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Virgin Princess

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My entire life, beginning when I was just two years old, was spent within the walls of a secluded private school. After the passing of my mother, my father cut all ties of affection and contact with me. I endeavored to comprehend the rationale behind my father's decision to treat me as if I were not his daughter by sending me away. Up until the point where I realized I was a beast! Being unable to remember who I was or where I came from, as well as the reason I could shapeshift into a wolf. Before I met him, everything was a mystery to me! My father’s partner. The most impolite and haughty person, but also extremely attractive and incredibly s*xy. At that point, I decided to give in to him and immediately handed over my whole being to him, including my heart, my body, and my soul. Without having any idea that the Alpha prince is my possible future mate.

Chapter 1

Prince Mathew

As I finally decided to take a couple of days off in England, I got that phone call from my partner Alex…My private jet just landed and I didn’t even get the chance to get into my limo.

What? He can’t take care of anything in the company without me? ! For god sake, I didn’t take a day off for more than three months. I was mentally and physically exhausted. I was deadly in need to shut my head off for only a couple of days.

I grabbed my cell phone and answered in an annoyed tone“hey! Did you miss me or what? ”I mocked.

“Hey, Mathew. Sorry for interrupting your weekend. But it’s urgent. ”He said annoyed.

“what happened? Something happened to our last deal with…”I was asking him worriedly.

He said in defeat“no, please it’s not about the business. Just listen and don’t cut off. Since you are already in England I need a favor from you. ”

“Okay, I’m listening, ”I said.

“My daughter is already studying in a private school there. And I need you to meet the principal instead of me. He called me and said that she smashed guy bones or something like that. And you know if I took a flight now it will take more than ten hours in the air beside I can’t leave the company because you are not there. So…”he explained and I didn’t think twice. He was my partner after all.

It was just, I hated kids! That’s all.

“Um. . . Okay, I can do it. Don’t worry. Send me the name of the school and I will take care of everything and call you back later. ”I informed him.

He said sincerely“thank you so much, Mathew. You are the best brother and partner ever. ”

“It's okay Alex…Anytime. Call you later. ”And by that, I hung the call with Alex and frowned.

‘what! I can’t take a f*ck*ng weekend alone without interruption? ! ’I mumbled and gestured to my guard to open the limo for me.

I’m Alpha for f*ck sake! I wish I could scream and tell Alex about my little secret.

But what should I say to him? ! Hello Alex, I just want to tell you…I’m a werewolf…Oh, I’m actually Alpha…And much more I’m f*ck*ng going to take the throne on my 25th birthday! In ten days I will be a f*ck*ng king and rule the werewolves’kingdom!

Yes, and Alex would think that I lost my mind and went crazy or he would get scared and die by a heart attack!

I stepped inside and checked my text message. And yes I got the name of this private school.

But what didn't come to my mind…That is what he said earlier. The girl smashed the boy's bones? ! How could she do that? !

I laughed at the idea and commanded the driver to send me there first to end that sh*t then go back to my hotel to enjoy my next two days.

After half an hour, we reached that school that was in the middle of nowhere already. It looked like a prison to me already but in the shape of a castle!

Well! I wondered_why did Alex send his daughter that far in a place like that? ! Maybe, she needed to be tamed or something. But she was such a young girl I guess! Alex is only older than me by a few years. Yes, I’m twenty-Four years old and he is just thirty-two.

I think Viola is kind of a genius or something to be just a young girl in high school! She should be twelve or something. She can’t be older, right? !

I was thinking in my mind before passing through the huge iron gates of that school.

I drifted directly into the principal office and my guards and my assistant followed me. I didn’t see even a ghost around the bars of that iron. It was kind of scary to me.

Until I spotted that young s*xy girl yelling at a few boys, I stood in my place watching her. She raised an eyebrow and said rudely to me“what the f*ck are you looking at? Do I look like a monkey to you? ! ”

Why are my heartbeats getting higher? Why does the scent of her body stick to my nose as if she is my…. !

