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She Belongs to The Alpha King

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"Who is that newborn girl?" The king knelt down, his heart swelling with curiosity and concern, as he gently lifted the two-year-old girl into his arms. "Nobody knows, your majesty. It seems her parents may have abandoned her, or worse, met an unfortunate fate," his best friend offered, sadness lacing his voice. But as the girl opened her eyes, the king and his entourage froze in astonishment. A nervous gulp escaped the king's throat as he stammered, "She's... her eyes are pink! Who is she?" Suddenly, the wise old man, known for his profound insights, blurted out, "She belongs to the king, your majesty." The king turned his head slowly, disbelief and awe mingling in his expression. "But... I am the king!" In a hushed but resolute voice, the older man raised his head and proclaimed, "She belongs to the Alpha King of All Kings. She is destined to become our Queen someday, as foretold by her future." With these words, the king's heart was filled with a deep sense of responsibility and affection. In that moment, he made the decision to adopt the girl, not knowing if it was an intentional choice or if her enchanting smile simply melted his heart. Little did they know, as the years passed, that girl who had been disregarded and abused would rise to claim her true destiny. For she was not just any ordinary child. She was destined to be the Alpha King's Queen, possessing powers and a purpose that surpassed all expectations.

Chapter 1


"Pink, could you please wait for a moment? The meeting has just begun, and it's important that we give it our full attention," my father's voice exuded a gentle yet firm tone as he addressed me, balancing the need for discipline with his love for me. Even though I was bursting with excitement, I understood the significance of the moment and reluctantly climbed down from my father's back.

My older brother, Garett, who also held the title of prince, reprimanded me for my impulsive actions. "Pink, try to be more considerate next time. We have to respect the importance of these meetings," Garett lectured sternly.

However, my father wasn't pleased with Garett's condescending tone and swiftly intervened. "Garett, we should address our siblings with respect and kindness. Pink is just being a playful child, and as her older brother, it's your responsibility to guide her with patience and understanding," my father reprimanded Garett firmly, emphasizing the importance of treating each other with respect.

Meanwhile, I couldn't resist the urge to tease Garett and stuck my tongue out, prompting my father to take action. With a playful chuckle, my father carefully lifted me off the ground and settled me on his back. "Baby pink, I would love to give you a piggyback ride and spend the day playing together, but right now, I have to fulfill my obligations to the meeting. Can you wait for a little while longer, my dear?" my father affectionately asked, his voice brimming with warmth and love.

King Valdo, my sweet and gentle father, held a special place in my heart. I cherished every moment spent with him, as he had always been there for me, even more so since my mother's passing when I was young. Though I didn't fully grasp the significance of her absence at the time, now, as I approach my eighteen years, I reflect on the love and care my father has provided all these years.

I nodded politely, understanding the importance of waiting for the meeting to finish before discussing my own concerns. However, I couldn't contain my curiosity and quickly brought up my question to my father. "Dad, while I wait, I wanted to ask if I could start my workouts with..." I trailed off, realizing that time was limited.

Seeing my eagerness, my father frowned slightly but then pulled me onto his lap, his hands cupping my cheeks in a loving gesture. "Pink, my darling, you possess all the qualities of a true princess. Someday, you will reign as a queen and have a world to lead. It's not necessary for you to focus on honing your skills as an alpha. The entire werewolf pack, our kingdom, and perhaps even other kingdoms will be there to protect and guard you," my father explained softly, showering me with affectionate pecks on both cheeks.

Although I only grasped parts of his words, it was clear to me that as a princess, my primary responsibility was to enjoy life, while my brothers and the pack would be responsible for my safety.

However, my other older brother, Derek, interjected with annoyance in his voice. "Your Majesty, I can't believe how overly protected she is by you. She needs to engage in consistent physical training."

My father's expression turned fierce, his gaze piercing Derek. "Derek, she is your little sister. Always remember those words. You must solemnly vow to me that you will protect and take care of her, should anything happen to me," my father's voice carried a stern tone, demanding Derek's attention. After a moment of hesitation, Derek looked puzzled but then directed his attention to Garett, our other brother. In a united voice, they assured my father, "Father, rest assured that we will carry out your instructions. Pink is not only our little sister but also our precious princess. We will always look after her, and she will be safe with us."

