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Javier was a skilled wine-taster and expert at evaluating women. Going from bed to bed was typical for him until one day, he woke up next to an attractive woman. However, something was different this time. It was his own bed. She was stunning and didn't leave because their marriage certificate stated, 'she will take half of everything he has if they divorced.' Unfortunately, he couldn't even remember when they got married because he was too drunk. Or perhaps it was just a prank!

Chapter 1

A. Javier

"Baby, I want you now!" As Helen pressed me against the wine bottles and pinned me there, her arms eventually wrapped around my neck, and her hand came close to touching my groin. I shook my head and cleared my throat in confusion."What? Here? Now?" As my body began to heat up on its own without my consent, my eyes fluttered with a look of disbelief."Yes, we are in this very moment! Without hesitating for a single second."Bewitching were Helen's earnest glance as well as the way she chewed on her lower lip."All right, but what if somebody sees us?" You are one of my customers! It's possible that the boss will terminate me."Baby! Your own father is your employer! You are the rightful heir to this wine company, aren't you? Therefore, he has no grounds on which to complain about the way you attend to the needs of your customers." She had her hand in my pants at this point, which caused me to let out a gasp.I nodded in agreement and lifted her dress as we took refuge against the wall. "Okay, I guess we can do it quickly," I said to her. The amount of time we spent was exactly ten minutes.My day-to-day activities consisted of giving women the pleasure of my company and drinking to excess. Despite this, I put forth a lot of effort in my position in our wine company."Javier!" The stern tone of my grandfather's voice broke into my train of thought. I quickly straightened out my suit, gave Helen a peck on the cheek, and dashed outside to meet my grandfather."Yes, boss!" As I found him discussing business with some clients, the sense of relief that had been building up was audible in my voice."Where have you been?" My father's eyes widened in alarm as they took in my untidy appearance, and his gaze remained fixed on me."I was simply making sure something was right! Do you require anything, boss? My voice wavered."Yes, act like a responsible adult while you're at my office! You're not even in your teens! You will be 25 years old very soon! Please help me find a wife for yourself!"Nobody failed to notice the expression of contempt on my father's face."God! Wife! " No, I'm not ready to make a commitment just yet.Just get out of here!" Your mother has been attempting to get in touch with you; she needs you as soon as possible. My father had a stern manner of informing me. In contrast to the severe manner in which he conducts himself at work, whenever my mother is brought up, he immediately transforms into a respectful spouse. She is very dear to both of us.I acknowledged my error and then corrected myself, saying, "Yes, I'm leaving!" Father, please try not to be late. Sorry, I meant to address you as boss! After saying my goodbyes to him, I was walking to my car when I ran into one of my ex-girlfriends, and she said, "Baby, I want to see you tonight." She dropped hints."I'm sorry, but I can't help you right now. Because my mother has asked for me, I must now hurry." In response, I hastened to get into my vehicle and speed off in the opposite direction.I drove back to our mansion, which is spread across hectares, and when I got there, I entered our lovely home after parking my car in the garage. Because most of my relatives are female, I often had the impression that I was the only male in the house."Mom." After searching the area, the staff eventually sent me in the direction of the kitchen when they realized I was looking for her. She had a large staff of maids, but she preferred to do her own cooking since, truth be told, no one could prepare a dinner quite like she could."I can't believe you made it! Why are you making me go through this? You keep referring to it as an emergency, but, in reality, it's just a routine concern!" As soon as I walked into the kitchen, I reprimanded her."Son, please hear me out! You have to eat dinner or you're going to run out of energy, especially after using so many beds! She replied with an arrogant smirk while crossing her arms over her chest."Mother!" I yelled. It's not that.""Oh! In reality! I can't believe it, Javier! I'm so upset! She interjected, her voice tinged with dissatisfaction as she spoke."Honestly, I'm not going to hop from one bed to the next! All I do is trade places with the other girls on my bed, that's all." I teased her in a playful manner before giving her cheek a swift pecking kiss."Son, your future is inscribed in