my name on his list. On finding it, he nodded and ticked it off. “Very well, Mister Smith. We will call you in when it is your turn. Please wait here until then,” they said and moved on to the next person who had shown up.

The waiting seemed like it would take forever and they would never get to me.

“Mister Smith?” A voice c


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