Doctor Vagina

Doctor Vagina

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Bosy Elselhdar
  • Chapters: 101
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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I am a gynecologist. That’s my job. To every other man this job is unbearable. In the beginning, they get excited by touching women’s vaginas but, over time, they got bored and disgusted. This never happened to me though, and this is why I’m such a famous gynecologist. Women come along asking for my touch – for the pleasure and satisfaction that I can give them with by my fingers. The way that I look helps me access a lot of woman's hearts and pussies. They crave my body and my huge dick. My playful experienced fingers make them wet and get them ready for my dick in only a few seconds. It’s not easy and in never was easy, but I made a rules: Don’t ever sleep with any woman more than once, and do not fall in love. I enjoy tasting every woman, but I never taste them more than once. This helps me to not to get bored. I don’t give myself to every that woman stops by my doors. I do have a type and I don’t make compromises. At the start of my career, I did, but not now. That was until a mysterious woman stepped through my door and turned my life upside down. She is ‘the virgin girl that destroyed my boundaries and made me begging to taste her and only her.’

Chapter 1

Mr. Knight

It was a normal day in my life. I was casually working with normal patients. Nothing interesting was happening. When I was ready to go, I called to my assistant nurse.” “Come here for a second,” I said.

She knocked politely and slid inside. “Yes, Mr. knight.”

I didn’t bother to look at her. I was already packing my papers. “Is there anyone else around?” I wondered.

She nodded. “Yes, sir. Two people; Mrs. Selena and a new patient.”

I huffed; annoyed. I was exhausted. It was almost 8 pm and I hadn’t had a break since early that morning. The day had been full of patients and I didn’t have time to have a meal. I had a strong headache and it was making me dizzy “okay,” I said. “Let her in.”

It was then that my horniest patient, Selena, barged into the room without my permission, as she usually does. I sat down in my chair and gestured to her to have a seat. But no, she wasn’t here for a normal checkup. That was obvious from her red cheeks. Dammit, she looked so horny.

She nodded and locked the door behind her. She walked towards me and then she sat down on my lap and began kissing my neck without any notice. I pulled my head back watching her. “Not here,” I said. “Not now. I told you before that I never sleep with any woman twice.”

She pouted her lips and moved her ass on my crotch. “But I want you so much,” she replied. “Please. One more time. I’m not feeling well.” She pleaded huskily. She thought that would turn me on, but she was wrong. No woman could turn me on. I was the one who controlled my dick; only me.

I pushed her slightly and said, “Go to the bed. You’d better actually be sick, and not just here for a fuck, because I’m not gonna fuck you. Got that?” I raised an eyebrow, warning her.

She nodded with a huge smile that stretched from ear to ear and jumped up to the checkup bed, taking off all of her clothes. She was like a horny bitch who needed full penetration; a rough fuck to calm her pussy. I smirked egotistically at the way she was acting towards my body.

I stepped closer and sat in between her legs on the chair. She was naked but she had left her G-string on. I moved her string with my middle finger and touched her pussy lightly.

I stepped back. “Okay,” I chuckled, teasing her. “There is nothing wrong. You just need a real man to satisfy your needs.”

She cleared her throat and raised her eyebrows. “What?” she gasped. “You won’t continue?”

I shook my head. “No. No need. I will write prescribtion you…” I was going to continue but she pulled my arm to stop me and squeezed my dick with her hands.

“I need you, please.” she licked the back to my earlobe.

I pushed her down to get her on her knees. I unzipped my pant and gestured to her to continue. She pulled my dick out of my boxers and started sucking every inch of me with her playful tongue. I grabbed her hair and I took control over her head, and I began to fuck her head.

“Touch your pussy for me.” I commanded her with a husky tone of voice. Everyone likes to be commanded; likes to be in the bottom; likes the real man who is willing to dominate her. Every woman is a submissive in her own way.

