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The Alpha's Mistress

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My entire life, I have been cast out by my Pack, forced to eat scraps and sleep on the floor as if I did not belong to them. As a result, I have spent my entire life living in the garbage. Why? Because my "she-wolf" mother and an unknown "bear shifter" had one particularly steamy night together and produced me as a result. So, I was born with one eye being blue and the other eye being yellow! Until the hand of fortune chose to favor me, or at least that's what I believed at the time... When the Alpha looked into my eyes, he made me an offer that I couldn't refuse because it was my one and only chance to finally sleep on a feather bed, be pampered, and eat delicious food. He made the proposition that I would become his mistress. But there must be a disappointing conclusion to go along with every promising beginning, right? Consequently, The Alpha took me, Jenny Dark Rodriguez, as his mistress.

Chapter 1

Alpha Zachary Jose

"Zachary! Wake up." I opened my eyes on my Luna, screaming and whining. She was pregnant, in her first months.

I looked at her pale face and the way she was breathing; her chest going up and down as if her heart was not working! "what's going on? Are you okay?"

She shook her head and breathlessly said while squeezing her belly, "I think, I am losing the baby. Please do something."

I pulled the blanket away, and yes, I noticed the blood dripping from her p*ssy. I almost whined internally. Aches squeezed my chest. We have been trying for years to make her pregnant. That's not the first miscarriage but the fifth!

I felt sorry for her but me as well. I needed an heir; I needed a child! Sometimes I felt like hating her even, though she didn't do anything wrong. It was fate.

I immediately lifted her between my arms and hurriedly walked out of our room and shouted to my servants, "get me a doctor now and bring me my Beta. She's losing the baby again." Over and over again, that's what I wanted to say but I couldn't hurt her feelings. She was my real mate, we met three years ago when I had turned 18, and since then we have been together. But somehow, not being able to give me a child breaks the mating bond between us.

Even the s*x became boring as a mission to breed her! The love dimmed sooner that I'd expected.

Something deep inside my heart pushed me to break the mating bond and find another mate. But I couldn't do that; I was the Alpha, I had to follow the rules not break them. I had to show my Pack that loyalty was important. I had to sacrifice my happiness.

In a few minutes, the doctor was there trying his best to save my Luna and my unborn baby. As I'd expected, everything was gone, and we lost the baby again.

The doctor, in frustration, walked out of the room, not knowing how to tell me the bad news. He lowered his eyes to the floor, "Alpha Zachary, I'm…"

I cut off his words instantly, "you're sorry," I scoffed. I paid the doctor shoulder, "it's okay, don't be. It's fate; my dark fate."

My Beta coughed to make me turn my attention to him; then he whispered into my ears, "I think you need to go out for a while. Why don't you go to the lake house?"

I narrowed my eyes thinking for a while; it was a good suggestion because honestly, at that point, I was so mad and depressed, and I would not be able to confront my Luna. Because I was fed up —

I nodded agreeing and snapped my fingers at my Beta, "that's a good idea, prepare the limousine and get ready, you're coming with me."

He bowed his head respectfully, he was my best friend after all, and he knew me more than anyone else. He knew how much I wanted to find a new love and a new mate.

I walked to my Luna’s room to check on her; she was drowning in her tears. The maids were all around her. I sat next to her in bed; she immediately said in a sobbing tone, "sorry, I'll try again. But please, don't leave me."

I wiped her tears, and I drew a weak smile, "I'd never leave you." I pulled her hand and placed a soft kiss; then I stood up.

She stared at me, confused, "where are you going, Zachary?"

I said with dull facial expressions but in a low voice, "I need to go check on the Pack. For a couple of days. Please take care of yourself."

"But— I need you."

Her words stopped me by the door, and I wanted to be close to her but I couldn't fake my feelings anymore. I was an only and lonely child. I'd dreamed of having a big happy family and a lot of kids but she destroyed my dreams by simply being my mate!

I replied before storming out of the room, "take care of yourself, Luna." I didn't know why I stressed on the word Luna, maybe because I needed to remind myself of the strong bond between us and that I can't leave her until my death!

I just walked away, hoping that a few days in my lake house down the hill would pull out my stress to keep going in my routine miserable life. Everything seemed dark at that moment; even my love had vanished. I needed something to give me hope again, to color my life. I had no idea that I would find that thing in a homeless she-wolf sleeping on the ground near the lake and eating from the grass! With one yellow eye and one blue one, her clothes were so dirty; she smelled like a dead fish as if she hadn’t taken a bath for years!

I didn't imagine that I might find my happiness with that homeless she-wolf!

Chapter 2


As usual, a very fucking day while cooking for my mom and her boyfriend and all the relatives, I had finished and stood there like a maid watching them eat the delicious meat and share jokes. I made sure that none of them were looking at me and sneaked back to the kitchen, where I hid a piece of meat for myself.

As soon as I grabbed a piece, a firm hand pushed me to the floor. It was my mom, my dearest fucking mom who hated me so much and mistreated me. She growled, almost half shifting into her 'she-wolf' shape, "what the fuck are you doing? Stealing our food!"

I'd been accepting all this shit because I had nowhere to stay, but I'd had enough. I decided finally to face her, I raised my head and yelled back, not caring if she killed me at that moment, "I'm your fucking daughter, did you know that? Why in the hell are you treating me like trash?"

She raised her brows and said harshly, "because you're


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