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Elena Titania

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About me

Sprinkle Sprinkle ✨✨ Welcome to the world of a paranormal and a dark fiction Author who lives and writes in her fantasy world leaving behind a touch of suspense, an inspiration and addiction to her books. elena_titania (Instagram) Elena Titania (Facebook) Elena Titania's Author Page (Facebook)


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"I want you... Lyulph.' I moaned, he kept fondling with my left breast as we both sat down on my bed facing each other, I could feel his hot intense breath on my face, my pussy dripped as his hand touched it seductively. "Do you really want me, Lycandra, I'm your brother.' he whispered and hovered over me falling completely to the bed with me, his legs between my thighs. "You know it's a taboo to be doing this, siblings don't touch each other.' "I don't care, Lyulph.' I opened my legs. "Can't you see how wet I am, please take me, I want your cock, fuck me mercilessly.' "Damn.' he muttered lustfully and deeply kissed me on my lips as we both ripped each other's clothes off with our claws. ***************************** Lycandra Agwang is an Alpha whose connections were cut off with her wolf spiritually, when an intruder made an attempt to r*pe her in her wolf form. After she got mysteriously kidnapped at a young age from the Mackenzie Pack. Which caused a huge trauma in her life and living in an abusive home with her monstrous father, the leader of the pack. Since then, she couldn't shapeshift, and people began to condemn her as a human and a pathetic Alpha, threatening to strip off her title. Her twin brother who is supposed to be by her side, changed overnight from a sweet loving brother to a cold-hearted Alpha. She must shapeshift to meet up to the clan's expectations and find her mate. To her dismay she was fated to three arrogant Alphas and the forbidden love growing in fury deep within her was instigated by another Alpha she dreaded the most. Her Brother. AUTHOR'S NOTE: For more details, questions and to read and follow more of my books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. Instagram elena_titania (New account) Thank you!

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"Go harder, stepfather.' I moaned loudly as he slammed his crotch into me and held my waist with both hands. "You are so fucking tight, love.' he went faster and deeper into me. "I want you so much, fill your stomach with my cum, fuck.' "Fill me up, fuck, ahhhh...I... want to carry your child, Alpha, go harder please.' **************************** Natalie Zaenrys grew up in an abusive home which affected her life for years with constant fighting and quarreling all the time and was also denied love and affection by her parents. On a fateful day, her father, the leader of the Mackenzie Clan pack comes home on a rainy cool night with a pregnant She-Alpha, determined to get married to her and divorce her mother, this broke her heart at how her father was breaking their home and even worse, she had just found out her mate, her boyfriend she's been dating for years was getting married to her childhood best friend. Natalie turned cold and vowed never to love again, however to make matters even more worse, Natalie was drawn to another mate, who ruined her family and cursed her pain, the last Lycan on earth, diving into the forbidden love, her mother's Alpha. For more details, questions and more books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. IG - elena_titania (New account) Thank you!

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Oceana Daciana, who is promised to the Alpha of her parent's closest friend's son through an arranged marriage, realizes her brother is her mate on her eighteenth birthday after eight years of his disappearance without a trace. She was astounded by this finding, knowing that she had harbored these hot forbidden impulses for her brother since she was a child. Oceana welcomes her brother, Gerard, home. But he doesn't want her and pushes her away from him, understanding the risk and implications of taking Oceana as his mate. He has to depart. He must find someone to take Oceana's position. It is forbidden and a curse for them to be together, but there is one problem: Oceana is pregnant, and Gerard has left her to suffer the mate bond all by herself. AUTHOR'S NOTE: For more details, questions and more books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. IG - elena_titania (New account) Thank you!

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Luciana Falcon, an Alpha's daughter with a false identity and the next in line to be Luna, is under pressure to marry one of the Alphas who approaches her despite her declinations. But she desires love. However, she meets her fated mate, the Alpha she has been secretly in love with since childhood, who had a one-night fling with her during her heat. Amarok Lycaon He is a tyrant. He despises fated partners. He is every girl's fantasy. He ruled the pack as he darn well pleased. An arrogant, cold-hearted infamous Alpha who thinks only of himself. However, when Luciana becomes pregnant and publicly reveals Lycaon as the father of her child after being dragged and disgraced by her people. Lycaon Amarok denies it and allows Luciana to lose her title and be expelled from her pack.

