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Ruined her innocence
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Ruined her innocence

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"Please, release me," she pleaded through tear-filled eyes, her voice trembling with desperation. Struggling to catch her breath, she found herself trapped in his forceful and uninvited embrace. Ignoring her cries and pleas, he remained indifferent to her suffering. Driven by the overwhelming grip of alcohol-fueled jealousy, he acted without full awareness of his actions, though he knew the cruel intent behind them. With all her strength, she tried to push him away, desperately attempting to gain an inch of freedom. But his weight held her down, pinning her to the bed, his voice dripping with menace as he uttered, "No, I want you now." In a heart-wrenching act of violation, he brutally took her innocence, devoid of any remorse, before finally letting her go. She was his younger brother's fiancée, and this horrifying encounter was merely the beginning of his revenge. In a matter of seconds, a once innocent girl was forced to confront the harsh reality of the world, but rest assured, justice will be served.

Chapter 1

Isabella sat nervously in her room, peering out of the window every so often, awaiting her fiance Zack's arrival. Her mind was consumed with thoughts of finalizing wedding plans and determining the exact date for their special day.

With Zack preoccupied with work, Isabella had taken on the responsibility of handling all the wedding preparations. She eagerly longed for the moment where she could officially become his wife, especially now that she had recently graduated from high school and turned eighteen.

Zack had gone to great lengths to convince her parents to allow them to marry at such a young age, arguing that he was no longer a young man himself. At twenty-five, he had been entrusted with full authority over one of his father's companies.

Undeniably, Zack was every family's dream partner - wealthy, handsome, and genuinely in love. It was no surprise that Isabella's parents had no objections to her moving in with Zack's family before the wedding. After all, she would be living there once they were married.

The grand family house, akin to a palace, was already inhabited by Zack's father and a multitude of servants, so there was little cause for concern.

However, little did anyone anticipate the presence of Xander, Zack's older brother, who had gained a notorious reputation in the business field as a heartbreaker.

Xander, an approaching thirty-year-old, was known for his womanizing ways, earning him the title of the "nasty wrecker." With a different woman in tow every day, he indulged in his sexual desires, leaving broken hearts in his wake. Women flocked to him, eagerly offering themselves to him, only for him to discard them and move onto his next conquest.

And then there was Xander, a wrecking ball in the business world. He was ruthless, stopping at nothing to achieve his goals, often leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Money and authority consumed him, driving his every move.

But it wasn't just in the business world where Xander's dominance reigned. His forceful presence extended to his personal life, both inside and outside the bedroom. He had a reputation for exerting control and leaving broken hearts in his path.

Isabella, on the other hand, had only ever had eyes for Zack, her fiancé and true love. From the first time he confessed his love to her, to the flowers he would gift her and the gentle kisses on her hands, he had captured her heart from a young age. His unwavering love and protection had blossomed into a deep affection that she couldn't ignore.

Yet, despite her devotion to Zack, Xander consistently ignored her. His dismissive attitude perplexed her, but she brushed it off, not allowing his behavior to affect her. That is, until one night, when circumstances beyond her control brought them together.

As Isabella anxiously waited in her room, she heard strange noises downstairs and the screeching of a car. She hurriedly went to the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of what was happening, but the darkness hindered her view. Suddenly, the entire house went black as the electricity went out. Startled and filled with dread, Isabella fought back the urge to scream, her fear of the dark threatening to overwhelm her.

Silence engulfed the room as Isabella sat and waited, desperately hoping that the one who arrived would be Zack. With each approaching footstep, her anticipation grew, causing her to stand up as the door swung open.

But to her shock and dismay, it wasn't Zack who barged into her room. It was Xander, his presence casting a shadow over the uncertainty of her future.

He moved closer to her, his eyes scanning her body with a sensual and lustful gaze.

Feeling her heart race, she nervously met his gaze. Her voice quivered as she asked, "Is something wrong? Your room is on the other side of the corridor, remember?" Her innocent reminder was a subtle attempt to distance herself from his intoxicated late-night appearances.

But her innocence meant nothing to him. He forcefully pushed her inside and slammed the door shut. The smell of alcohol on his breath made her flinch and shiver.

She took a step back, pleading, "Xander, please go. You're clearly drunk and it's concerning."