I pulled her up and flipped her as I put her back on the bed. I arched her ass and touched her anus. “I will fuck your ass now, because I never fuck a pussy two times. Are you ready for that?” I whispered in her ear, heating her neck with warming breaths while pinching her nipples by my fingers.

She nodded and moaned. “Yes, please fuck me.”

I moved my fingers to her wet pussy and thrust them in few times, then I grabbed the lube and slid some of the oil into her asshole. Luckily, I didn’t need to stretch her anus. It was obvious that she had done this before and she wanted to feel my huge dick inside her butt.

Yes, she couldn’t get enough of me. In that, she was like any of my other patients. It wasn’t because my dick was 10 inches long or wide in size, but it was the way that I fucked them that brought them back. I read that, in order to properly please a woman and control her, a man must first know her weakness and her soft spots, inside and outside, and I was such a man.

I didn’t prepare her much. She was so wet and horny, and her loud screams could have made other patients run away. But thank god that I was so tired. I didn’t have much time, and I wanted to finish this quickly. I still had another patient waiting, and she was new. I always served my new patients with deference. I wouldn’t soil my reputation as the best gynecologist over a quick fuck. No way.

I slid the tip of my dick inside her and she screamed painfully. I waited for a few seconds, and then I pushed it in further. She was already full of me, but… this wasn’t the way I played the game. If she decided to seduce me and start this, then I would end it in the way that I wanted to; rough and tough until the last warm drop.

She moaned when I started sticking my whole dick inside. I started to thrust deep, but slowly. “Oh, please, give me more,” She cried as she licked her lips. I nipped the back of her ear, which was her soft spot and I thrust deeper while squeezing her ass cheeks.

“Do you like it, bitch?” I moved down my tongue, licking her back, making her arch her back..

She panted. “Yes, yes I do. Please…”

I pushed my dick harder and rougher. I slapped her ass once. ”Do you like this ride? Huh?”

She nodded silently. I slapped her ass again. “Let me hear you scream then. Say, ‘Yes, daddy.’” I pinched her nipples roughly.

She screamed loudly. “Daddy, please give me more.”

I grabbed a toy dick from the desk next to me and pushed it inside her pussy, making her flinch and shiver. “Oh my God… P_please…” She begged me, stuttering, but I didn’t listen to what she said. I never force any of them. I knew that she wanted more and I was ready to give her more.

“Bitch,” I commanded. “Cum for me. Cum for daddy. Now!” I thrust my dick in her asshole while pushing the toy dick inside her pussy at the same time.

“I’m cominggggg,” she screamed but, before she could, I pulled my dick out and had her drink all of my salty semen to the last drop. I couldn’t have any stains on my clothes yet. I still had one more patient waiting outside.

She swallowed all of my cum and licked her lips seductively. She stood up and came closer to kiss me, but I pulled my head away. “No kisses, no love. Put your clothes back on and move along. I’m still working.”

I spoke sternly and she left in a hurry, feeling insulted by the way that I’d treated her. But to hell with her. I have never cared for her, or any other patient.

I zipped my pant and adjusted my clothes. I sat on the chair and called my assistant nurse to let the last client come in.

Chapter 2


I was waiting in the gynecologist clinic but the voices that were coming from inside the doctor’s check up room scared me to death. The woman who had just barged into the doctor's room looked very hot in her red short dress. I didn’t think that it was proper clothes to wear to a place like this. According to what she wore, she should be in a fancy restaurant.

Suddenly a louder moaning sound struck my ears and I was shocked. Honestly, I couldn’t move. I wanted to just cancel this or delay it to another day, or maybe I could drop the whole idea completely and live a normal life that didn’t include Gynecology.

As my thoughts caused me to hesitate, the time flew. I couldn’t believe that half an hour had passed. Maybe my body reacted to the horny voices. I don’t know. I’m not experienced in these kinds of sexual interactions.

I came from my musings as the nurse called my name: “Miss, Bella?” She stared at me with a confused look on her face.



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