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Pregnant And Aborted: Seducing My Mate's Brother.

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Rowena, a sixteen year old Omega who comes from an abused home, is arranged to get married to an influential Alpha from another pack. She had been locked up in a tower for ten years, suffering because of her cold-hearted mother to keep her virginity and prevent her from committing a taboo which could ruin them all. Her only escape was to get married and be free but deep down she has a deep burning desire she couldn't quench and hatred for her brother. However, on the day of her wedding night, she wakes up screaming to the dead body of her husband's heart ripped open and hung on the top of her bed. Her Twin brother comes forward with blood in his clothes. "No, Griffith. I don't want to marry him.' she panicked. "What have you done?' "You are my mate, my world, Rowena, I can't let you go and give yourself to another Alpha besides me, Rowena. He deserves to die and rot in hell."


AUTHOR’S NOTE: NO INCEST/ NO CHILD ABUSE. THIS STORY IS AN 18+ BOOK. A DARK WEREWOLF ROMANCE BOOK THAT CONTAINS CONTENT, READERS MAY FIND DISTRESSING INCLUDING REFERENCES TO GASLIGHTING, BLOOD, HATRED, S*X, DARK LOVE, TOXIC LOVE, SEXUAL ASSAULT, VIOLENCE, ABUSE, POWER, TRAUMA, HIDDEN AGENDAS, MATES AND FATED MATES. THIS BOOK CAN TRAUMATIZE YOU. SO, IF YOU ARE NOT UNDER 18, DON'T READ THIS BOOK, IT IS NOT MEANT FOR KIDS. BE WARNED. For more details, questions and to read more of my books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania, Elena Titania's Author Page or on Instagram - elena_titania (New account) “Come catch me, brother.” I playfully sprinted through the garden. Giggling with my brother, Griffith, and hid behind the trees as the fresh wind blew nearby. “Rowena,” he called me with a snicker. Why is he snickering like that? What is this Alpha up to? Does he think he is smart by putting up such a face? “I will get you for sure.” He sniffed through the air, tracing my scent with glowing red eyes. Oh, boy! He’s going to find me.Before I could take another step, he caught me and hugged me so well that our bodies touched and sparkled. He is fast for a hybrid. “Griffith.” I whispered, and my body tingled as he touched me. It felt so warm that I didn’t want to leave him. “Rowena.” He gently sat down on the grass as he hugged me so tight, with me sitting on his lap… “Are you okay, Rowena?’ “I love your scent, Griffith; it makes my body funny.” I muttered, with the feeling of warmness flowing through my veins. “You mean you feel so warm inhaling my pheromones?” he confirmed with a chuckle. “Yes.’ I nodded. I looked up at his face while I was resting my chest on his with a bright smile. He put his soft, warm hand on my forehead. “Your fever is gone now,” he mumbled. “Yes, it is gone. I told you I could still play and move my body, Griffith.” I beamed and kissed him on the cheek. He is the best brother in the world. I don’t know what I would ever do without him if he wasn’t by my side. Wherever I go, he is always there, helping me and being my shield. We are best friends. We are identical twins with blue eyes, white long hair, pink lips, a bit of an oval expression and a pointed nose. Griffith was me and while I was Griffith. Wolves can’t easily tell the difference between us sometimes because of how our scent and we are so similar to each other. Griffith could lie he was me by pretending so well, as long as he copied my voice correctly. And I could also do the same as well. The palace gave Griffith and me different clothes to distinguish us.. To make matters more hilarious, they open our private parts to know who Griffith and Rowena are. After all, we are still little kids who know nothing about the world. That’s how much we looked so much like each other. Our cuteness has made the clan adore us.. The realms envy us for our beauty and wish to become like us. I am an Omega. Griffith is an Alpha, and we are both hybrids. Half-wolf. Half-vampire. We were mixed-blood, and because of that, everyone looked up to us as the most powerful wolves in the realm. We were the first Valaenas to be born in the realms. My brother and sister, who are my younger ones, are the second and third Valaenas to be born. We are Quadruplets and they were both alphas and full-fledged wolves, taking after my mother but not identical like Griffith and I. While we hybrids with different powers and genders, took after our father, the Alpha King of the realms, and the Celestial Dragon Pack. Ruling and handling two kingdoms, which took about fifty packs to merge into one, was a monumental task. My father will always be powerful, for being strong enough to carry out such a duty. That’s why everyone fears and respects him, but no one knows what a snake and a monster he is. My mother is also a snake in a green grass, a psychopath, and a sadist. I have this certain thought: people know the true nature of who my parents are but are terrified of speaking against them for fear of being killed. I don’t care how abusive my parents are; I love Griffith. He’s my protector and savior. I will always stay by his side to protect him from any harm and evildoers who want his life and me as well. “I knew you were stronger than that.’ He smiled and patted my head, and my gaze fell on the necklace with this big red egg with closed eyes and a puffed-up mouth with a nose. “Why are you still wearing this scary little ball?” I pointed at the thing on his neck. “Mom says I shouldn’t take it off,” he said with a shrug. “Then, hide it. It’s hideous.’ I commented without consideration. “Oh, sorry,” he said. I have always felt hostility toward this necklace on his neck. It looks so scary to me, and there are times I look at it and feel as if it’s telling me to back off or something. My wolf, Zara, doesn’t like it either. It gives off these weird vibes. That’s why Griffith always covers it, so I wouldn’t see it. He knows I don’t like it one bit. I don’t know why our mom wants him to wear something so monstrous. She's weird. We just have to obey her because it could protect his life; we don’t know about that for sure. That’s what keeps me from telling him to take it off, since he always listens to me and obeys me without question. But for certain, I don’t like it. He hid it behind his clothes and jacket so I wouldn’t see it. At least that should cover it soon enough. “Are you still seeing it?’


“Nope!” I shook my head. He smiled. “You are pretty handsome, Griffith.” I love teasing him with his cheeks being so red; it’s adorable. “And you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, Rowena,” he uttered lovingly with a smile. I grinned happily and rested my forehead on his. “Thank you, Griffith.” I murmured as my heart swell with so much excitement and pride. A couple of minutes of lying down in the grass and cuddling with each other in our warmth passed. I lifted my head, took hold of his face, parted my lips, and kissed him like the guard was doing with a maid in the kitchen, and it felt pleasant. I knew it would feel good. His lips were so soft and warm, I couldn’t stop sucking on them. For the next few minutes, it was what we were both doing. I then raised one of my legs up and wrapped it around his waist. It felt like paradise to kiss my brother on the grass inside


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