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Not Your Mate Anymore.
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Not Your Mate Anymore.

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After the death of his father and his mate brutally murdered in cold blood, Bjorn Vayrian, an Alpha, became the leader of the Vanara Pack and also took ownership of his father's Multi-billionaire Empire. Heartbroken and depressed, he managed to take care of his entire family who were in mourning just to survive and find the killer who took away loved ones, but the problem worsened when he began having dark forbidden desires for his sister who turned out to be his mate, he must leave the pack, leave everything behind and never return. North Vayrian is an Omega who lived in a family of love and happiness, however things began to go wrong when she discovers her role model, the Alpha who she is secretly in love with is her mate changed everything, no matter how lustful, dark and forbidden her desires were, she chased after her mate. One wants to run and hide away from fate. The other is depressed, pressured and heartbroken. Will these two ever come together and accept their fate despite the pack turning against them and walking through the rocks of fire and ice? AUTHOR'S NOTE- For more details, questions and to read more of my books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. IG - elena_titania (New account)


My name is Bjorn Vayrian, a ten years old Alpha. I know my father for being a multi-billionaire and owns an enormous empire in the whole of New York.

He was the leader of my pack, ruling the werewolves as he damn fits and everyone fears him and doesn’t wish to step on his foot.

He was quite a very strong muscular leader, who ruled with fierce hands, leaving no room for his enemies to attack him.

My father was my hero, who I admired so much that because of the position he was in, he had a lot of enemies who craved for his head every single day. That even I, as his son, had to train hard, day and night, to protect myself from getting killed.

Everywhere I went, with him was always a dangerous thing to do, because I had to be watchful of my place.

It didn’t matter if I had bodyguards. I still have to be on the lookout.

Even my bodyguard could be one of my enemies at anywhere, anytime. Who wants to take my life because they loathe my father and will do anything to hurt him through me if they can’t get to him? Even the food we both want to eat have to be cross-checked before eating the food from the maids who prepared them.

You never know, they could be poisoned and we wouldn’t want to risk that, at night, about a hundred bodyguards, wolves, especially Alphas and Betas, will always be on patrol to make sure we were safe.

That’s how our life became, growing up with my father was one of the happiest moment of my life, he was kind and caring to me, taught me a lot of things about the rules and regulations of the Vanara Pack, he also taught me to never let life pull me down, no matter what it takes.

His advice always helped me in every step, in any path I took. It helped me. He was always there for me and I was never alone for a single day.

Sometimes, while he was away on a trip, he left me with his family, which were loving and exceptional people.

They loved me so much that I prayed to stay with them forever.

Our family was quite huge. My father had five brothers who were all married and had kids, which were my cousins.

We played around the duplex my father had built a lot, and we all had lots of fun around the area.

I was quite a gentle and playful Alpha at the same time. I wanted to be nice and kind-hearted to everyone around me, unlike some Alphas who just want to bully people to their own advantage because they are among the top Alphas in rank.

My father had taught me to never abuse my power for anything unless it was bad for my family or I needed to protect someone. He taught me a lot of things as the first son, as the first Alpha of the family of Vayrian.

My family is loving.

We were living together as one. Though I never knew who my mother was, I heard she died while giving birth to me.

Whenever I think about it, it makes me sad, creating this sort of feeling like I was the one who killed my biological mother. If she had not chosen to save me, she would have still been alive by now.

But my father, my uncles and my aunties had warned me several times to not think about it. They assured me they were grateful to me for being alive so they could hold me and shower me with lots of love and affection.

They also said they never once regretted having me. My mother loved me so much and that was why she sacrificed herself to save me, since she couldn’t make it and didn’t want me to die along with her.

It felt a bit relieving to hear those words, but I wish I could bring her back to life, so she could see how much I have grown during the years and also thanked her for choosing me over herself.

I sometimes look at the portraits of my mother, pray to her to always watch over me as her loving son was doing his best, and he wouldn’t fail her.

My uncles and aunties adored me. They both acted like my parents and were always there for me, so while growing up, I never felt the absence of not having a mother.

My aunties, my grandmother, became my mothers and took excellent care of me with love and affection.

I reached the age of eighteen. I was one of the top rank in school who had a high IQ, so I hardly get less than an A+ on my report cards.

I was the most successful student at my school.

I won lots of awards, won lots of competitions. I was called a God who always did everything right, and they adored my uniqueness and praised me for being the best.

I have shoulder length straight white hair, beneath my hair is black, which I usually tie it into a ponytail or just leave it the way it is.

All members of the Vanara Pack must have a black hair and while the rulers of the pack must have white hair, that’s what differentiates us from the rest of the people and makes us the best as the rulers of the pack.

I also got sparkling blue eyes, pale red lips, my skin was the purest, filled with muscles, abs and veins, I was quite muscular but not bulky though, quite snatched and turns out I became a very handsome Alpha, who everyone drools over in where I go.

I am six feet tall, have a pointed nose, an oval-shaped face with a jawline, got a couple of piercings and a lot of tattoos which I hid beneath my uniform but they were the baddest.

I was the hot bad guy in school; I slept and warmed most of the girl’s bed I encountered; they were desirable and lovingly; they were also good in bed too. It’s not like I forced, deceived them or anything to get into bed with me. They begged me to have sex with them. They wanted to have a taste of me.


As an Alpha, I know I might sound like a pervert here, but they came to me out of their own free will and I needed women to comfort me because of my rut. My rut gets painful and lonely if I don’t have a female beside me.

That’s why I warm their bed nearly all the time. I try not to get so into it, more like being obsessed with it.

I have self-control; I know when to have sex and when not to, but because I feel lonely and haven’t met my mate yet, that’s why I feel this way. It was fun while it lasted, but as an Alpha; we love to get our dicks sucked, have sex with our wolves taken over, it makes us happy, and fills our bones with beam. All it takes for an Alpha to be a suitable type of Alpha is to be with dignity and to have self-control.

So, within a month, I had an encounter with my mate and she was my first love.


I sprinted even faster and crossed the red line as the first. Everyone went cheering for me, yell


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