The Hot Bad Guy.
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Ivy is a high school student, who loved to be alone after being betrayed by her father, cheated on by her boyfriend and stabbed in the back by the people she cherished the most. She turned cold, made a vow never to love again or draw anyone close. However, her vows wavers when she came across the handsome playboy named Kai, who gives a fuck about no one and whose father is a billionaire married to her mother. Will she be able to love again after what she's gone through and let Kai into her life, despite his advances?

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Johan Williams is a seventeen years old lad, a normal high school student, dating his childhood sweetheart out of similarity, it wasn't out of love.     He knew something was wrong, he isn't attracted to females no matter how much effort he puts in. Filled with anxiety, questions, Johan needed to talk to someone who knew better but when he bumped into the playboy named Haruto at a club, the richest dude in his school, demanding to be friends with benefits, all hell broke loose.     When the feeling called love comes into their relationship, Haru disappears.      One is abandoned, his heart fills with hatred.     The other is abused, no turning back.    Given their circumstances, will these two students ever come across each other and accept each other's feelings or never to see the other again? For more details, questions and more books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. IG - elena_titania (New account) Thank you!

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After the death of his father and his mate brutally murdered in cold blood, Bjorn Vayrian, an Alpha, became the leader of the Vanara Pack and also took ownership of his father's Multi-billionaire Empire. Heartbroken and depressed, he managed to take care of his entire family who were in mourning just to survive and find the killer who took away loved ones, but the problem worsened when he began having dark forbidden desires for his sister who turned out to be his mate, he must leave the pack, leave everything behind and never return. North Vayrian is an Omega who lived in a family of love and happiness, however things began to go wrong when she discovers her role model, the Alpha who she is secretly in love with is her mate changed everything, no matter how lustful, dark and forbidden her desires were, she chased after her mate. One wants to run and hide away from fate. The other is depressed, pressured and heartbroken. Will these two ever come together and accept their fate despite the pack turning against them and walking through the rocks of fire and ice? AUTHOR'S NOTE- For more details, questions and to read more of my books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. IG - elena_titania (New account)

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Rudina is from a prestigious family, her parents are Alphas of the clan who values their reputation more than their children. Rudina was downgraded, bullied, maltreated and mistaken for an Omega all her life because of her powers. Her parents were fed up and threw her out of the house, her boyfriend cheated on her with her sister, which broke and devastated her. Rudina struggled so hard to survive, discovering her identity as an hybrid, she kept a low profile and lived among humans, hoping not to ever find her mate. She hates them so much, it makes her blood boil. To her horror, she finds out about her mate, the most brutal monsters on earth. SEVEN of them filled with lusts, forbidden desires and they all want her in their bed.

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Rowena, a sixteen year old Omega who comes from an abused home, is arranged to get married to an influential Alpha from another pack. She had been locked up in a tower for ten years, suffering because of her cold-hearted mother to keep her virginity and prevent her from committing a taboo which could ruin them all. Her only escape was to get married and be free but deep down she has a deep burning desire she couldn't quench and hatred for her brother. However, on the day of her wedding night, she wakes up screaming to the dead body of her husband's heart ripped open and hung on the top of her bed. Her Twin brother comes forward with blood in his clothes. "No, Griffith. I don't want to marry him.' she panicked. "What have you done?' "You are my mate, my world, Rowena, I can't let you go and give yourself to another Alpha besides me, Rowena. He deserves to die and rot in hell."

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Luna Valdemar suddenly became an outcast in her pack after she lost her wolf and was rejected, mocked, and scorned by her mate. Heartbroken and traumatised by the incident, Luna's parents have no choice but to relocate her to their second pack, the Oceana Clan, in order for her to live a normal life, to avoid a stain to their reputation. And get her married to an influential Alpha for marriage. However, when the Alpha of the Oceana Clan, Lyfing Valdemar, secretly expresses a passing interest in Luna. She discovers that her family's secret is more difficult than she anticipated. Luna shockingly learns that the clan's Alpha who is in the place of her father was her mate and has marked her a long time ago and doesn't recall ever meeting him in her entire life. Her wolf was nowhere to be discovered to know if Lyfing is truly her mate.

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Crissie, an innocent seventeen years old, Omega is loved and cherished by her parents and the pack, lived a blissful life until the unthinkable happened. Her pack was invaded by their worst enemy, the Red Lycan Pack, annihilated her parents and wiped out the pack causing war and bloodshed. Filled with sorrow and horror, soaked with blood, she finds out that the cold blooded Alpha who murdered her parents is her mate, even worse he had a twin brother, the worst of them all, who wants everything to go his way and more of them kept coming, that's when she knew, she was fated to them. For more details, questions and more books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. IG - elena_titania (New account)Thank you!


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