‘Yes, she is your mate idiot! ’My wolf growled.

‘NO f*ck*ng way! She is human! ’I snapped to my wolf to stop.

And before I could reply to her freaking attitude, the principal opened his door to yell at that girl“Viola Alex! Come over her now. ”

‘what the f*ck! Is that Viola? ! My partner's daughter? ! She looks like a lady to me! ’

I rolled my eyes“Is that Viola Alex? ! ”I asked awkwardly in a shocking tone.

The principal nodded“yes sir and I guess you are Mr. Mathew York…Mr. Alex called me earlier and informed me that you will take care of her this weekend. ”

“What? Take care of that girl for the weekend? No, no…. I guess you misunderstood the situation. I’m just here to see what has happened and solve the problem that’s all. ”I said in a disagreeing tone.

Viola had just disappeared already and the principal ushered me to go inside his office and talk in private. He sat on his desk and sighed in frustration“Mr. Mathew. I guess you have no idea what’s going on here. I need to explain the situation. ”

I blew annoyed breath away“okay, please go on. ”

He smiled lightly“As you can see, she is a very rebellious and troubled girl. She keeps fighting like a boy every day. She almost smashed our quarterback bones. ”He paused…

Then he trailed off his words“do you know what’s going on with her? She was sent here to that school since she was only 2 years old. Yes…It’s a high school now but previously it was kindergarten and elementary as well. She struggled a lot to adapt. Her father only meets her once per year. The girl has mental issues even though she is so smart. But much hatred inside her. ”He explained and I can’t deny that I felt sorry for the girl already.

I guess I got the whole picture somehow. She was born by a mistake between Alex and her mother when Alex was a teenager already.

I cut him off. “How old is she? ”I was curious and I wanted to find out if my conclusion was right or wrong.

“Eighteen years old. ”He said and I cursed under my breath already.

I rubbed my chin“okay, then. You said…She kicked the quarterback *ss, right? Why? There must be a reason for that. ”I raised an eyebrow.

Yes, after all, she was my partner's daughter and even so he was from The human race but he was like my best close friend ever. A real brother actually.

“yes, sir…That guy was her boyfriend and she caught him kissing another girl! ”he mentioned normally as if it was a casual thing to happen. That means the girl had a reason.

“so it’s not out of blue. So why are you talking about her as if she was insane? ! ”I raised an eyebrow and said in an irritated tone from the way he had described her.

“because she always acts like a fireball. She yells and curses and smashes things. Always into fights daily. She needs to be punished by her father not only to put into detention or be expelled! ”he mumbled.

I nodded“okay, then you need her to get out of school for a few days to tame the beast inside that girl? ”

He chuckled at the way I said my words“something like that. Few days won’t hurt anyone. And her final exams will be after two weeks already. So…She could come later to study and finish her last year. Could you do that, please? Seriously, I can’t control that girl anymore. ”He almost pleaded desperately as if he used all his tricks to make her walk on the right path but he failed.

I shrugged my shoulders“I guess I can do that. But one last thing. I want to meet her ex-boyfriend first. ”

It wasn’t a condition, but I wanted to hear the part of the story from the guy and actually, I was curious to meet him.

He nodded mutely and then called his office boy. A minute later and the office boy entered after he had knocked on the office door politely.

“yes, sir. ”He said to the principal.

“bring me our quarterback Jake now please. ”He commanded the boy and he left. I waited for a few more minutes until a huge muscled guy almost tall as a tree with white skin and blue eyes stepped inside with a broken hand and some bruises over his face.

I blurted out dumbfounded“don’t tell me that Viola did all of that to that huge guy? ! ”

Jake freaked out only by hearing her name“yes, and please don’t mention her name in front of me ever again. She’s like a tiger. I hate her already and I regret taking her as my girlfriend. ”

I stood up and threw him with up and down looks“then tell me how it started and why did she do that to you? ”

He gulped nervously under my gaze then he switched his eyes to the principal in a worried look.