No need to remind him, he was well aware of his condition. This wasn't anything new. Every day, he came home like this, and since she had moved in, it seemed to be worsening. He was always angry, particularly after Isabella's wedding and Zack's distant behavior.

The reason behind his anger remained a mystery to him.

Was it the alcohol, the overpowering lust, or even love?

He didn't consider anything else in that moment, solely focused on taking what he desired, even if it meant using force.

Pulling her into his chest, his hands roamed down her thighs and up to her chest. When she attempted to break free from his firm grip, he tightened his arms around her waist. In a matter of seconds, he forcibly claimed her lips, his kiss rough and aggressive, seeking entrance. She tried to resist by grazing his lips with her teeth, desperately struggling to make him go away.

But to her dismay, she received nothing but a groan as he forcefully pushed her down onto the bed, pinning her beneath his heavy and muscular body, rendering her nearly immobile.

In a desperate attempt to escape, she wriggled and writhed, attempting to roll away. She opened her mouth to scream, but he quickly covered it with his hand, silencing her.

Compared to his towering, powerful frame, she felt weak and insignificant. Every inch of his arms seemed to bulge with muscles, accentuating his dominating presence.

She fought with all her might, attempting to twist and turn, but her efforts were futile.

He seized her hands and forcefully brought them up to her head, all while using his other hand to unzip his pants. However, a glimmer of hope emerged when she heard the faint sound of her cellphone ringing from her jeans. Summoning every ounce of courage she had left, she bit down on Xander's hand and fumbled to answer the call. It was Zack on the other end - a lifeline in this nightmarish situation.

"Isabella, sweetheart..." Zack's voice came through the phone, filled with concern and confusion as he shifted from speaker to silent listener, utterly shocked by what he was hearing.

And what could be more devastating and mentally crushing than a lover hearing that his fiancee has been sexually assaulted?

They were meant to be married in just a few days.

Isabella pleaded with Xander, tears streaming down her face, "Please, just leave me alone."

But he ignored her cries. Instead, he forcefully ripped the cell phone from her trembling hand and callously tossed it onto the bed beside him. With a mixture of anger and determination, he stripped away her clothes, callously stating, "No! I will take what I want, and right now, I want your body!"

Despite her screams and pleas, Xander showed no remorse as he violated her.

When he finally reached his climax, he withdrew from her bleeding body, his eyes lingering on her torn clothes, her swollen eyes, and the bloodstained sheets.

But he wasn't the only witness to this horrific scene.

Zack entered the room just as Xander completed a troubling act against Isabella.

As his eyes fell upon Isabella, who stood naked on the bed, a wave of pain washed over Zack.

In shock, Zack watched as Isabella, tears streaming down her face and her gaze blurred with hurt, stumbled off the bed.

All Isabella desired in that moment was for Zack to hold her, to provide solace and a sense of safety. However, he pushed her away, causing her to fall to the floor, and delivered his words with a cold and detached tone. "Isabella, I'm sorry, but I can no longer marry you after what happened between you and my brother."

Isabella gasped, feeling a mix of disbelief and fear as she desperately attempted to convey her innocence. "But I'm the victim! He raped me! I didn't do anything wrong. I swear it."

Suppressing his anger, Zack turned his back to Isabella, his voice devoid of warmth. "I'm sorry, but I can't. I cannot touch you or be with you after what transpired."

Suddenly, Xander's confident voice filled the room. "I will marry you, Isabella!"

Chapter 2


As if the universe was turned upside down all of a sudden. I didn't know why that horrible thing happened to me. And why was Zack's reaction like this? As if what was between us wasn't true love at all!

I was standing in my place, confused and dumbfounded. I was raped mercilessly just now for god sake! I was mentally and physically suffering, and no one was standing by my side! No one at all! As if I was the criminal, not the victim!

and the weird thing that Xander repeated his words again with confidence," I will marry you, Isabella!"

With broken eyes and sorrow in my chest, I shot Xander with disgusting looks trying to cover my body with my torn clothes and cover my naked body while staring at Zack with blaming eyes.

But Zack just ignored me and walked away in huge paces.

I tried to follow him, but my feet were shaking, and I couldn't reach him fast. Zack walked downstairs, and finally, the lights came back


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