the tarot cards and the cup of coffee you're drinking right now! She reaffirmed this while forcefully placing her hands on my shoulders and saying, "You are going to fall in love with a virgin girl very soon."I made a puzzled face and scowled. "Mom, why do you keep telling me this?""I don't care!" I believe that you are still unsure of what it is that you want. It's not necessarily the case that you're gay just because you had a lot of flings with different women. I'd rather see you get married to a dog than sleep with every girl who walks in the door." My mother murmured something to herself under her breath."Can we change the subject, please?" I pleaded for forgiveness by partially opening my eyes wider."Yes, but first, promise me that you will stop sleeping with girls without discrimination and find a wife!" "Yes, but first, promise me that you will find a wife! And refrain from drinking during the night! As she issued the severe instruction, the intensity in her gaze increased.I showed my willingness to give in by putting my hand on my head. "I promise, mom.""Now, would you be open to going on dates with complete strangers? I..." My mother had begun to explain, but I interrupted her while she was talking by shaking my head. "No way, not even close! I'm not just handsome, but also wealthy and appealing! Why should I go on a blind date when my phone is already loaded with the contact information for hundreds of potential partners? I argued against it."All right, then, go find somebody!" You could totally be a model for a high-end fashion publication! But here you are, driving a luxury automobile, wearing branded clothing and costly shoes, and yet you are still living a life that has no excitement or passion. The look on my mother's face conveyed utter bewilderment. I couldn't help but wonder where the criminal activity was!"So what?" I questioned her while raising a brow at her response."Let me tell you, son, that the only thing that will make your life enjoyable is love, not money. It's true that money may buy you life, but that doesn't mean it will automatically make you happy. You will, at some point in the future, meet someone with whom you will fall madly in love, and she may end up turning her back on you. I found out from my mother. Her tarot cards were always honest with her. Because of this realization, I experienced mild chest pain, which I attribute to my dread of making a commitment and having my heart shattered.After entering the house, my dad greeted my mom with a peck on the cheek as he made his way into the kitchen. "It seems as though I am interfering with private time. As I stood up to depart, I gave them a wink before saying, "I'll be on my way then.""Take a seat!" "First, eat dinner, and then get out of here," my father instructed in a commanding voice. I complied with his request by giving him a nod.The bell on my phone started to ring. An acquaintance of mine with a less stellar reputation was calling me. I had to excuse myself in order to respond with "Hello, Sam." I spoke quite quietly into the phone.Sam sent the following directive: "Meet you tonight at the Gabriela Club, and don't be late.""All right, see you later. I responded with a hushed, "See you at midnight," and then turned back to my parents, who were looking at me with an expression that was all too familiar: disappointment. I could tell by the look on her face that she had been listening to our chat, so I gave her a sly smile."Javier, this cannot happen again. Please," my mother begged, buckling under the weight of my grin. After giving her a peck on the cheek and a quick hug, I hurriedly left the house while waving her off. "Until next time." I heaved a sigh and wondered how much longer I could continue to have fun at this job if they were going to continue to nag at me so much. My life was so exciting up until the point where it wasn't. Everything does, in the end, end up being flipped on its head.

Chapter 2

A. Javier

My friends waved and said, "Over here, buddy," as I entered the club for the first time. A swarm of young women descended upon me and began to smother me in kisses. I am a womanizer, that much is true. To what end?

"Oh my goodness, this club is amazing! There are a lot of fresh faces here tonight, and they are all hot babes. I can't help but think, "Who is going to be the lucky girl that gets to share my bed tonight?" I licked my lips as I looked at the bar in front of me.

My good friend Sam teased me by tapping my shoulder and saying, "Bad boy," while he laughed at me.

"Why are you still here drinking, Sam?" I asked him with a sneer and a touch of rhetoric while tapping him on the head. "Learn from me!"

"For God's sake, choose a wife!" Sam pleaded with us.

"Sam, I should call you a 'joy killer'; you're like another mother to me, always giving


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