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"You heard me, Damon Jones," I replied after a few seconds of silence that was honoured with his confused gaze. "I want us to be together. I want us to have sizzling moments that only you and I would know about. I want us to hold each other, and sweaty as our needs grow. Not once, not twice, but for as long as possible." I surprised myself with the tone of my voice. His hands on his waist, the man scoffed. It was a loud one. After a few seconds of making his feet dance in the very spot he stood, he faced me, the tip of histongue probing the flesh of his upper lip. That was a nice sight. It made my eyes linger on his lips longer than I intended. As my eyes quickly traveled to his wet shirt which exposed the nudity that I keep wondering about, he said, "You must be out of your mind, Selena." ~ In life, mistakes happen. A mistake like taking the wrong file instead of the file that contains your CV and other important documents a job seeker needs to have. But, there's no going back because you have a great job opportunity right in front of you. An opportunity that could vanish before anyone can complete the words, Jack Robinson. And, mistakes can lead to a lot of things. Things you could never imagine would happen in even five lifetimes to come. Like making a dangerous deal with a Mafia Queen... [Mature scenes inclusive]

Chapter 1


The sun was shining.

Not the kind of shining in a princess movie where the girl looks so beautiful with the sun rays on her face.


It was scorching.

My face dripping with sweat, I stole a look at the passers-by. They were talking and walking eagerly as though the intense heat wasn't there. I guess the sun decided to use me as its experiment.

I stole a look at the bear’s head in my hands and as I shook my head and blinked some sweat off my lids, I was tempted to scream; ‘Listen, people! If I die today, I died of heat!

But no one was looking my way. It was like I was not in a mascot bear body suit at all.

I mean, the body was rainbow-coloured!

Whoever ignores a rainbow-coloured mascot bear?

I sighed and held the white-coloured head up, stared at it for a while, and I could have sworn, the button eyes of the mascot head mocked me for a minute.

I quickly took my eyes off it and planted my gaze on the big tower clock far off.

I have just ten minutes left before my work for the day is over. Hopefully, I will leave early and without suffering any form of abuse from my boss.

I wish I didn't have to call Mr. Hands my boss. That man is somewhat of a terrible person.

"Listen Jones, either you put that head back on and stop gazing at that woman's butt or I fire you this instant."

Speak of the devil.

My eyes fell in pretense.

"Sorry boss," I replied in a low voice.

"Sorry, useless, I didn't hear you." Mr. Hands, with his unusual attire combination, cupped his right ear and leaned forward, flashing his neon-coloured tie which he carelessly tucked into his suit.

I know right? Neon... Ugh!

Gritting my teeth, anger already building up within me, I replied to him, "I said, sorry boss."

"Finish your work, dumbass. Then you can go back to staring at asses." A disturbing smile followed his raspy voice.

After my eyes watched him walk past the huge doors of the tall building, I put on the mascot’s head.

The company was trying out a new flavour of sweets and they had the idea to put them out at reduced prices for people to try. I was the unlucky employee who got to put on the mascot costume and suffer in the hot sun whose intense radiation was gradually reducing.

Thank God for that.

I picked up the tray that had just two sweet packets left in its span and went back to my position, an almost filled money jar hanging around my neck. I resumed the embarrassing dance that I had to do while my bear suit announced its existence with a loud, cringy song.

Despite the heat, I could not help but be glad that my shift was almost over.

My thoughts were about to take me on a journey, far away from the embarrassing moment I was in, when someone took the sweets from the tray and dropped something that was certainly not money in the jar.

Minutes later, the tower clock struck six pm and its loud ringing was enough to tell me that it was time to taste freedom.

Soon, I took off the entire costume and looked into the money jar.

The last person left a banana.

A freaking banana that had words written on it.

I want your d*ck.

Call me.


Shaking my head, I took out the banana and put it inside the hollowness of the bear's head. Soon I was passing through the company's glass doors, cool air welcoming my feverish footsteps.

Then, I went straight to the secretary's office which was exclusive to the ground floor.

"Hey, Linda," I greeted the red-haired woman seated by the unusually tall desk. I had to climb a platform to stand in front of the desk.

