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The Hot Bad Guy.

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Ivy is a high school student, who loved to be alone after being betrayed by her father, cheated on by her boyfriend and stabbed in the back by the people she cherished the most. She turned cold, made a vow never to love again or draw anyone close. However, her vows wavers when she came across the handsome playboy named Kai, who gives a f*ck about no one and whose father is a billionaire married to her mother. Will she be able to love again after what she's gone through and let Kai into her life, despite his advances?


I just finished washing these disgusting plates. Despite the blistering sun outside, I wiped my hands with a cloth and walked towards the dining room to eat the eggs and bacon I just fried for myself.And as I sat down to enjoy my meal, I heard the stupid doorbell ring. I got annoyed and grumbled at whoever was disturbing my peace.Couldn’t they have just walked in using an extra key? Whoever that person was shouldn’t disturb me and it better not be one of those mom’s useless boyfriends. I got up from my chair, wearing a white Tank-Top and a pink bum short and walked towards the door, unlocked it and opened it.I was about to yell at whoever the f*ck was knocking to get out of here and stop bugging me. Then, I saw my mom with all smiles and a man beside her who was in his late forties. I rolled my eyes. Not again. Not another boyfriend. What the f*ck? So, it's an old man this time. “Hi dear,’ my mom greeted me and came inside with this boyfriend of hers. I stood in front of them and eyed both of them, especially the man, and he waved at me.“Hi, you must be Ivy. My name is Andrew and your mom has told me so much about you.’ he gave a smile and stretched out his hand for a handshake. He was a man in his late forties, six feet tall, with black eyes, white skin, a thin mustache in his f*ck*ng face underneath his nose and his black hair was so shiny and it looks like a lot of hair oil was rubbed on his hair. It was too shiny and old fashioned I think. I scoffed. This man isn’t handsome at all. What did mom see in this man? Is it the d*ck or probably, good in bed, but he doesn’t like the type that has the strength to bang mom’s *ss, or is it his money? I know my mother better than anyone else. The boyfriends she always brought to the house were muscular. She always makes stupid noises, whenever she’s in bed with them in her room, forgetting that she had a seventeen year old in the house. Is she that desperate to get married?The man seems rich though or probably wealthy, because the shoe he was wearing cost more than a thousand dollars. I looked at him for a couple more minutes and turned my face away, ignoring him and heading back to the food I prepared earlier. I don’t want to interact with an idiot and a pervert.“Don’t worry, dear,’ my mom said with her sweet voice and rubbed his chest with her hand. “She’s just a teenager. Once we get married, she will be used to you around her and won’t do such a thing again?’ I almost choked on my food. They are getting married? “I know how children behave these days. I quite understand you, my dear,’ Andrew said and smiled at my mom and kissed her cheek. “Once we get married in fifteen days’ time, my son will move in with us and I also hope for the two of them to get along and I will always be with you. I love you so much, Nelly.’ “I love you too, Andrew,’ my mom sweetly said and they both shamelessly kissed in front of me.What sort of couples are these? My mother didn’t care to ask me if I was okay with her getting married. What kind of mother is this that only thinks of herself? She always thinks of herself and never asks for my opinion. She has always been like this since I was little, and she never cared about me. It was always about her and how to keep her youth and beauty. She didn’t like to wash clothes, clean the house, cook or even do anything relating to work. It was always the maid she hired that was doing all the work.What a heartless human being? Sometimes I ask the heavens the reason I was born into an unfortunate world. They both came to the dining table and sat down opposite me with my mom smiling sweetly at nothing.I got angry and got up from my chair and walked to my room.I don’t have time for this nonsense. As soon as I got to my room, I sat down on my bed and took my phone, opened it and then, I browsed through my phone avoiding my mom and her stupid boyfriend.I don't want to talk to anyone right now. I watched some videos and dozed off with my phone on my face and lay down on the bed. Few hours passed. I woke up hearing some noises coming from the dining table and looked at the time on my phone and got up, curious to know who was making the d*mn noise. I walked as fast as I could and as soon as I got there; I saw a handsome dude talking on the phone and he was so hot. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.“Yeah, I came as soon as I could. I can’t believe this was what father wanted me to come see.” He says and rolls his eyes. Who was he? I’ve never seen him before and who did he come with? I walked up to him and said. “Who are you? What are you doing at my house?’ I stood in front of him and he looked surprised at me for a second. “I will call you later, dude.’ He hung up and put the phone in his pocket and he faced me. “F*ck! You are hot,’ he exclaimed.“Huh,’ I pretended, like I didn’t know what he was talking about. What was this Jerk talking about? Though I felt flattered, I didn’t let it show on my face. “Yeah, you are hot and s*xy, though,’ he chuckled. ‘Are you Ivy, my step-sister-to-be?’ He asked. What? He...he was my stepbrother. No way, I can’t believe this. He was the one that my mom’s whatever fiancée was talking about.OMG. This wasn’t happening, right? Someone please tell me, this is a joke. "You are that old man, son." I surprisingly exclaimed and his father did seem like an old geez to me. Apart from that fact, I hate to admit this but he is also handsome. It is sure good to be filthy loaded. "Old man?" He chuckled. "You are quite hilarious, stepsister." "I'm not your stepsister." I rudely cut in."It was nice meeting you,'' he smiled and stretched his hand for a handshake in which I bluntly refused and eyed him instead. "Who the hell are you,' I asked with a frown as I folded my arms across each other.He just shrugged his shoulders and laughed amusingly instead. I don't know why I asked that question when he's already told me who he was. "I just introduced myself so why do I have to explain myself?' he asked. He was such a jerk."Explain yourself?!' I scoffed. "You just said, I was your stepsister and that's why I'm asking.''


I don't know his name, will I just call him Stepbrother and not his real name? "You mean you want to know my name, what my name is right? He chuckled and snickered at me.Why the hell is he having fun with this? Does he think this is a joke? "Yeah, I need to know your name and who allowed you in here,' I smacked my forehead as I suddenly remembered, of course, it will be my mother and that old hag of a husband. Why am I even bothering myself and wasting my time with this idiot that claimed to be a stepbrother of mine? He better watch his back because I wouldn't take it so easily with himThis is my home. "Never mind,' I shook my head. "As long as you are in this house, stay away from me. Don't talk to me, because I don't want to talk to you and neither do I want a brother instead. So get lost,' I strictly warned and grimaced as I walked past him. I've had enough of anyone's stupi


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