I snapped my fingers to his face“hey, look at me. I’m talking to you. If you didn’t tell me the truth now. Trust me I will sue you. ”I said sternly.

He dropped his jaw“huh? For what? ! I should sue her for ruining my life as the best football player! ”he said in a violent tone and I hated him already. I can tell that the girl didn’t do anything wrong already. He looked like an egoistic playboy to me.

And before I could say anything, Viola barged into the office without even knocking, Jake rushed to hide himself behind my back“Viola, don’t touch me. ”

She crossed her arms over her chest“you f*ck*ng piece of sh*t! Have you told the principal that I broke your arms because you’ve cheated on me? seriously! ”she hollered at the guy.

“Viola, watch your mouth! “I said firmly, gazing at her.

She smirked, “And who the hell are you? ”

“I’m Mathew York. Your father's best friend and partner. ”I replied slowly.

She laughed hysterically, getting more angry in between her tone“I see! Do I even have a father? He didn’t even care to come and meet me. ”

I ignored her for the moment because I wanted to end all that crap. I have been flying for more than ten hours already and they started to give me a strong headache. I turned my head to the guy“now! Tell me what happened and don’t lie or I swear to god I will f*ck up your life. You still don’t know me well. ”I threatened him and I guess I got Viola attention.

She widened her eyes impressed and the guy cleared his throat lowering his gaze to the floor“okay, I lied. I sneaked to her room at night and I asked her to sleep with me…. Um…As lovers. Making love. ”

I pushed the guy to the wall and almost strangled his neck“so you wanted her to satisfy your d*ck needs! You wanted to f*ck her! ”I groaned.

He suffered to breathe“No, I have been in a relationship with her for more than two years. I thought it was the right time to lose her virginity. She is eighteen for god sake! ”

Viola placed her hands on mine and pulled me“leave him please. ”She said in a broken low voice.

I glanced off my shoulders deeply into her eyes to only see the most beautiful green eyes ever! She was so white with green eyes and dark black hair? ! What the hell! I guess her mother was a very beautiful woman. But it wasn’t just that. I saw the blocked tears in her eyes. That girl played like a strong tough but deep inside she was fragile.

But no one knew that. She hid her true feelings. Because she was lonely that was obvious.

I pressed my hand even more to the guy neck“I will f*ck*ng sue you for attempting to r*p* her! I will f*ck your life even more. ”I roared.

The principal hastened to me and pulled me away from Jake“please Mr. Mathew calm down and I will take the proper legal action against him. I didn’t know that he was such a liar. ”

I raised an eyebrow and pointed my finger to the principal warning him“you better do or I will make sure to put you behind bars with him. For now, I’m taking a leave and I will take Viola with me. ”

Viola plastered in her place staring at me in thunderstruck“Me? Take me where? ”She blinked confused.

I linked my arms to her and smiled softly“having fun for this weekend. Just you and me. ”

And I didn’t know that would be the first heartbeat for me…I didn’t know that rebellious girl would rock my world and conquer my stone heart with her fragile smile.

Chapter 2

Prince Mathew York

I walked with Viola out of the principal office, my guards were waiting for me…. “so, Miss Viola. Are you ready? Do you need to take anything with you from your room? ”I said kind of formal.

I didn’t know how to talk to her yet. She wasn’t a businesswoman and not even a woman yet. But she wasn’t a young girl as well.

She giggled lightly“so formal! Please call me Viola and I will call you Mathew. And yes I need to go to my room immediately. To pack up my clothes in a small bag and…”

I cut off her“you won’t need clothes. We will go shopping and buy you anything you want. What else? ”

She raised an eyebrow“Buy things for me? Why? ”

I shrugged my shoulders“because you are my partner’s daughter? ”I don’t know if I was telling her or asking myself.

But money wasn’t a big deal for me. To buy some stuff and spend thousands of dollars was normal actually.

She pointed her fingers to my nose mocking“yes, just one more thing. Do


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