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The Alpha's Regret - My Luna Has A Daughter
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The Alpha's Regret - My Luna Has A Daughter

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Luciana Falcon, an Alpha's daughter with a false identity and the next in line to be Luna, is under pressure to marry one of the Alphas who approaches her despite her declinations. But she desires love. However, she meets her fated mate, the Alpha she has been secretly in love with since childhood, who had a one-night fling with her during her heat. Amarok Lycaon He is a tyrant. He despises fated partners. He is every girl's fantasy. He ruled the pack as he darn well pleased. An arrogant, cold-hearted infamous Alpha who thinks only of himself. However, when Luciana becomes pregnant and publicly reveals Lycaon as the father of her child after being dragged and disgraced by her people. Lycaon Amarok denies it and allows Luciana to lose her title and be expelled from her pack.


I had sneaked out of my home to go to the woods to get rid of my boredom.
I had so much fun with the people of the clan sharing lots of food and drinks to merrily and dance all night around a huge fire.
It was fun to be at the festival with everyone.
Instead of getting stuck in my home thinking about how I’m going to go for the moon festival, which is going to not exist for me because I despise fated mates and their bonds which kill werewolves' all the time if the other wolf doesn't cooperate with the bond.
The moon festival is all about fated mates and it terrifies me.
And I don’t want to get married according to my parent’s wishes.
They care a lot about their reputation more than their children and they don't care if I'm fated to anyone or not, all they want me to do is to get married to an Alpha to carry on the bloodline.
And getting married to a stranger is absurd and I also don’t think I am fated to be with anyone.
Not at the least.
I shifted back into my wolf's form as soon as I got back from the woods.
I surveyed my surroundings with my blue eyes before wearing my clothes on my slim, curvy body and tying my blonde hair into a ponytail.
I wiped off my pink lips with the back of my hand to get rid of any stain of me eating chicken and little drops of drinks on it.
I then took out my mouth spray, which I held in the back of a tree in the woods, and grinned.
I snickered and strolled to the wall of my enormous, luxurious duplex.
I jumped over the fence and landed on the ground on my feet and my fangs.
I hope to not see any of my guards or my parents because I will be in so much trouble if I’m caught outside.
I looked around myself once more to make sure I wasn’t looking at anything suspicious.
“Luciana!” my father yelled at me from behind.
Molly crap!
I stopped in my tracks with my eyes tightly shut with my heart beating at a rapid rate and wished the earth would just open up and swallow me whole.
I couldn’t even look at him.
My gosh! I don’t want to hear all this nagging and sh*t from my father on this cool evening.
I’m so sick of it, and meeting these people telling me what to do was even more sickening.
Why did the moon goddess give me this sort of parents who are demanding and quite strict?
Remind me of the reason I was born and brought up to this world again.
“I am talking to you, Luciana. Turn back and face me.’
I shut my eyes one more time and turned to him with hope that I get no scolding this time around.
“Ummm…yes. Oh, father, it is you. I didn’t know you were there.’ I forced out a smile and pretended to not have noticed him.
How did he know I sneaked out? Could Emily have snitched on me to our father?
Gosh! That little thing.
Why wasn’t I seeing Rayson around as well?
Damn. My father's nose of snorting and catching on to a wolf’s scent is something else.
“Are you stupid? Do you think I am a fool you could tell such lies to?’
I must have pissed him off with my attitude.
“No, Father, I thought it was...”
“Where were you?” he questioned solemnly, with a raised eyebrow.
“I…” I stuttered.
If I lie to him, my punishment would be so much worse than it is. For him to ask for my whereabouts shows he knows where I went.
“Cat go your tongue, Luciana?’ He glared at me with his red eyes, as if he was ready to punch me in the face any moment from now with his huge fist.
Though my father is an Alpha, he is a young man with a bulky body, tattoos on his neck, his black hair was a shoulder length, his white skin was as toned as a rock, his clenched jaw, his beards and his stoned face was one of the most scary expression I have ever seen and till date I still can't get used to seeing my father like this.
This is why everyone fears him as the leader and Alpha of the pack.
I wonder how my mother could stay with a stone iced-Alpha like this.
How did they even meet?
“I went to the werewolves’ festival to have fun.’ I grinned to lighten up the atmosphere because I was sinking in this gloomy look of his.
“You are having fun? We are busy preparing a party for you to find one of the Alphas who will be your husband and love you. You are busy having fun?’ his haughty tone froze my body in one motion.
“You are an adult and full-fledged wolf. It is high time you stop behaving like a child and act like a civilised wolf. Do you understand me?’
“Yes, father.’ I looked down at my feet, out of embarrassment.
“The next time I see you roaming around the clan again, Luciana, I will ground you. Don’t let me repeat myself. Respect yourself as the daughter of an Alpha. You are not a commoner.”
“But father…”
“Get inside this instant. We don’t have time. We have a lot of suitors and visitors waiting to see you.’ He walked past me and entered the elevator while I struck out my tongue behind him and rolled my eyes in annoyance.
Who else could be waiting to see me?
I’m not interested in seeing anyone. I hope it’s not one of those arrogant alphas asking for my hand in marriage because this time I will love to put their butt on a hot pot.
“Are you still standing there? Go to your room now, take a good bath; you reek of wolf smell; put on some decent clothes; dress remarkably; and appear before the ballroom. Do you understand?’
"But father…."
He glared at me.


My heart skipped as I swallowed, knowing disobeying him and complaining right now, wasn't a good choice.
“Yes, Father.’ I bowed.
“Off you go. Don’t be late.” he firmly instructed.
“Alright, Father.” I stopped midway and watched him go to the ballroom.
I turned left so I could dress up for these losers who call themselves alphas; they were getting on my nerves these days.
Can’t they look for someone else to get married to? Must it be me? And why are there so many of them?
I got to my room and saw my younger sister sitting down on my bed, watching anime movies.
“Emily.’ I called and shut the door behind me with a frown.
Why is she in my room?
“Hi, Luciana. I’m glad you are back. Dad and Mom instructed me to help you dress up luxuriously. If you can’t dress up, I will go call the maids and the stylists to help you.” She quickly explained.
“You mean dress up for those man whores? I don’t want to go to this ballroom. I will end


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