She tore her gaze from the computer screen and a smile replaced her seriousness as she looked in my direction.

"Damon. Hi." The tug on her lips easily turned to a frown. "Look at you, you are sweating." Her eyes traveled to my shirt. "It looks like you went for a swim in your shirt." She sighed at me while I managed to tug my lips into a smile. "Damon..." Her eyes were filled with pity.

Silently, I got down from the platform and climbed the short stairs that led to her seat.

After I dropped the money jar and bear suit beside her, I grabbed a stool and finally settled after a long day.

"I know, Linda. My life is trash. But you should not beat up yourself over my predicament."

"But, you deserve more than this. You have got potential bigger than this company. You are supposed to be a famous photographer by now if not for circumstances."

"Somethings are meant to be, Lin."

She twirled a strand of her hair as her bold, twinkling eyes squinted. "I think I found a post that might interest you." She faced her screen and continued talking. "There is this modelling company that needs two qualified photographers. I know you have heard of TIANOR."

I nodded happily. "One of the best modelling companies. When is the interview?" I couldn't contain the excitement that suddenly took over me.

"To... day."

My happiness crashed fast.

"Today? Wait, what time?"

"From eight am to eight pm," she replied.

My gaze quickly traveled to the shabby-looking watch on my wrist which was surprisingly still functioning well despite the numerous predicaments it has faced.

"This is fifteen minutes past six. I need to get my CV file from my house. Hopefully, I can make it back to the city by seven something-ish."

"Isn't your journey home about thirty minutes or so?"

My calculative mind processed Linda's words for some seconds. Then I replied, "Yes. If there is no traffic hold-up. I just pray I'll get a taxi on time."

"I'll just pray I get a taxi on time." She mimicked me with a child-like voice. "I will be driving you there. This is a great opportunity that you can't miss."

I got on my feet, feeling more energized than I thought I could be. "Thank you so much, Linda. Okay, let's go."

She grabbed the bear suit, ready to put it aside.

"I'll just put this right... here. Hey, what's this?"

I almost gritted my teeth in reaction to the approaching embarrassment as I watched her dig her hand into the bear's head. "A banana?" She looked at it, raised one of her brows, then looked my way. "I want your d*ck?"

I gave her a short sheepish smile as her gaze intensified.

"Wow Damon, you have fans already. Actually, it seems your little friend down there got some fans." She winked and I rolled my eyeballs.

She was talking as though I have been walking naked and showing women my, huh, little friend. Little did she know.

Linda packed her bag and soon led us out of the room after locking the door.

"You know, I can't remember the last time I got a d*ck."

"Linda!" My eyes widened at her sudden utterance which came as we walked into the car park.

"What? It is true. I need one right now," she said while her hands got busy with unlocking the car door.

Soon, we both entered, sat comfortably, and I said, "Linda, what you are saying is very, huh, very disturbing."

"Puh-lease, why are you talking like you don't have a p*n*s? I am pretty sure that gorgeous d*ck of yours has gotten lots of hits over the past week."

The engine revved for some seconds after which we hit the road.

God, this woman. She has used the same word so many times, heat couldn't help but rush through my cheeks and I just had to turn away in shyness.

I felt her glance in my direction.

"Heavens, don't tell me you are a..."

I covered my face with my palms.

"Don't say it," I warned, the tone of my voice thicker.

"A f*ck*ng virgin."

Chapter 2


"And she said it." My hands flew into mid-air with slight annoyance in my gesture. "She freaking said it."

"Damon." Disbelief filled Linda's tone. "You are twenty-five years old. A freaking twenty-five-year-old photography genius. A freaking handsome dude."

My head turned to face her and the expression she had confirmed the official title given to her by our colleagues. She was the drama queen of our company.

So, as I relaxed and decided to give in to the moment, I knew that her utterances were yet to come to an end.

Gripping the steering wheel a little hard, Linda continued, "I mean, you should have seen the look on my face the first time you stepped into our building. I was almost drooling. You looked like an angel in human clothing. So sweet, cute, and good-looking. And then I heard your voice. It... Oh my God."

I cleared my throat because her loud moan was causing our discussion to g


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