Her Tasteless Alpha.

Her Tasteless Alpha.

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Elena Titania
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Khaleesi Scandinavian is a prestigious and an attractive Alpha, who's been rumored to be a cold and a Serpent Princess was the daughter of the Lycan King, the ruler of the Mackenzie clan and the seven realms, until her Alpha whose life is filled with mysteries, breaks up with her and on the same day, she finds out she is pregnant. Lyulph was born with a tasteless tongue. Alone, neglected and abused made him grow distant from others and also lost his brutal father's favor, who was the leader and also king of the realms. Two broken souls, a princess and a tasteless Alpha. Will they ever be able to heal each other's wounds or will their past come back to hunt them. AUTHOR'S NOTE- For more details, questions and to read more of my books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania, Elena Titania's Author Page or on Instagram - elena_titania (New account)


“Please calm down, Lyulph, please calm down.’ I begged with shaking hands as my body shivered with dread. “Please tell me what I did wrong, I beg of you.’ Tears were pouring down my cheeks. “Please tell me if I offended you so we can sort this out. Please don’t shut me out. I beg of you, tell me what I did wrong so we can sort it out and solve this problem…’

“This isn’t about you, Khalessi.’ he held my shoulders and forcefully squeezed them as his eyes glowed red.

“Ouch, it hurts Lyulph,” I begged, and he took his hands off my shoulders.

“Listen to me, Khalessi, this is about me and not you,” he stated. “I am the problem here. I’ve got to fix this before I get pulled down the road to my death, and not even you can save me. I wouldn’t be able to save myself. I can’t be your Alpha and wouldn’t know how to protect you, so please let me handle this.’

“What are you talking about? I never asked you for anything, Lyulph, I don’t need protection. Where is all this coming from? Did my mother threaten you or something?’

“Are you even listening to what I’m saying to you?’

“No, I’m not listening to whatever you want to say to me because you are not making sense. I don’t understand you.’

“That’s why you need to fucking listen to me.’

“Please Lyulph, don’t go, we can get through this together…we love each other so much…and you promised to always love me, you promised that whatever happens, you will always be by my side, Lyulph, you promised.” Tears streamed down my face. I went to him the minute he drew himself away from me and held his shoulders to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and that, this was a fucking reality.

He pushed my hands off him. “Promises are meant to be broken, Khaleesi. That’s why they are made. We need to stop this before we get caught, what we are doing could cause death.”

“I don't care. Promises are not meant to be broken, Lyulph, but need dedication and commitment. You can’t do this to me, you said you were going to get married to me, you said you loved me so much and that whatever happens, through thick and thin you will always be by my side, we will fight through it together even if the world turns their back on us. What happened to all the oaths you made to me and how can you say we should cut things off, we’ve come this far, you can’t stop what we had, just because you are scared of the clan, why are you breaking my heart, Lyulph, we’ve come this far. What about me that's in this? Are you even thinking about me, my feelings, Lyulph, it hurts me. Please stop hurting me. I can’t take this anymore. Tell me all this is a joke.”

“It is not a fucking joke. I am not scared of the clan. I just want to leave. I need my own space. I’m nothing but a monster who has been cursed by some witch. Do you think I want to live like this for the rest of my life, hiding, making love to you and that’s it? I want to be free in the realms, whatever we are doing is against the law.” he paused and rubbed his temples, giving a shaky breath and then, he sighed while shutting his eyes and stared blankly at me.

I am getting scared at this point.

We were so good to each other. Where is all this coming from? Why didn’t I ever have a clue about what he was being worried about?

Or was I still dreaming? My body trembled with fear as I slightly pinched my arm to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

‘I don’t want to drag you into this,’ he began with a solemn tone. “Please. We’ve been through this before, Khalessi, and you know the fuck I’m going through. I can’t keep staying here, as time goes on, you would get tired of me, you would want to get married to the person you desire, and you will eventually come across your mate someday and I don’t want to face that, I just want you to be happy and don’t forget you are an heir to the throne and keep up with the good work, Princess Khaleesi.”

“What the hell are you saying? Are you just going to throw away everything we had together, how do I make you believe that you are the one I love. I love you so much my heart bleeds, why are you being this obstinate, what the fuck is wrong with you, I do not need a mate, I need only you, not someone else.”

“Khaleesi,’ he came to me. “It is time to wake up. This is not some dream or fantasy, this is reality. I have something inside of me that I need to take away from me. I have to do this alone, Khaleesi. Don’t even think of stopping me because I wouldn’t listen to you, and whatever we had needs to be thrown into the sea and forgotten.”

I cried, shook my head, and began hitting him in the chest and giving him a hard slap across the face.

“How dare you?’ I screamed. “I should throw away our feelings into the sea. I’m a wolf, an Alpha with feelings. Don’t you consider your words before they come out of your mouth? How could you brush me aside just like that? All these years, what was I to you, Lyulph? I thought you loved me.’ I burst out in tears and nearly fell to the ground before he quickly held me in my hands.

‘Are you okay?’ he asked concerningly with a lot of emotion in his tone.

“Are you joking, or do you really want to break up with me?’ I whispered with a slight hope of him saying he was joking, and take back his words.


“I’m not joking. I’m dead serious about us growing apart. Let’s put an end to this relationship, Khalessi, I’m tired of it all.’

“You are tired of it all.’ I nearly laughed at his words. My heart was pounding so hard.

“Yes, I want to leave and I hope we don’t see each other again.’

Those words ripped me apart. I stared at him emotionlessly. My body was shivering non-stop as I stood properly on my feet and looked at him for a while.

“We did lots of things together, we made love and had lots of fun, did all that just meant nothing to you? Were you ever in love with me, did you ever feel any slight of love towards me? Why do you want to push me away, Lyulph?’ I burst into tears again. “Please don’t throw me away. I love you so much and I don’t know what to do. Please don’t leave. I beg you, if you do, I don’t know what I will ever do, so please don’t leave. I love you so much Lyulph, I could scream to the world, tell everyone how I love you so much


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