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My Brother Is My Mate.

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Oceana Daciana, who is set to marry the Alpha of her parents' closest friend's son, realises her brother is her mate as soon as she turns eighteen. She was shocked by this discovery after eight years of searching for him, knowing that she had harboured these heated forbidden feelings for her brother since she was a child. Gerard, Oceana's brother, returns home. But he doesn't desire her and pushes her away, knowing the dangers and ramifications of having Oceana as his mate. He must leave. He must locate a replacement for Oceana. Because their union is both prohibited and cursed.    Follow Author's account on F$cebook and In$tagram for more details and books.  (F$cebook) Elena Titania's Author Page.  (In$tagram) elena_titania


“You don’t belong here.’ I stood up from a rock with a grin, walked towards the Alpha, who thinks he has sealed my fate.“I have crossed through damnation and endured so much in your hands for all these years, and as the Alpha of the Malroux Clan, I want you to give me back my mate.”“You are a monster to this realm. You will destroy this clan as soon as you get her; that’s how much of a tyrant you are. She is your sister. I’m not handing her over to you. Get out of here now.’ The Alpha King is determined to beat me.I scoffed and flashed before him at great speed, and grabbed him by the neck with my bloody claws.        Everyone gasped.“She is my world, she is the reason I live, Alpha. She is my life.” He grunted as he struggled with me before the crowd, holding his neck. “Give Oceana back to me; she belongs to me, or else I will burn down this clan with you in it.’ The ground shook uncontrollably, and people began panicking. Oceana’s Pov.It is such a chilly day for me, which is why I’m stuck up in my room in the softest bed in the world, reading a manga with my best friend playing Barbie.Jessie happily climbed on my back, spreading out her hands in the air, staggering, and shaking her balance as my bones hurt like baffling.“Get off me!” I yelled at my best friend to stop climbing on top of my body; it was pretty annoying and painful.“Look how high I can fly; it’s a beautiful thing.” She softly sang one of her favorite Barbie cartoons.We’ve also been friends since we were babies because both of our parents have also been best friends since before we were even born.Jessie is an eight-year-old Beta, my best friend, and a sister from the Paxon Pack.She had blonde hair tied into a ponytail, a round nose, blue eyes, very short, white, smooth skin, and almost little hands. Her lips were as red as a lollipop. That’s kind of weird, right? Using the term “lollipop” Well, that’s how I can best describe how red her lips were.She is so beautiful as a baby that you can’t pass her by without taking a second look at her.We wear almost the same clothes and dress in the same pattern; if she packs her hair, I do mine as well; we do nearly everything to ourselves, so much so that people mistook us for being twin sisters, and well, I don’t mind; she is the only one I got in the whole wide world, and I was just two years older than her.My sister—it didn’t matter to me, she wasn't a sister by blood. We are almost the same thing, yet the only difference between us is that my long hair is white, my bright dark eyes are kind of red, like the color of a wine. I have a pointed nose; I love to wear pink gowns on special occasions, jeans, and a hoodie to school.I’m an Alpha, the princess of the Mackenzie Clan, and the daughter of the ruler of the realms.I am in the top rank as an Alpha.      I rolled my eyes. “Will you stop singing? It’s annoying and gets off my back. I don’t want to repeat myself, Jessie."“Come on, I just wanted to know how high I can fly.” Jessie left my back and jumped on top of my bed happily as I bounced.“By jumping on top of my body,’ I scoffed. “You could try doing it in the sky and see how high you can fly,’’ I said sarcastically. “She will probably fall down and crash her bones. Jessie just ignored me, cackling, and glanced at the manga I was reading.“Reading some BL comics again.” She smiled.“Yeah,’ I emphasized, rolling my eyes.“Isn’t it weird reading this genre of manga all the time? I prefer romances to BL ones.”“Well, that’s your preference, and this is mine; it’s not like you love to read, anyway.” I pointed it out.“Yeah, reading makes me dizzy.” She rolled her eyes in a circle, laughing.“I thought as much, so leave me be,” I mumbled.“I hate reading; why do you love reading manga? Doesn’t it bore you? I prefer to watch Barbie. My favorite Barbies are “The Princess and the Pauper, Barbie: A Fairy Secret, Barbie in The Nutcracker, and “Barbie And The Twelve Princesses”    I rolled my eyes. “Enough, I’ve heard enough.”“But they are the best; I would love to be Barbie someday, live in a castle with my prince charming, or I could be Cinderella, don’t you think?’ That was such a ridiculous compliment, or should I say, a statement?“Come on, Oceana, answer me.’      “What’s your problem? Leave me alone, Jessie.” I shifted my body away from her and laid down properly on my soft peach bed and my fluffy pillow. ‘No, I will not,’ she said, getting up from the bed. “I’m just asking a simple question that needs a simple answer,’ she yawned, covering her mouth. “My mom is going to kill me if I don’t show up at the werewolf ceremony. Oceana, let’s go.” She stood up from the bed and nearly pulled me along with her.        I sighed for the fifth time. ‘The ceremony is about wolves meeting their so-called mate and bonding with them, right?’ “Yeah, since my sister is eighteen, she is gonna meet her mate, kiss, and bond.” Her flushed her cheeks beamed with excitement; she is always dreaming about meeting her prince charming when she is just eight.       What a dummy.“And your mother wants you to attend; you are not even a teenager yet.” I reasoned. Why are parents so obsessed with getting their kids together with this sort of fated mate thing?Is it a sort of curse or something?


“I know, but I just want to see how it goes and meet my prince charming,” she dreamily said.      “Ew. That will be so disgusting.” I frowned in disdain. “Meeting a lot of alphas feasting on their mate or a bunch of them on one person, all moaning and making stupid noises. They should ban us from that sort of ceremony; we are kids. You are still a kid; why will you be dreaming about meeting your mate at this age? We are supposed to be kids, not adults.”“It doesn’t matter if a child encounters her mate in this day and age; don’t be such a killjoy. I want a mate, and it doesn’t matter to me if you want one or not.” Jessie laughed out loud at my words.“That’s such a hassle, Jessie; you watch too many movies. That’s why you think life is full of roses when you meet your mate; trust me, you are going to hate your life for sure.’“It’s not about watching too many movies; I want someone for me, just like my sister, to love,” she argued.“Love is not everything.’ I re


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