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The Alpha's Loathed Obsession.

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"I want you... Lyulph.' I moaned, he kept fondling with my left breast as we both sat down on my bed facing each other, I could feel his hot intense breath on my face, my p*ssy dripped as his hand touched it seductively. "Do you really want me, Lycandra, I'm your brother.' he whispered and hovered over me falling completely to the bed with me, his legs between my thighs. "You know it's a taboo to be doing this, siblings don't touch each other.' "I don't care, Lyulph.' I opened my legs. "Can't you see how wet I am, please take me, I want your c*ck, f*ck me mercilessly.' "D*mn.' he muttered lustfully and deeply kissed me on my lips as we both ripped each other's clothes off with our claws. ***************************** Lycandra Agwang is an Alpha whose connections were cut off with her wolf spiritually, when an intruder made an attempt to r*pe her in her wolf form. After she got mysteriously kidnapped at a young age from the Mackenzie Pack. Which caused a huge trauma in her life and living in an abusive home with her monstrous father, the leader of the pack. Since then, she couldn't shapeshift, and people began to condemn her as a human and a pathetic Alpha, threatening to strip off her title. Her twin brother who is supposed to be by her side, changed overnight from a sweet loving brother to a cold-hearted Alpha. She must shapeshift to meet up to the clan's expectations and find her mate. To her dismay she was fated to three arrogant Alphas and the forbidden love growing in fury deep within her was instigated by another Alpha she dreaded the most. Her Brother. AUTHOR'S NOTE: For more details, questions and to read and follow more of my books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. Instagram elena_titania (New account) Thank you!


Trigger Warnings For This Book: This is a dark werewolf romance containing violence, abuse, betrayal, trouble in paradise, drugs, murder, s*x, fated mates, forbidden s*x and forbidden love.Don’t read if you are not up to eighteen and can't handle the content of this book.

For more details, questions, and more books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. IG - elena_titania (New account)

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"I…reject you, Lycandra…" I went to him and kneeled before him, begging him not to do it.

"Please don't do this, you are the only one I have, please I beg of you, don't do this to me, it's the full moon, and I can't bear it if you reject me, how will I be able to survive if you do this to me.'

"This is wrong, you are my sister Lycandra, I can't do this with you.' he shouted.

"You are the one I have, why do you have to do this to me, you can't just abandon me.'

"Yes I can and it's over between us, Lycandra, the next time we see each other, we will be total strangers.'

My world fell apart.



I turned to the other side of the bed, putting a pink pillow over my messy hair. Some strands of my hair were in my mouth though stinking with my dry saliva but I didn't care, turning a deaf ear to my mother's calls.

She was so loud.

I needed my beauty sleep, as the daughter of the Alpha leader of the Mackenzie Clan, I don't need to be disturbed by anyone and ruin my face with black bags and pimples because of my inability to sleep probably and get a good amount of rest due to my mom's shouting at me to wake the hell up and go for school.

I smiled and went on with my beauty sleep when the door slammed open, I sniffed my mom's scent and pretended to be fast asleep.

"Come on, Lycandra, get up from the bed, it's time for school.' she announced.

"Mom, I'm cominnnng,' I stressed.

"Listen, I don't want to come upstairs and remind you, Young lady, or else I will have to report you to your father.' She informed me and shut the door behind her, man, if she really reports to my father, my life will be doomed to failure.

What's making her so mad this morning to want to threaten me, was Dad not at home again?

Well, I know her pretty well, she wouldn't do that to me right, she loves me so much to want to report me to my Dad.

Dream on.

Naa, she's just making noise, good riddance she is gone for good, anyway, before she comes back, I would have taken my bath, eaten my breakfast, and gotten ready for school too.

She's just bluffing, trying to scare me. Give me a few minutes, just a little sleep and then I will be awake in seconds.

I dozed off, for heavens knows how long, I tried ignoring the alarm clock, it wasn't working for me and the horrible sound of it was pissing me off as it persisted.

F*ck, what the hell.

I kicked the stupid alarm clock which refused to stop ringing and groaned, taking the pillow off my head and covering it with my face.


"Ahhh,' I shouted in frustration, got up angrily to knock it off for good, and realized it was nearly seven in the morning.

"Molly crap, what in the f*ck*ng frogs world is going on.' I jumped out of bed and dashed towards the bathroom taking off my nightwear so I could brush my teeth and take a quick bath.

I should have known not to take a little sleep instead of getting up, the minute mom woke me up, I can't believe I slept for two freaking hours and the sun was already out.

Crap! Crap! Crap!

Why didn't Lyulph wake me up? Did he leave for school without me? How dare he?

I looked around at my luxurious room and saw no sign of Lyulph and he wasn't even in bed, the place devoid of any presence.

Did he really leave without telling me about it? This is so unfair, what kind of a big brother was he? Why didn't the maids wake me up, oh, I remember, I told them not to ever wake me up again. They always do that early in the morning and it's dehydrating.

Crap, just the thought of brushing my mouth was annoying, standing in that cold wide bathroom even with my slippers on is not satisfying enough. Should I call someone or man, the bathroom was freaking cold, I don't know if it's because I'm a wolf or something, because no matter how long I turn the heater on, it's just isn't working.

Anyways I need to be quick about this and get the hell out of here, I hate taking my bath in the morning, except for in the afternoons and evenings, that time the weather is pretty warm and cool, this is California we are talking about.

Have you ever gone to school without brushing your mouth? Out of laziness you just decided to sprinkle mouth spray in your mouth to make it smell nice because you don't want to touch the cold water.

Well, in my case that didn't work out for me, the breath of my mouth went from sleep breath to the smell of rotten eggs and my friends made fun of me all day long at school because of it, since that day, I had promised myself to never go to school without brushing my mouth and also figuring out that I have a awful breathe if I don't brush my mouth and it's pretty embarrassing for anyone to discover that sort of thing especially from a beautiful Alpha like me, very shameful.

I would turn into a laughing stock and be the topic of the headlines tomorrow.


The shame would be too much to swallow in no matter how anyone tried to control me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dirty or anything, I'm as clean as a snow baby, but at times I just get lazy and bored staring at the mirror brushing my teeth and doing nothing, which irritates me at times and I hate the cold.

I wish I could switch some music on or something to keep me entertained but my father hates music and would kill me for it.

And keeping a dirty mouth is disgusting right, I know but it's exhausting. What if I want to kiss someone someday? Thinking of that too is terrifying.

My name is Lycandra Agwang, I'm seventeen years old, an Alpha, and a daughter of the Mackenzie Clan from the Alpha's bloodline. We are among the top richest families in history. We live in a luxurious penthouse which costs about millions of dollars. Money is not our concern, it's as easy as getting candy. Our bloodline was among the wealthiest


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