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Seven Mates

Seven Mates

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Rudina is from a prestigious family, her parents are Alphas of the clan who values their reputation more than their children. Rudina was downgraded, bullied, maltreated and mistaken for an Omega all her life because of her powers. Her parents were fed up and threw her out of the house, her boyfriend cheated on her with her sister, which broke and devastated her. Rudina struggled so hard to survive, discovering her identity as an hybrid, she kept a low profile and lived among humans, hoping not to ever find her mate. She hates them so much, it makes her blood boil. To her horror, she finds out about her mate, the most brutal monsters on earth. SEVEN of them filled with lusts, forbidden desires and they all want her in their bed.


"Hurry up!' He shouted. "Get those bags into the truck quickly, lazy workers,'' the manager yelled, coming toward us with his big belly and his white beards, wearing his blue loose trousers and white sleeve. "Don't you have anything more important to do than gossip, get your asses up and work." He ordered.

We all workers immediately stopped discussing and giggled in silence.

I went forward, carried the bag to the truck as I loaded it. It was quite heavy but I managed to get it up, using most of my strength.

After all, it is my work, my job and no one else's work.

If I refuse to get a hold of this, I will be fired instantly and I don't want that shit, it's ridiculous and it's so damn tough getting another job, quite hard and thinking of my bills even worsen the case.

"Hey, wolf.'

I knew who that was, the instant I heard his voice. "Hey, Mike,'

He always uses that nickname, especially when I'm outside.

He tapped on my shoulder with a smile. "I can see you are working so hard, sweetie.'

Mike is my best friend, who helped me through my rough moments, put me through life and taught me on how to protect myself when I was kicked out of the clan.

He is an Alpha, almost six feet tall, muscular and well built, long blonde hair, blue eyes, pink boundaries, pointed nose, has this oval shape of face, a bit lean, got bright features and he was as dazzling as the sun. Everywhere he went, girls flooded around him like bees, he was quite attractive, a bit feminine, he was still entirely handsome and also quite wealthy. Dressed in some casual clothes and orange snickers, his hair was tired into a ponytail and definitely admired by some of the workers here. I could recall when I almost got beaten by one of his fans because they thought I was his girlfriend.

"Oh, my! He is so hot.' One of them whispered happily.

"I want him for myself,' the blonde girl added.

What a bunch of losers.

I smiled. "What the fuck are you doing here, I thought you don't like seeing me doing such works.' I snickered, playfully nudging him in the shoulder.

"Came to see you and how you are doing this work and being under the hot sun, how your skin doesn't burn."

"As you can see, I'm busy as fuck, no work, no money, no food. I gotta do what I'm gonna do." I replied, chuckling, twisting my lips sideways. "A girl gotta do what she gotta do, man.'

"Yeah," he rolled his eyes at me, exhausted from hearing those words from me anyway. "I get you, come on, you are bigger than this, you need a good air conditioner and a nice food, even a spa to relax the bones. Life is short.'

"Not for us, wolves.'

"This is why you need a mate beside you, you are older now. Why don't you look for the one who will love and take care of you. You are suffering and you don't want me to help you, which is quite unfortunate.'

Can't believe the years have gone by so much, now that I think about it.

"I don't need a mate,' I said. "I can take care of myself.'

My life was already a living hell as it is, I'm tired, I don't need a mate. I am a woman and I can work, feed myself and make ends meet.

Don't need a fucking Alpha.

"When was the last time you had blood, your skin is so pale, that's why you find it hard lifting a damn box.' I looked around hoping no one would hear him.

"I don't need blood, I can handle this myself,' I put the last box inside and shut down the truck.

"Is that so,' he laughed. "So much for a hybrid, acting tough all the time." He mumbled.

"I'm famished,' I said out loud. "Come on, let's go eat before the manager sees us here.'

"Alright.' He agreed as we all got to my favourite place to order some burgers before he got a call and promptly left me there saying it was urgent.

I had to do this alone, well, it was fun.

"Have a nice day, Mrs Rieka." The worker cheerfully waved at me.

"Thank you so much, Nicki." I waved, holding my bag, heading to the door.

I was their favourite and regular customer anyway.

I closed the glass door, humming happily, walking out of the KCC BURGERS.

Damn, they had the best hamburger in the whole wide world, the aroma was enticing, hungering in my little world, I bumped into someone, painfully, winced, rubbing my forehead.

Who was this stupid person ready to ruin my day for me?

I glanced up, only to see a couple of men who were dressed in all black and eyeglasses and appeared like bodyguards standing in front of me.

Man, they look like batman in the movie, the expression was not a laughing moment at all and by their scents, I could tell they were Alphas and betas, wolves from a powerful clan.

Who were they? I looked behind me, were they escorting someone wealthy or something?

I gazed at them again, their stares were tearing deep into my soul, then, I remembered what transpired earlier and before I could apologize for doing nothing wrong, he grabbed me and put a cloth on my nose, I struggled with the man and blanked out, falling in the man's arms.

I woke up, finding about six men sitting in their seats. I was in the middle of them and they seemed wealthy and were Alphas, I could smell them right away, the air and how stuffy the atmosphere was, terrified me.

Was I kidnapped by these Alphas?

Why? I wasn't someone important, just an ordinary waitress and a bag carrier to earn a living, what do they want from me?

I glanced up, and seeing the Alphas properly in front of me, shocked me so much that I almost fell off my chair, if not that I was tied to it with chains.

"Hi, sweetie,' One of them beamed, got up from his chair and walked close to me, with a twinkle of his fingers. The chairs appeared behind him and he sat down on them and folded his legs across each other, fixing his black suit.


This book is not made for children, don't read if you are not up to eighteen years old, don't read it. It contains all sorts of things, Reverse Harem, Violence, abuse, rape, mates killing one another, also involving men in it, bxg sex scenes, bxb sex scenes, r18, betrayal, trouble in paradise, slavery, drugs, murder and so on and on, if you don't read such book and it ruins your day, kindly move on to the next one and ignore this book.

If you are okay with it, I will sincerely appreciate it and please post a comment or a review, tell me your thoughts and what you think of this book.

Thank you very much and have a nice day, everyone.




They knew magic.

I thought sorcery was banned 200 years ago, condemning it as black magic. Did they break the rule and went on studying it, after speaking against it online to the audience.

I recognize him.

I know them, I've seen them on TV,


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