In that moment, I felt the depth of their love and dedication as my father's words solidified the bond we shared as siblings. It was a promise that would hold strong, ensuring my well-being and protection.

And with that, my father stood up and placed me down, his face pale and filled with an undeniable sense of distress. The deep connection I had with him caused an immediate surge of worry within my chest. He represented my entire world, and seeing him in this state shook me to the core.

"Daddy, what's wrong with you?" Tears welled up in my eyes as I reached out to touch his arm, hoping for some reassurance. A forced smile crossed his face, and he replied, "I'm fine, baby; don't worry about me."

But I knew deep down that something was seriously wrong. I could feel the pain lurking within his chest, a discomfort that only I seemed to sense. Concern for his health engulfed me, and I couldn't bear to see him suffer.

In a sudden outburst of emotion, I screamed at him, unable to contain my fear any longer. "No, daddy, you're not okay!" Sobbing, I tried to shake his hand, seeking solace in his touch. Glancing around at the Alpha members who had gathered around my brothers and me, I hoped for support, but instead, they abruptly pushed me aside when my father collapsed to the floor.

In a cold and detached manner, they announced the death of the pack's king to me, as if I were an outsider in the very castle I called home. I stood at the back, sobbing uncontrollably, left to grapple with the overwhelming grief consuming me. No one bothered to inform me, nor did they offer any comfort.

It was as though they expected me to comprehend the magnitude of losing my father, as if I were a mature individual capable of shouldering such a devastating loss.

As my world turned upside down, I felt a desperate need to find solace in my older brothers. Rushing towards them, I tearfully asked, "Did my dad die?" With every fiber of my being, I longed for one of them to envelop me in a tight embrace, to speak soothing words, and to place their hand on my shoulder, offering the support I so desperately sought.

The world around me came crashing down in a whirlwind of betrayal and denial. Garret's forceful shove sent me sprawling to the ground, my body aching from the impact. His words echoed in my ears, piercing through my soul with their cruel intent. "He is not your biological father. You were left in the woods, abandoned like nothing more than dirt, unworthy of being called a princess."

In that moment, I lost my ability to hear anything else. It felt as if my brothers, the ones who were meant to protect and cherish me, had cast me aside without reconsideration. The weight of their rejection bore down on me, overwhelming me with a suffocating realization - I was no longer a part of their world.

"Liarssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" My voice cracked and trembled, a desperate cry for the truth that had been denied to me. With tears streaming down my face, I fled back to the safety of my room, seeking solace in the solitude.

The pain I felt was nothing new, just another cruel reminder of the harsh reality I had always suspected. Even at a tender age of eighteen, I had sensed something amiss, like a lingering shadow over my supposed happiness. The revelation of my adoption was not a fabrication of my brothers; it was a truth that had slowly whispered its way through the kingdom and the packs, leaving no room for doubt.

In their eyes, I had become an undesirable presence, a constant reminder of secrets best left buried. It was difficult to comprehend why I, an innocent girl thrust into a world of deceit, was being treated as an outcast. The responsibility to keep me safe, to embrace me as family, had been discarded as easily as a discarded toy.

But within that pain and rejection, a newfound determination began to flicker within me. I would no longer allow their judgment and rejection define my worth. Despite the overwhelming darkness that had engulfed my world, a small spark of resilience ignited within. It was time to uncover the truth, to find my own path, and to prove that I was deserving of love and acceptance, regardless of the circumstances of my birth.

Chapter 2


Tears streamed down my face, unrelenting and uncontrollable. I lost track of time as I allowed my grief to consume me, my body curled up in a protective ball. My fragmented thoughts spilled out in nonsensical babbling, as if engaging in a conversation with a phantom in my room.

Desperate for solace, I wished for someone to check on me in the early hours of the morning. Yet, even the maids seemed too preoccupied with the somber preparations for my father's funeral, leaving me to suffer in solitude. I was only a young girl then, naïvely believing that their absence was due to their own mourning. But sadly, that was just a figment of my childish imagination.

Exhaustion took hold of me, a heavy weight dragging me into sleep's embrace. In my delirium, I justified the maids' coldness by convincing myself that they too carried the burden of melancholy, their strictness a misguided attempt to shield me.

I went so far as to blame myself for my fath


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