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Seven Mates

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Rudina, a woofless and mistaken Omega, has spent her entire existence being abused, ridiculed, and mistreated by her clan and her self-centered, prestigious parents. Who were the clan's Alphas and leaders, favoring their reputation over their offspring? They were fed up with Rudina and evicted her from the pack. Her boyfriend cheated on her with her younger sister, leaving her stranded and hoping for greener pastures on the other side, crushing and breaking her heart. Meeting her SEVEN MATES, who were full of passion and forbidden wants for her while also being the most heinous wolves on the planet, was not what she had planned for. Follow me on FB- Elena Titania's Author Page, Threads—Elena Titania and IG- elena titania for more details and uploads.


“Hurry everyone!’ He shouted.

The manager, with his enormous stomach with white beard, shouted at us to hurry and move the bags into the truck..

“Don’t you have anything more important to do than gossip? Get your asses up and work.” He ordered.

We all workers immediately stopped discussing and giggled in silence.

I went forward, carried the bag to the truck as I loaded it.

It was quite heavy, but I stood up, using most of my strength.

After all, it is my work, my job and no one else’s work.

If I refuse to get a hold of this, the manager will instantly fire me, and I don’t want that sh*t. It’s ridiculous not getting paid for your hard work, and it’s so d*mn tough getting another job, quite hard, and thinking about my bills even worsens the case.

“Hey, wolf.’

I knew who that was the instant I heard his voice. “Hey, Mike,’ I smiled, seeing how good looking he was.

He always uses that nickname, especially when I’m outside, to tease me and put me in a good mood.

He tapped on my shoulder with a smile. “I can see you are working so hard, sweetie.’

Mike is my best friend, who helped me through my rough moments.

Put me through life and taught me on how to protect myself when I got kicked out of the clan as soon as I turned into a rogue.

He is an Alpha, six feet tall with bright features.

He is also muscular, well built, with long blonde hair, blue eyes.

He had pink lips, a pointed nose, and had this oval shape of face. He was as dazzling as the sun.

Everywhere he went, girls flooded around him like bees.

He was quite attractive.

He was still entirely handsome and also quite wealthy.

Some workers here admired his ponytail while he dressed in casual clothes and orange snickers..

I could recall when I almost got beaten by one of his fans because they thought I was his girlfriend.

He was a famous alpha for his beauty.

Sometimes I asked myself how I ended up with him when I was not even up in his league.

He was part of a pack led by his father, and I was a rogue.

“Oh, my! He is so hot.’ One of them whispered happily.

“I want him for myself,” the blonde girl added in a whisper.

What a bunch of losers! Are they even aware I can hear them?

I smiled, focusing my attention on him. “What the f*ck are you doing here? I thought you hate seeing me doing such work.” I snickered and playfully nudged him on the shoulder.

“I came to see you and how you are doing this work, being under the blistering sun, how your skin doesn’t burn puzzles me.”

“As you can see, I’m busy as f*ck. No work, no money, no food. I gotta do what I’m gonna do.” I proudly replied, chuckling, twisting my lips sideways. “A girl gotta do what she gotta do, man.’ I uttered with pride, knowing he wouldn’t like that.

“Yeah,” he rolled his eyes at me, exhausted from hearing those words from me, anyway. “I get you, feminist. Come on, you are bigger than this. You need a good air conditioner and nice food, even a spa to relax the bones. Life is short to be all serious.’

“Not for us, wolves, and stop calling me a wolf feminist.’

“These are my reasons on why you need a mate beside you. You are always bickering with me. You are getting older now. Why don’t you look for the one who will love and take care of you? You are suffering and you don’t want me to help you, which is quite unfortunate. Plan for the future and I won’t stop calling you a wolf feminist, won’t stop bugging you, until you find someone.’

Can’t believe the years have gone by so much, now that I think about it.

“I don’t need a mate,’ I said. “I can take care of myself and stop acting as if I’ve clocked 50. I’m still a young 24 years old hybrid, and not some gumbo. Besides, I’m not suffering but working hard for my future.’ I sarcastically uttered.

My life was already a living hell as it is.

Waking up in the morning to know you are going to work, earn money for some upkeep was tiring.

I’m tired, I don’t need a headache and mate issues.

I am a woman, and I can work, feed myself and make ends meet.

Mates are distractions and s*x, nothing special to it.

No feelings or love, just s*x. They break your heart and the next thing; you are some mashed potatoes at their feet.

Don’t need a f*ck*ng alpha because I can take good care of myself.

“When was the last time you had blood? Your skin is so pale, that’s why you find it hard lifting a d*mn box.’ I looked around, hoping no one would hear him.

“I don’t need blood. I can handle this myself.’ I put the last box inside and shut down the truck.

“Is that so?’ he laughed. “So much for a hybrid, acting tough all the time.” He mumbled.

“I’m famished,’ I said out loud. “Come on, let’s go quickly eat before the manager sees us here and does not let us eat lunch.’

“Alright.’ He agreed as we both got to my favourite place to order some burgers.

We both sat down on our respective seats and the air conditioners were refreshing and drying the sweat off my body.

I felt like staying here for hours and not going back to my workplace again.

Throughout today was exhausting as sh*t.

“What would you love to eat?’ he asked, looking through the menu.

I gave a long yawn and sigh to show him how exhausted I was.

“You can choose anything. You know my favourite food here. A large hamburger, chips and a bottle of orange juice.” I responded as he nodded his head and got up from his seat.

“I will be right back. Let me order it for both of us.’

I nodded as he walked off to go get something for us, and then my thoughts wandered to the past.

How horrible my life was!


He made me who I am today, yet the only thing I dislike is being dependent on him.

He made me who I am today, yet the only thing I dislike is being dependent on him.

I prefer to work and own my stuff instead of relaying my burdens on someone else.

Instead, I will carry everything all by myself.

I know he has tried multiple times to help me and make things easier for me, but it isn’t working and I don’t know what else to do but to rely on myself repeatedly and work hard.

I can't be relaxed and lazy because he is filthy wealthy.

I need to have some respect and regard for myself.

He is caring, a kind-hearted Alpha who knows about my life story.

I know he can do a lot of things for me, but I don’t want to take advantage of him because he is wealthy.

I want to work, go through challenges and learn more things about life, werewolves and where I truly came from.

After Mike’s and my research, I discovered I was not truly my self-ce


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