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Fifteen Mates.
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Fifteen Mates.

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Crissie, an innocent seventeen years old, Omega is loved and cherished by her parents and the pack, lived a blissful life until the unthinkable happened. Her pack was invaded by their worst enemy, the Red Lycan Pack, annihilated her parents and wiped out the pack causing war and bloodshed. Filled with sorrow and horror, soaked with blood, she finds out that the cold blooded Alpha who murdered her parents is her mate, even worse he had a twin brother, the worst of them all, who wants everything to go his way and more of them kept coming, that's when she knew, she was fated to them. For more details, questions and more books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. IG - elena_titania (New account)Thank you!


“Oh, fuck, Josh,’ she moaned. “Go harder. I’ve been waiting for this. You are my fated mate.” She seductively muttered with a moan.
“Ahhhh…agh…screw me shitless, fuck me like a bitch.” She yelled.
He moaned with desire and moved deeper inside her, holding her close and increasing the pace.
Their scents mingled in the air…
“I’m cumming, baby,” she cried, playing with her pussy, fingering it and moaning out loud.
I couldn’t watch this anymore and ran out of there.
They were hurting a virgin like me and my innocent eyes.
Was mating with werewolves' that strong? I wondered.
It was the sexual awakening of a werewolves' ceremony.
A top-notch festival meant for betas, Omegas, and Alphas.
They were each encountering their mate and making out lustfully in hidden areas.
Some were making out, moaning, and having sex with their partners in each corner.
While some just went straight to the point and fucked the hell out of each other.
It was also the mating hot season for wolves to meet their mate and bond with each other.
Here I was, looking like some mashed boiled potatoes before them.
I quietly walked away after a glare from one of them.
Well, I wasn’t supposed to be watching them. I was invading their privacy and I could see that.
I was the daughter of an Alpha. It would be embarrassing if rumours were to spread like wildfire that I was being a pervert, peeping at a couple while they were having sex.
Hey, don’t even go there. I’m not like that and I don’t care what they do, but I just came across them, not spy on them.
I was nervous about meeting my partner. I wondered how they would be and if they would accept me. I also thought about how our intimacy would be..
I dressed up for tonight, excited to meet my mate.
My father can't wait to meet him too and sometimes jokes about us getting married even though I'm only seventeen..
The ceremony was a blast! Everyone was celebrating our victories with wine and music in the background, except for me.
The wine wasn’t exactly my thing. I don’t want to get drunk before meeting my mate. What would he think of me, seeing me all drunk? Gosh, I will die of embarrassment.
How was he going to be?
Was he going to be simple and gracious, jovial and carry me all around the place?
We will go to some exciting places and also go for our honeymoon.
Was he going to be some strong Alpha with a deep voice and be all protective of me, showing me love and much affection?
That’s exactly my dream and how I want him to be.
Little did I know, I was in for some big mess that will turn my life upside down and change into chaos.
We were at the top of the mountain. The breeze was so cool, and the trees blew like winter, flowing through my body that morphing into my wolf's form was the most amazing thing ever.
There was plenty of food and drinks for everyone to enjoy and be merry.
While I was playing with my friends, giggling as I ran around the whole place with them, but soon left me and went for their mates.
“Crissie,’ my mom called. “You better be careful and don’t go outside the mountain okay, it’s dangerous and I wouldn’t want to search for you instead of your mate.”
“Alright, mom.” I obediently answered as I rolled my eyes.
Knowing I was still going to go out of the mountain to go see the flowers, butterflies and the little crescent moons flying around.
It was amazing and I don’t want to go home anymore and my mom should stop treating me like some kid.
I’m old enough to take care of myself.
Since my mate hasn’t arrived, why don’t I go have a little fun all by myself?
Just thinking about it, the trees, was making me so excited and wishing I could stay here forever. Even though my wolf told me to listen to my mom, I just ignored her and went ahead with my plan.
The best fascinating site in the world and I love them with all my heart.
I turned back to go look at another spot, then I noticed some strange shadows lurking outside.
I sniffed a rusty smell, following my instinct I wanted to go check it out.
I went there and found myself bewildered, idolising the flowers and the butterflies.
After about a few minutes, I ran back and told my parents what I’d seen, neglecting that I was warned not to go to random niches and not get lost.
I moved inside and saw something that shocked me.
Warriors were invading the clan.
The fire was set ablaze all over the place and I widened my eyes in horror and I shouted for help and quickly searched for my parents but I felt a hand on mine and it was my father dragging me outside the mountain as we both ran to the forest.
“Father, what is going on? Where is mom?”
“Crissie, run as fast as you can. We have no time, you hear me?’ He shouted, panicking and was filled with so much fear.
“What is happening? Did the rogues invade our clan?’’ I shouted as we both ran.
People were screaming for help.
I was overcome with terror when I saw someone’s head fall in front of me with blood splashing on my face and my gown.
I cried out and my father yanked me away from the head in front of me as we both sprinted as fast as we could; it filled my eyes with tears. I was scared. The dreadful moment of us dying as I heard a woman begging, crying and getting slayed terrified me.
I could smell blood from miles away as we fled, and I tripped my ankle on a rock and fell on my face with my gown getting in the way.
My father noticed it and quickly came to me worriedly.
“Are you okay, Crissie? Can you walk?’
I shook my head. “I can’t walk far, I can’t,’
I whimpered, feeling its pain while making and keeping my bones from moving itself and my father tried to carry me up, but the unthinkable occurred.
Before I could tell what was happening, my father said a few words to me which I couldn't hear.
And forcefully pushed me into some bush and warned me not to make a noise.
“Well, well, how the mighty have fallen,’ I heard laughter and by its smell, I knew it was an Alpha.
Oh, no! The leader of the rogues.


"Please, leave the clan and us alone. I'm begging you." I heard my father say to the Alpha.
"I should leave you alone? Why should I do that? What makes you think if you plead with me, I will set you free?' He wickedly laughed.
I felt this dreadful feeling run down my spine and covered my mouth with both hands to not make a sound, but I could see them a little.
The Alpha took a woman who was crying unconditionally, begging him for her life and dragging forward on her knees.
He used a dagger to cut off her long hair, and spot out his claws, pireced his claws into her chest and dug out her heart with a smirk on his face.
"No, you can't do this. This isn't what we agreed on." My father yelled, and the Alpha took a step closer to him. "Then why were you running away and abandoning your people, Alpha of the fire pack?"
"Let them go,' he boldly said with anger in his tone


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