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Elena Titania

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Sprinkle Sprinkle ✨✨ Welcome to the world of a paranormal, fantasy and a dark romance writer, conjuring worlds where love and darkness collide, drawing readers into a spellbinding dance of passion and peril 🌹📚 elena_titania (Instagram) Elena Titania (Facebook) Elena Titania's Author Page (Facebook)


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"I want you... Lyulph.' I moaned, he kept fondling with my left breast as we both sat down on my bed facing each other, I could feel his hot intense breath on my face, my p*ssy dripped as his hand touched it seductively. "Do you really want me, Lycandra, I'm your brother.' he whispered and hovered over me falling completely to the bed with me, his legs between my thighs. "You know it's a taboo to be doing this, siblings don't touch each other.' "I don't care, Lyulph.' I opened my legs. "Can't you see how wet I am, please take me, I want your c*ck, f*ck me mercilessly.' "D*mn.' he muttered lustfully and deeply kissed me on my lips as we both ripped each other's clothes off with our claws. ***************************** Lycandra Agwang is an Alpha whose connections were cut off with her wolf spiritually, when an intruder made an attempt to r*pe her in her wolf form. After she got mysteriously kidnapped at a young age from the Mackenzie Pack. Which caused a huge trauma in her life and living in an abusive home with her monstrous father, the leader of the pack. Since then, she couldn't shapeshift, and people began to condemn her as a human and a pathetic Alpha, threatening to strip off her title. Her twin brother who is supposed to be by her side, changed overnight from a sweet loving brother to a cold-hearted Alpha. She must shapeshift to meet up to the clan's expectations and find her mate. To her dismay she was fated to three arrogant Alphas and the forbidden love growing in fury deep within her was instigated by another Alpha she dreaded the most. Her Brother. AUTHOR'S NOTE: For more details, questions and to read and follow more of my books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. Instagram elena_titania (New account) Thank you!

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“How do you like that, sl*t? I guess your c*m has already soaked down there, given by how your cheeks are flushed and your scent is hypnotizing me." “Lycaon." I whispered with continuously burning tears flowing down my eyes. "Please don't do this." “Should I take you or not, Luciana, I’m getting hard and my d*ck is about to pop out of my trousers.” he licked my neck lustfully with a low moan. “Don’t keep me waiting, Omega. I OWN you." “YES." I screamed in ecstasy as he grabbed my neck. “Take me and do whatever you want with me. Please take me, Lycaon." He grinned with lust. “Now, that’s more like it." ************************************** Luciana Falcon, an Alpha's daughter with a false identity and the next in line to be Luna, who desires a love life, is under pressure to marry one of the Alphas who approaches her for marriage, despite her declinations. However, she meets her fated mate, the Alpha she has been secretly in love with since childhood, who had a one-night fling with her during her heat. Amarok Lycaon He is a tyrant. He despises fated partners. He is every girl's fantasy. He ruled the pack as he darn well pleased. An arrogant, cold-hearted infamous Alpha who thinks only of himself. However, when Luciana becomes pregnant and publicly reveals Lycaon as the father of her child after being dragged and disgraced by her people. Lycaon Amarok denies it and allows Luciana to lose her title and be expelled from her pack... Follow me on FB- Elena Titania's Author Page, Threads—Elena Titania and IG- elena titania for more details and uploads.


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